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  1. Yes I suppose , I might speak to him tonight about it . I just don't want it too ruin things . But I do feel like I'm hiding something and just keep pretending it's not happening but I do want to explore it but just don't know how xx
  2. Yes I understand it's just so confusing . Xx
  3. Thankyou !!xx
  4. Hey ( : so im new here ! Do really know what I'm doing but thought you guys might be able to give me some advise . Don't laugh ! Haha So im in a relationship with this guy , I've only ever dated guys . But I always fantisise about being with girls . But honestly I think if I told anyone they would just think I'm lying that's how "straight" I come across Haha x I've thought about it for a few years , even joined dating websites to see if I can make friends with other bicurious women . I cant tell my partner because he is religious and is against it . So my questions are am I even bisexual or am I just being silly how do you make friends with other bicurious women and what should I do basically.. I keep putting it off but it kind of always comes back rosie Xx