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  1. I agree with this. We have all gotten to accustomed to being on our phones / electronics now days and not communicate anymore. There is a time we need to set aside to be off our electronic devices and actually have meaningful conversation. Not with just strangers but even our own family. Especially with our own family. I feel a part of the problem with the world is that family doesn't seem to be as important anymore.
  2. I agree, Criminal Minds does have some pretty dark things. Actually, most of the things on there are dark. I haven't watched it in awhile, but most of the time watching I was like 'wtf, people are wired this way'.
  3. Hello Jean, welcome to our wonderful corner on the world wide web!
  4. I'm on a Halestorm kick right now. Love Lzzy's voice
  5. So, I'm really getting frustrated with how I can't simultaneous view this site on my cell and my computer anymore. I have to constantly keep signing in when I switch. Not sure if there is a setting I selected that started to cause this but I wish I could fix it. 

    1. JadeBleu15


      I am not really sure what the issue could be...  I am either or .... maybe a mod could help with that

    2. Nidalaeh


      I was able to do it without logging in. I do have my password saved, just frustrating.

    3. Nidalaeh


      I'll get over it, I'm just a little grouchy right now because my sinuses are giving me issues. I think I'm going to take 3 benedryl then go to bed after work. 2 more hours.

  6. Never done this, but never been with a woman either. Definitely something I want to try.
  7. A toughy, being a genius would be nice, could do a lot of good things. On the other hand, to help humanity is one of the best things you can do in life. So if it has to be either one, be help humanity!
  8. More cute pictures!


    1. LizzySizzles


      Oooohhhhh, what precious babies!!


    2. Nidalaeh


      Yes, looks like 2 solid black and 3 striped. The one numbered 5 moved to the very back because I upset him/her :( I was trying to get a picture of all of them, LoL

  9. I like both of these artists, so both of them having a song together is amazing! At least in my opinion :)


    1. JadeBleu15
    2. Nidalaeh


      Love Lzzy's voice and Lindsay definitely knows how to play the violin. Can't believe Juilliard refused her at her audition. Wonder if they are regretting that now? 

  10. As you stated, you can never move forward with the people you are dating because of this, which I think this answers your own question. It isn't fair to the new person you are with/dating to compare them to your ex. No two people are alike and they can never stack up to the image you have in your head regarding your ex. I think if you are ever going to find someone new to fall in love with, you need to get over your ex. I hope you don't think I'm being harsh with my response.
  11. I agree with this. Or when your plans change because a friend/family called and they want to know why you changed the plans without informing them. I didn't have plans with them, so why do I need to tell them I changed the plans? Or get "but you didn't say you was doing that today." Okay, and why do I have to run my changed plans through you? /sigh.. yea, I have had the very controlling boyfriend, which is why I'm single now. He even got upset if I got something that wasn't on the "grocery list". I had to explain SEVERAL times that the list is for stuff I need and don't want to forget. I always get stuff that isn't on the list. Again, why that never worked out, among several other things.
  12. So tough decision. When I was applying for jobs, 2 was interested. I was unable to do the interview for one job because I didn't have mail here to change my DL address, and I have to have the address on the ID for where I'll be working. So I took the job because I didn't need that qualification. The other job, which pays $3-$5 more PLUS supplies the equipment is still hounding me for an interview (guess I made an impression when I did the survey's / qualification test).

    I hate leaving this other job so soon, but I really think I should do the interview and see if I get. The past few years I've had a lot of minuscule jobs because of different things going on in my life (lost job, new job wasn't paying enough to pay all the bills so lost apartment, transmission went out of car so lost another job - sadly no buses come to where I live - borrowed sister's car and had to give it back so lost another job.. Just never ending it seems). Anyways, I hated it because before that I had a job for almost 5 years, and one 3 years previous of that, which I had to leave because they sold the company and it was moving states.

    Needless to say, I want to find a place where I can grow and stay for a very long time. I hate my job history right now. Is the grass really greener on the other side? Decisions, it's so hard to decide what to do. A job that makes more $$ isn't always better, but /sigh. Maybe I should just do the interview and go from there?

    1. NatashaYork


      Go for it...what have got to lose?

      Do the interview, suss them out.

      You don' have to say yes x

  13. I agree with you that it would be SO NICE to be able to a have like minded group to meet in person for support. I super lonely.

    1. Nidalaeh


      The one problem with the people I talk to on here, they live so far away that we can't have meetups, LoL. I did join a local meetup in my area for lesbians. I haven't yet went to a meeting, bunch of things kept me going, but hope to soon. They get together doing bowling and things of the such. I'm just waiting to see when/where the new meetup will be.

      Maybe they have something like that in your area. Have you tried searching for groups on Meetup?

  14. The fifth one loves to hide on the bottom. 


    1. JadeBleu15


      Looks like a pile of cuteness to me!  :rolleyes:

    2. Nidalaeh


      Agree. I pet the momma every night before I go to bed and sometimes a kitten or 2