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  1. I know I haven't been very social recently. I've kinda dropped off the world with everyone the past few months. Honestly, if I didn't live with one sister (and right now mother, since her house still isn't fixed) I would have had "surprise" visits by now. Even though we are in the same house, I've just been staying in the basement to myself. Anywho, just wanted to let the ladies who have been worried about me that I am alive and still kicking, just really anti-social recently. 

    1. blueberry


      Sending positivity to you.  :lol: 

    2. JazzyJess21


      glad to see youre okay! ive been busy with work and focusing on myself lately but im still around to chat

    3. Ice


      Hang in there my friend! Sending you a big virtual warm teddy hug! X

  2. Thunderstorms in the forecast for the next 5 days :(

  3. My niece got a bubble blower for her birthday, I'm going to have to steal that!

  4. Sigh.... I play WOW, the new expansion came out, told my family not to bother me. So yea, always being interrupted. First time in awhile finding something interesting and can't seem to play the game.

  5. Sitting here helping my niece with her 3rd grade homework. Oh how I miss the simpler days!

  6. Growing up, we always played board games (mostly in the winter). We played Pay Day mostly, but also Aggravation, Sorry, Clue, and Life are just a few. I can remember how my grandpa had to always get 2 cars because he would have tons of babies, LoL. Here is a picture of some of the board games I have. Also, any person I'm with will need to like playing board games.
  7. I hate when your watching a show /movie and someone is reading, they get interrupted and they just close the book! Seriously? Where is the bookmark? How in the hell are you going to remember what page you was on?

  8. I forced myself to get up today no matter how much my body / mind told me not to. 

  9. Any advice on how to find a sympathetic partner for a scared curious girl?

  10. The kittens are doing good. 


  11. I'm feeling like I'll never be good enough. Like I'll ruin everything I touch.
  12. If you ever find any exercises that works for this, please pass them along. This past month my cramps was so bad it was hard to get out of bed. Haven't been that bad in awhile and hope history isn't repeating.
  13. Sad day, one of the kittens died. 

    1. JadeBleu15


      :cry: I’m sorry Girl

    2. Nidalaeh


      The other 3 are all striped but very skinny, so worried. 

  14. So last night / early this morning this thing happened. Rae had more kittens and tonight she wouldn't leave me alone until I followed her to see them. She jumped on my bed and kept licking my hand until I got up. Me and this cat has a special bond that is for sure.20180804_232749.jpg

  15. Hello, how are you doing?

    1. Reena321


      Hi I am good .how about you