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  1. Gotta love family. My sister and niece came by to brighten up my day because I had a bad one :) She doesn't know the real reason it was a bad day, but that is okay. I do know I'll have one family member in my corner whenever I come out. 

  2. The same way here. I've been curious for awhile. But when I started liking that girl at work, I couldn't hide from it anymore, I just knew. Too bad that didn't go anywhere.
  3. Problem is meeting woman here to even have a friendship with, :(
  4. Hello and welcome
  5. Haylee Williams from Paramore. I love her hair and her voice
  6. Today started out bad when I got to work. Apparently my crush doesn't work here anymore. Even though she didn't like me in the same way, it was nice to see her smile every day.

    1. Nidalaeh


      It's soo hard to pretend not to be upset because Keh quit. If I show any emotion I feel like I'll give my feelings about her away. This stupid "wearing my emotions on my sleeve" crap is annoying. 

  7. I have the Underworld box set on blu ray. I haven't watched the 5th movie yet
  8. Curious if your still watching this @Cheska9. I watched this up till middle of Season 3. Allie got on my nerves and I just couldn't keep watching it anymore. I see there are 5 seasons, might have to start watching again to see what's going on.
  9. I'm in KY.. too far away
  10. This is actually the name I use on Wow for my Holy paladin. No one outside of the game knows this name and I was lacking creativity when I made the account, LoL
  11. I agree with your view. I'm not sure if I like labeling myself either. Of course, all of this is new to me, but I don't see me in a relationship with both a man and woman at once, just one or the other. If I'm involved with either, I don't see me searching for someone else.
  12. I've only been attracted to one woman so far. I think it's more her personality I'm attracted to the most, but I do find her beautiful as well. I'm not sure if it's just her that has me more then curious (as in I actually admitted to myself I like her and want her) then I have with other women. I find other women pretty, but none I never wanted to be with. I also think it has to do with me being older and I'm finally getting to the point that I don't give a fuck what people think of me or who/what I like. I need to make myself happy and not others. Which is rough, because I don't have much self-confidence. It is a struggle to find what I like and not what others told me I should like.
  13. Trying to wake up, it's Sunday and tomorrow I have to go to work and face my crush again.

  14. Just peeking. Reading, Wow, and cuddles. Add food to that and you got all my favourite things xD Welcome to shybi. : )

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    2. Rocker83


      Haha yup xD I did that with my second char. Got it everything it needed from the money from my original main. Damn all this talk about it makes me miss it. Always had a great time. I made friends with my GM and we've been besties for about 10 years now. Met in RL and hes one of my closest friends now. Would love to go back when I'm more settled and can afford to upgrade my system :)

    3. Nidalaeh


      Nice, Some people don't realize you can make lifetime friends on there. I've actually met a couple offline, went to their place for 4 years straight around New Years. Their son's birthday was a few days before, which is why I went. We was asleep most of the time around midnight. Of course, everyone thought it was a "sexual" meet, because you can't meet people anymore unless you hook up, LoL. I even went there to help them move, which I'm glad I did because Beka was about to stress out when I arrived. Still friends with them both, even though they have gotten a divorce since then :(

    4. Rocker83


      Lol yeah know what you mean. But that's sad. I have friends who met in wow and got married. Some moved to another country to do it. You do make great friends for life on there. Pc gaming is always more manageable for me than consoles. Definitely something I miss doing.

  15. I use shybi on mobile most of the time. Esp during downtime at work, which is a lot of I'm on an install, LoL. Between always being on the forum and fitbit, my battery is shot and had to order a new one for my phone (it was going bad to begin with, hardly staying charged).