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  1. I do ... but not every time and it usually happens shortly *before* I actually orgasm or at least most intensely. There has to be clitoral stimulation, never just through penetration alone. There’s no secret way of doing it, for me, just the right context, being horny enough, and also uninhibited!
  2. Good to know I’m not totally alone here then! ;-)
  3. I have always been dom, never had the slightest desire to sub. Nothing about the idea turns me on. (A number of men have tried but none have succeeded haha!) However, never having been with a woman, I feel slightly different about the dynamic. I still don’t get turned on by the idea of subbing to a woman, but I feel more ... vanilla, I guess? I think because it would be new to me, I’d probably want just to explore in general with her sexually in the vanilla sense before bringing D/s into it. Ive stopped identifying as dom now anyway and consider myself more as a ‘sadistic top’ if we have to have labels. Top because I don’t get turned on by ordering people around, more by doing things to them, haha, but I also want my partner to be happy and I have absolutely no problem with them requesting things or suggesting stuff they’d like to try.
  4. Had a look but I can’t find a Midlands thread! Anyone else out there? im from the west side of Leicestershire - probably moving over to the east side in the next few months. :-) i have an 18-month-old so I don’t get to go out to bars/clubs/pubs a lot :-( makes it hard to meet people.
  5. I’m in exactly the same boat right now! I lack experience with women and I’m having fun with men but I don’t want to limit myself and I would like to meet women too. With men I’ve noticed it’s very hard to find a true ‘friend with benefits’. It seems if you hit it off too well as a friend they start wanting to take things further down a ‘relationship’ route which I don’t particularly want to go down right now because of my young daughter. I’m very much just ‘let things take their own course’ sort of person ... but I also like to make friends even if nothing sexual is there ...
  6. Wow this is ringing very true at the moment. In the middle of a difficult divorce after a 9-year marriage. I never perceived the relationship as being controlling or abusive in the slightest while things were good between us (in fact, it was a D/s relationship with me as the dominant partner and I was also the main breadwinner), but since things headed south last summer he has been extremely unpleasant and difficult to live with. Not helped by the fact that I work for him, so he has some leeway to try and exert control over what I do with my time (e.g. working rather than socialising in the evenings and on days when he is caring for our daughter). He can be ok for days or even weeks and then will start ‘having a go’ at me over really trivial things and basically trying to make me feel bad/tense/stressed. Also with the legal stuff connected with the divorce, he is delighting in making all that stuff as difficult and expensive as possible for me and then challenging me over stuff like what I’ve been spending my money on. Not nice at all and I’m very glad that I knew enough to recognise signs of emotional/psychological abuse and gaslighting!
  7. Hi! I’ve been a member here for quite a while, but it’s a long time since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d better reintroduce myself! Since I was here last I’ve given birth to a little girl, now 18 months old, and split up with my husband! We are still living together for financial reasons while the divorce goes through, but things are not very amicable. Anyway, since then I have been seeing men purely for sex ... but there’s a shortage of women in my life, haha! I’m not here to solicit for dates AT ALL (and is against the rules in any case) but interested to know how people met their female partner/s and which dating sites are good for us bi ladies. :-)
  8. I've not had an interracial relationship with a woman, but I live in an area where there are a lot of people originally from India - my home city is less than 50% 'white' - although most that I socialise with are second- or third-generation by now. I also do some business in India, and I've met quite a number of Indian women that I've been attracted to! However, I can't deny there are some stereotypes at play, for me the main one being that it would seem a little harder to me to flirt with an Indian lady because it feels like they might be a bit more reticent to 'come out' as bi or lesbian. Mainly because of the whole 'my parents might not be happy about it' thing. Most of the Indians I know are either Hindus or Sikhs, and many come from pretty relaxed families, not at all like the 'strict, uptight, controlling parents' stereotype - but still, there is a feeling of an underlying assumption of heterosexuality. One of my Sikh friends, who is a few years younger than me (so in her early/mid 30s now), said to me once that her parents just did not ever talk about the possibility of one of their kids being gay or bi ... not that they said anything bad, it was just never, ever mentioned, and she grew up not even seeing that as a possibility really. (She is, AFAIK, straight, and happily married to a man!) I've been in an interracial relationship with a man, and in the end the cultural differences were just too big, but he was only in England temporarily anyway, so if we were to be together long-term one of us would have had to uproot big time! (He was from Japan.) So I guess it was geographical differences that were a problem for us, rather than cultural exactly. We didn't even speak each other's languages too well!
  9. I'm pretty shallow I guess. But then, I think if you aren't already in a relationship, looks are the first thing to turn your head (well, I am in a relationship, but with a man, so ...!), so of course you'll be focused on those. Only when you get to know your partner you find their personality attractive too. So I always find myself looking at 'hot' women. I'm kind of cliched in what I like. I don't have a thing for blondes or brunettes specifically, but I go for what I suppose most people would call a 'good figure' - don't really know how to describe without being offensive to someone :/ but I mean not super-skinny or super-big! So for me, if someone is overall nicely-proportioned, not too much bones sticking out, and on the other hand could have curves, bit of a belly maybe but generally in pretty good shape, like 'curvy' but not obese ... for me I think body is more important than face because it's body that is fun to explore ;) and besides, when it comes to faces I can see attractive qualities in almost anyone. I'm fairly small and reasonably slim myself (5'3" and about 118lbs) so I can't imagine myself with a woman who would completely dwarf me, but healthy is ideal; for example, the catwalk model body type is a bit too skinny for me. :/
  10. Hi! I used to be a member a couple of years ago under a different name (talmaflower) but lost my old details and email address. So here I am in a new guise. I didn't get the time to log in much, and 10 months ago my daughter (first child) was born, which has kept me busy! I'm married and bicurious and I live in Englsnd.