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  1. Getting drunk pretend I was fishing with a rock and stick. I was barefooted my friends one girl one guy were walking to slow. Told them to hurry up. Trip over curb broke my toe. Went to a gas station while driving, my friend said you know when a horse breaks their leg. They shoot it. Yea ok . Lol
  2. So I am going to rant. I went to a web site. Where I can meet women and men my profile stated bi curious and married . Pretty much I was blocking every pic of a penis, and one man wanted to know if I wanted to be hung, what part of no they understand? Moving for ward . This guy friend requested me I was like wth. Said he had a 9 inch cock ok fine. Wanted to know if I wanted it and if so I had to earn , no to each. Then starts sending me picks of black men's dicks to rate. Then he said in order to meet him I had to suck another man's wth is wrong with men. Told him no. Told me my lost lol. Don't think so, got him block. Rant over
  3. Oh me too please. Where, date, time lol . Hey we can car pool together. Lol . Haha whatvs fantasy that would be to come true.
  4. I'm sorry poptart, I had to giggle at that. Made my day,. Xoxo
  5. Oh yes the first time the other day, I got no work done. It started with a hello, she told me she was horney. Sent me pictures . Had to go to the bathroom several times. Let just say I was having orgasims to the point my panties were soak. She has a beautiful body. Nice pussy. And toys. Maybe one day we will meet and I will be her student.
  6. I know how you feel.
  7. I want someone to teach me. I would love to lick her clit, and give her pleasure too.
  8. Not really that far
  9. Thank you for the words of wisdom. If and when I meet a women, like me. The first conversation is going to be, about jealousy and emotions. I am not looking for a life time commitment. But am looking for someone who wants to be friends, yes, I do want so much to feel a women touch and learn. But, Hoping there is someone out there who would be there to talk too. As I would do the same with them.
  10. Me too , I am new also, married and not leaving my marriage. I am looking for the same thing roxyblue.
  11. Just wondering if anyone is from MD. Maybe some of us could meet at a restaurant, chill, eat, and just talk what ever comes to mind. Get to know each other .
  12. That is how I feel
  13. Oh yes, been horny all day at work, I was chatting with a women I met on line. My God after we chic chat for a while . She asked what I would like I told get and she told me what she would do. I said I was new and I was trying to let her know what I wanted to do with her. Then she show me some toys she had and pictures. Had to go to the bathroom after that. Didn't know I had so much cum built inside. I was at work too. Glad no body came in my office to asked for anything lol. I am still horny
  14. So here is an idea if it not allowed I'm apologize now. I live in Maryland. Why couldn't a few us meet somewhere if u live close enough. I would be willing to do that. Like a restrsuntant or something