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  1. Good evening 

    1. Playful


      Hi Superwoman. Hoe are you tonight? Besides Super, of course.

    2. Superwoman39


      I am super!! How are u

  2. I completely agree.. I want to be with a woman so bad but don't even know how to get started!! Any advice
  3. I have to be real honest and say I'm not so sure I agree.. now with that said I have never gave nor received any type of anal stimulation so I can't say I would not like it!!
  4. Do you need to be cooled off???
  5. I would definitely be a giver.. just the thought of my tongue licking her and tasting her makes me hot!
  6. I like flavorful food!
  7. Don't tempt me, in need of a vacation and some new food experience!
  8. I want to try some Greek food!!!
  9. I know right. Just picture it, fancy restaurant, sitting side by side she slips her panties off while her partner does all the work. Until both woman are so hot that they can't wait any longer.
  10. Hi married and longing! I'm glad you found us!
  11. I'm excited!!!!! I hope it is the best orgasm ever
  12. I just watched the trailer and would love to watch the whole movie.. why can't I find someone like that!!
  13. I want to be the one licking the nipples!!
  14. Sitting beside someone in public and fingering them while they squirm and try not to scream out in pleasure!