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  1. On a hot day when I've been working hard, ice cold Coors light. Relaxing at home, a good mascoto, and out for the night, whiskey sour!
  2. Guzzle a bottle of tequila, because someone said I took a sissy drink. Jerks weren't laughing when I downed the whole bottle. Was told to leave the state of Oklahoma 3 times that night, and not to come back! A policeman, a sheriff, and a park ranger! Last thing I remember was skinny dipping in the lake!! Good times but pretty sure I would in up in jail now.
  3. It's a draw for me! I guess it depends on if they're walking towards me or away from me! Or if they are laying face up or face down!lol. I just love the female body!
  4. Don't feel embarrassed, you are far from alone. There have been times in my life I thought it was going to take an act of God to get me off! It can be very frustrating.
  5. There is nothing wrong with you. It's not an easy task for everyone. Some of us need more stimulation than others to get there. Maybe more foreplay or maybe he needs to stimulate other areas at the same time. I don't know your situation, but maybe shake it up a bit. Try something new or somewhere new. Mainly just relax don't over think it, if your mind is worrying you won't enjoy the process as much and it will take longer, Don't hesitate to help him out if he's not getting you there work your clit or nipples for him. It will help you get off and most likely be will enjoy watching.
  6. When I was 17 I fell in love with my best friend. We had been friends for 9 years. We were very close, but not sexual. She didn't have a clue I was into girls and she wasn't. We would drive around and talk about everything but that. She would hold my hand and cuddle with me and drive me freaking crazy. We got an apartment together and she would sleep in my room instead of hers. One night I was rubbing her back and I got so bothered I couldn't handle it I got up and went to my room. After a little bit she came in my room and layed down on top of me and said "are we going to do something about this or not". It was one of the most amazing nights of my life. We had a very sexual relationship for 4 years. In that time I learned that she was not bi or lesbian she just fell for me. She always said that that was the only place left for are friendship to go. We are still best friends and I still love her but only as a friend. She's never wanted or considered being with another woman. Totally into guys. So yes this can happen. I think sometimes there is a connection you have with people that has nothing to do with their physical self.
  7. I think she is into you. Maybe not sure about what she wants in life or maybe she is just trying to feel you out. Throwing a guy in the mix might have been her way of trying to determine what you're into. I suggest a night out and a bottle of tequila, it always helps the truth come out!lol Seriously though, just relax and enjoy the game. Think of it as foreplay and tease her back. Might as well enjoy it!
  8. Loved art and science. Psychology and philosophy in college.
  9. I assure you most of us have felt alone in this journey at some point. Just hang in there and you will be surprised in the long run how many of us there are around you. Sometimes it good to just sit back and observe. You can pick up on little things you might not have noticed before, hints from women that will let you know who it's safe to confide in and who will support you in the journey. In small towns most people are very cautious,because news travels fast. They need to know they can trust you with their secrets too.
  10. When I was 16 I had the most ridiculous crush on the owner of the company I worked for. She was everything I thought a woman should be. Beautiful, intelligent, and powerful. She had to be in her late 60's. I'm 48 now and still find myself attracted to older women. Of course my first female lover was my best friend and we were the same age. I guess what it comes down to is I love women! All ages, all sizes, all races. Funny because when it comes to men I have a set type, but I have an appreciation for all types of women.
  11. I don't have a body shape or size preference. I like a woman who knows what she wants and is intelligent. Eyes that I can drown in seem to be a magnet for me and a nice smile. I tend to find beauty in all sizes.
  12. I think you have to be in tune with what your lady wants and how she responds. Most of my experiences have been with women who liked a gentle touch. But some of them like it rough! The first time a woman said to me "slam that pussy" I about fell out of bed. I will say the come hither fingers on the front wall got her to that point though, if that helps.
  13. I only have one thing in my bucket list... When I was younger I had an affair with a woman who always burried her face in a pillow when she orgasmed. She said something about not wanting the neighbors to hear! I want one more night with her and this time I want to hear her scream my name! Over and over and over...
  14. Never give up on your dreams!:)