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  1. She called to tell me she missed me...I had only been gone a couple of hours.  Just now she called to say she told her husband she was spending the evening with me, because I needed some adult time! (He doesn't know about us).  Totally out of character...  Not complaining just confused.  

    1. Hungry


      I think she meant that's what she needs... but I hope you had a good time anyway :P

    2. mollyb


      Yep.  I had a good time, and so did she, but I feel something has changed.  She is holding my hand like she is afraid to let go...  She won't tell me what's going through her head.  I will know when she is ready to tell me I suppose.  For now I will just wonder at the changes.

    3. Hungry


      Ugh that's awkward. Maybe something came up and now she's insecure. It's not great, but it seems you're more adult in this situation! :P

  2. Eight years and still just one simple touch from her and my whole world comes back into focus...

  3. I am in need of willpower today.  Temptation is going to be the death of me.  In more ways than one!:)

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    2. blueberry


      I see. It is very exciting in the beginning. I can understand that. Unless you know how to tame the fire don't touch the fire because it will burn you. That's my two cents. Take care. 

    3. mollyb


      Good advice.  Thanks.  It's flattering, but I have calmed enough fires in my life to get too excited over it.  As always though I will just kick back and enjoy the show.  Whatever will be will be.

    4. mollyb


      Meant to not get too overly excited...

  4. I agree. It should be respected, but it has to be respected on both sides. Flirting is a lot of fun, but when you know someone is into you and you have no interest in that way, then it is cruel. Follow your own intuition. Don't over analyze, and just see what happens.
  5. Yeah and she's married and all that. Point made, but if she was actually giving off signals before, with the eye contact and stuff, I don't think this story will end here. Either way I'm glad she is talking and being normal.
  6. Yes! I had a feeling she would come around. If the name is any indication you better buckle up! Seriously though, don't rush it, let her make the next move.
  7. Yeah, you're right!lol I can do "just friends", but when a woman puts herself out there for me, it takes everything I've got to walk away. I guarantee if I'm interested I'm going to go above and beyond to make it happen too. It's like "Hi! My name is Molly and I'm addicted to loving women"! Admitting it is the first step right! ;)
  8. I just did this a couple nights ago. Started sexting my girlfriend mainly just to frustrate her. It got really carried away really fast and she called turning it into phone sex which was very hot. Apparently she had left her sleeping husband and gone into another room. it's amazing to me that just hearing her on the phone can drive me insane. Anyway the next morning I stopped by to see her and turned all the talk into reality. All I can say is sexting and phone sex are the BEST foreplay ever!!!
  9. It definitely got my attention!lol Had it been me, I imagine this story would have a different ending though...;)
  10. First if all, watch out for anyone named Molly! We have a way of getting under your I wouldn't assume there was no interest. I would assume that like you, she is in a committed relationship, and takes that very seriously. Never allow rejection to make you question your instinct. Just learn from it as you move ahead. You would probably never consider cheating on your husband with another man, and even if you felt attraction would shut it down in a similar way. As for telling your husband and or the world, first you have to be comfortable within yourself. There will be a lot of questions and you need to be strong enough and confident enough in your decision to answer them. For instance, "Why am I not enough?" simple question, but not easy to answer if you don't know yourself why. As for the death of your friend, what if's are always hard. My advice to you is to spin that situation into a positive for yourself , by never letting an opportunity to go by again that leaves you with what if's. It is better to take the chance if it is something you truly want. At least with Molly, you know you put yourself out there. No regrets!
  11. Lol. I understand that I have four kids and my girlfriend has three and three stepkids. Do you have kids? Use them to start a conversation. Like "man, I could sure use a girls night out. I love my kids, but we all need a break once in while." Conversation started! Then steer it in a direction that gives you some clues.
  12. You might be amazed at how many women are in that boat. It can be somewhat of a secret society I guess. The thing is, as a woman you know how you like to be treated. That is where you start. Find a woman that sparks your interest and then do things that show her you care about her. Unless you're looking for a one night stand, then find a bar, take a couple shots and stick your neck out. It works a lot faster that if you want a relationship though take the time to build it. You will know fairly quickly if you're wasting your time or not.
  13. I've been giving this some thought and I really don't have an exact answer. I generally go for married women. I'm not out to very many people so it's just easier that way I guess. When I come across someone I connect with I treat them like they are important to me and then I judge by their responses how to proceed. Unless I happen to be in a bar full of lesbians, they don't just tend to come up and tell me. It's usually not to hard to work it into a conversation so you get a feel for how they stand on the topic.
  14. She had experimented a little, but had never allowed a woman to make love to her. The next morning she told me it could never happen again. I told her I understood and I would never do anything she didn't want. We were about five miles from home when she pulled off down a side road and "never again" went out the window. She was very concerned about my expectations. We were both very married with kids, and her experience had been as a teenager.