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  1. No need to pay for it, so Nope! On the other hand I could probably be bought by the right person!lol.
  2. To tired to care and care too much to sleep.

    1. N00Bi


      The life of an overwhelmed person
  3. You are absolutely right! I enjoy the process. I also have found that being with lesbians or people who are out can be just as difficult, but if women were easy, where would the fun in that be?
  4. I've asked it a lot. In the beginning she knew she was attracted to me, but she was afraid of the situation. Her husband knows nothing and she has kids and I have a family. She just couldn't see it working. In some ways I think she was torturing herself as much as me. Now she does it when she starts thinking I need to move on because she can't give me what she thinks I deserve. The thing is, she is worth the struggle to me. Sometimes I question why, but I know I would be lost without her.
  5. The woman I'm with now is still hard to read and we've been together for 7 years. She would come on so strong and then back way off. I was so confused. She is married and was scared of what she was feeling. She invited me to go camping with her and some friends one weekend and I was tired of playing so I basically took advantage of the situation and made love to her all night. The next day she told me it could never happen again. It took about two days and she was ready for more. Seven years later, she stills toys with me alot especially in public places where I have to behave myself.
  6. I was married for 20 years and my husband didn't know and with the exception of one, the women I have been with all had husband who were clueless. It can be stressful to keep secrets, but it can be done.
  7. Heartbreak does suck, but I've never regretted the relationships I've had, no matter how hard the break-up. I loved them all and still do, they just needed different things.
  8. I'm sure you're right about that.
  9. It's difficult, because women who aren't out and open about it are just as scared of being wrong about you as you are about them. Take your time and let things build if you need to. There is always a point where the doubt is gone. One way or the other. I assure you, it will be worth the time invested. I understand that feeling very well. Some woman are hard to read. I usually play the game for a while until I know without a doubt it's safe to dive in.
  10. I understand that feeling very well. Some woman are hard to read. I usually play the game for a while until I know without a doubt it's safe to dive in.
  11. Eyes are definitely a key factor. I had a woman invite over to watch a game one night when her husband was out of town. Didn't think much of it until her voice dropped an octave. Something about it was so sexy I knew I was in deep trouble.
  12. I hate leaving a nice cozy bed, to come home to my empty bed.  Especially when my alarm goes off in three hours...

  13. Hammy, I have to agree 100% ! I've yet to kick any woman out of my bed for any amount of hair or lack of, or actually for anything!lol
  14. They're showing the fight at the casino tonight and lucky me, I'm on security duty.  Not a fan of boxing, but it's a job.

  15. Brazilian by request, but I like a landing strip too. After all I'm not twelve and that's what being bald reminds me of.