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  1. Yes, people can be terrible. They all should support one another no matter what.
  2. Hello Everyone. I feel in my heart that these two go hand in hand. You need your health to continue to do things in life. Whether it is for your family, friends or whomever, you have to be able to do the tasks you want to or need to. I would be happy to have my health the way I used to. People tend to shy away from people who have health issues. I do not understand that and it makes me wonder. What do you do with old people? Your parents, neighbors and friend that are old and having a hard time getting around. When we do not have our health as before this will affect our minds. It can be frustrating and I understand things age, like our bodies. But still all of you enjoy each day and take the time you need for yourself so that you can do the things you enjoy in life. Take a walk, run, swim, hike, or whatever you want to do today.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. I try always be treating people the way I want to be treated. Though it does not work that way always. I hope you do well today with all else going on.
  4. I do not understand people these days. I know a person who is always in a bad mood. I told them we all have things that happen in our lives and to smile. Then you have those that just cannot say one nice thing about anything. It drives me nuts. Being kind to another does not cost money. You just have to take that first step. So my advice is to be you and turn the other cheek when people are ugly. They must not like themselves or their lives and take it out on others. They are really hurting themselves. So hang in there you all and turn the other cheek!
  5. There are a great Bunch of ladies here that give alot of support!
  6. I am. I hope you are okay. I have keep you and others in prayer. Some people talk to me, but, I guess I am at fault. It is hard to discuss things since shyness gets in the way.
  7. Well so far I am enjoying the few people I have met here. There are either direct, great advice, some young and great listeners. Just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate you all. Going to continue with my errands.
  8. You are so kind. Thank you.
  9. Well, I probably will sound dumb. But I still am learning alot here. For instance, I realize now that everytime I check anything out everyone knows. Then I learned I could sign on anon.... and I did. But nothing to hide here so I just sign on when I can several times to check things out like messages. Some people I hear from, some never write again. I know that is my fault since I am too shy. But I really appreciate all of you for being patient with me. Have a great and safe day.
  10. Stormy Weather. I don't know why, bt, that popped in my head.
  11. I have a few of these. When I just mopped the kitchen floor and someone walks in and just dirties it all over again. That's when I want to throw the mop and broom up in the air at them. When someone writes once or twice and you never hear from them again. When someone is constantly makes a comment about everything in the world and cannot say one nice thing in the conversation. I cannot stand the way I am constantly hearing people judge one another as if perfect. I cannot stand it when I wake up and I forgot to set the coffee from the night before...ugh lol
  12. I saw it. I got scared. I have Jaws and it is one of those moves I watch alot. I do not like any of the SAW movies. I saw Conjuring 1. and Insidious. Have not seen the others.
  13. I am getting ready to look for a scary movie. The other day I watched an old move, "Orca."
  14. Thank you Ladies for all of your replies. I am glad to learn alot.
  15. Sorry to answer this kind of dumb. But when I was at a lady's house one day working on renovation of her bathroom with others. She ask to speak to me and said she had a gift for each of us since we worked so hard that week. She asked that we not opened it til we all got home. Needles to say mine was pink. I had no idea at all what it was except threw it in the top kitchen drawer. Now remember, I am older and this was many many moons ago. One day I had a family dinner and relatives were helping in the kitchen, cleaning, putting things away. Needless to say one of my relatives was holding the little tool in her hand and was laughing. I looked at her as she was laughing and so were the others when I said seriously: "Oh, can you tell me what type of way do I use that tool?" I couldn't get them to stop laughing for a long long time. They all explained what it was. I was, of course, redder then an apple. Needless to say I told them I did not want that in my house and to throw it out. One of my relatives said I will take it since it is brand new. She had a stupid grin on her face. Now I understand since I am wiser and older. Hope you all have a good laugh, but, it is a true story.