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  1. Where you been hiding girl? Hope your doing well 

    1. Nidalaeh


      I'm fine, just been keeping to myself. I see lots of things have changed in here while I was gone. 

  2. Putting in applications are no fun. However, when you have to list you have a disability because you have diabetes seems to make it worse. I don't feel like it's a disability ;/

  3. This came up on my playlist today.



  4. How many people have started putting Christmas decorations up? I'm about to clean up a spot and put my tree up. 

    1. myladylove


      I decided against a tree this year, actually gave it and some old decorations down to the charity shop. Think it’s part of my grieving process, letting go and all that. So I have a display of Christmas lights and pretty Christmas ornaments where I usually put the tree. There are so many beautiful decorations you can buy now.

    2. contessmed


      Tree goes up on Thanksgiving ! Tradition ! Manger and Holy family out this week ! ( That is the reason for the season ! ) 

    3. Nidalaeh


      My tree is up but no lights, they decided to die on me so have to buy new ones. Usually ours goes up on Black Friday. We don't do the shopping. 

  5. Hope everyone who celebrates had a good Turkey Day. Had ours with family, it was really nice. Have to go buy a new game now, "Left, Right, Center". Fun game.

  6. In the online game I play (WoW), they have this toy that turns someone into a Turkey. For some reason, the Raid leader always turns me into a Turkey during raid and his fiance, who is a druid cat, acts like she is eating me. Since it's "Turkey Day" on Thursday, there is an event on our guild calendar just for me. I put "Tentative" because I'm not sure how I feel about being stuffed, cooked, and eaten, LoL


    1. Nidalaeh


      so we can transmog our gear into other gear, get a unique look. Since it's Thanksgiving, we can use the pilgrim outfit.



  7. I've been joking around saying I should buy this so I'm not lonely at night anymore, :hysterical:


    1. BenedettaC


      Whatever does it for you! :)

    2. Nidalaeh


      Haha, it wouldn't. It would end up on the floor with my other pillows. One sided cuddling isn't fun. Besides, i toss and turn so much it would get in the way. 

  8. The view I had today. Bottom picture is right outside the house. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nidalaeh


      Ours is ice. I have no power so we went to my aunts place

    3. contessmed


      wow that’s tough ! 

    4. Nidalaeh


      The top two are blurry. Taking pictures in a moving car doesn't work out so well, :)

  9. Nidalaeh

    Introvert issues

    Thanks. Need something to help me sleep But don't want prescription meds.
  10. Nidalaeh

    Introvert issues

    Oh hmm, maybe I should start taking those, thanks
  11. Nidalaeh

    Introvert issues

    I've tried it, seems to make me really sleep and I have to force myself to get up. It's a low dose, think 3mg.
  12. Nidalaeh

    Introvert issues

    Ahh, I haven't been to sleep yet. Not really a good thing but I can't sleep at night right now. If I go to bed early, I'll wake up at 3am and can't go back to sleep. Or I'll toss and turn for hours, so it's pointless.
  13. Nidalaeh

    Introvert issues

    So another night owl!! My sleeping pattern is so screwed up right now ;/
  14. Nidalaeh

    Introvert issues

  15. Nidalaeh

    Introvert issues

    LoL, Hello there