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  1. Hi everyone! I joined a while ago but haven’t been very active in the forums because life is busy! I’m married and bi, but haven’t found the right woman for me yet, but i have done a ton of looking yet either. Anyway, just dropping in to say hello and i hope to spend a bit more time here now!
  2. Basically a best friend with benefits. I’m married and I’d be fine if she was, too. I came close to this with a prior best friend. Our relationship was truly ideal minus the fact that we never managed to be intimate. And then the friendship fell apart. I’d love to have that again but have it work out long term and not fall apart. Basically what the OP described.
  3. Yesterday afternoon during my lunch break. I gave myself a quickie and got back to work.
  4. This is what I'm looking for also (new here - hi!). Ideally someone who is married (since I'm also married) and not interested in leaving their spouse. Really just a best (female) friend who I can also get physical with. I've come close to this before, but it didn't work out well because we weren't in the same life situations/needing the same things. I think that's key - being on the same page and equal footing so no one feels left behind.