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  1. Nidalaeh

    What American accent do you have?

    I'm from Kentucky too, so have the southern accent. I have trouble saying some words (anything ending in "old" sounds like "ole") and say warsh instead of wash, haha.
  2. Nidalaeh

    Android Or Apple?

    I had a Windows phone, disliked it. Android all the way. Love Samsung phones. However, my mom and sisters have Apple phones, and I love the find friends app or whatever is called. With mom, never know when she'll show up, always late lol.
  3. Nidalaeh

    Flats Or Heels

    Haha, same here. I always say I would fall and break my neck in hills. I don't wear boots, just flip flops and tennis shoes mostly.
  4. So, haven't been on here much. Things are still going good between us. We kissed , was amazing. She lives an hour away, I still don't have a car and with me starting 12 hour shifts soon, going to be rough but I think we will be okay. Mom and my sister met her, they like her. I met her dad, he is nice. Still just playing it by ear but things seem good. 

  5. Ahh, first date with a woman is today!!! I'm nervous and excited. We may go to a pride event in her town, but depends if the rain stays away. 

    1. Nidalaeh


      Ended up going to the pride event, however, first year ever in her town so not much there. We went to a pizza place then back to her house and watch Captain Marvel. No kissing, just cuddling on her couch and holding hands. We are planning to go out again, depends on her hectic work schedule. 

    2. myladylove


      Well done you, sounds like a nice start. Good luck. :-)

    3. xxshy-bixx


      Glad you had a good first date:-) first dates are always the hardest. 

  6. Seen this and loved it. 


  7. I think my body has become highly addicted to coffee. I have realized that I am unable to stay awake without that first cup of Joe. Don't think this is a good thing ;/


    1. Heike


      Addictions are to be enjoyed. I refuse to believe a coffee addiction in moderation is bad. My morning coffee is my #2 addiction, right behind my cigarettes (which I also smoke in moderation).

  8. Why is it so hard to be social when you spent the last few months hiding from just about everyone? You start msgs with old friends and you have to explain where you've been and it sometimes makes you want to go and hide under a rock again. Anyways, hi again! 

    1. Delia


      Hi :) No explanations necessary. 

  9. Where you been hiding girl? Hope your doing well 

    1. Nidalaeh


      I'm fine, just been keeping to myself. I see lots of things have changed in here while I was gone. 

  10. Putting in applications are no fun. However, when you have to list you have a disability because you have diabetes seems to make it worse. I don't feel like it's a disability ;/

  11. This came up on my playlist today.



  12. How many people have started putting Christmas decorations up? I'm about to clean up a spot and put my tree up. 

    1. myladylove


      I decided against a tree this year, actually gave it and some old decorations down to the charity shop. Think it’s part of my grieving process, letting go and all that. So I have a display of Christmas lights and pretty Christmas ornaments where I usually put the tree. There are so many beautiful decorations you can buy now.

    2. Nidalaeh


      My tree is up but no lights, they decided to die on me so have to buy new ones. Usually ours goes up on Black Friday. We don't do the shopping. 

  13. Hope everyone who celebrates had a good Turkey Day. Had ours with family, it was really nice. Have to go buy a new game now, "Left, Right, Center". Fun game.

  14. In the online game I play (WoW), they have this toy that turns someone into a Turkey. For some reason, the Raid leader always turns me into a Turkey during raid and his fiance, who is a druid cat, acts like she is eating me. Since it's "Turkey Day" on Thursday, there is an event on our guild calendar just for me. I put "Tentative" because I'm not sure how I feel about being stuffed, cooked, and eaten, LoL


    1. Nidalaeh


      so we can transmog our gear into other gear, get a unique look. Since it's Thanksgiving, we can use the pilgrim outfit.



  15. I've been joking around saying I should buy this so I'm not lonely at night anymore, :hysterical:


    1. BenedettaC


      Whatever does it for you! :)

    2. Nidalaeh


      Haha, it wouldn't. It would end up on the floor with my other pillows. One sided cuddling isn't fun. Besides, i toss and turn so much it would get in the way.