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  1. It's a hit or miss. I only used it a couple of times in my life so I'm no pro here. I experienced this from a married woman (very close to my family) who's 8 years my senior. Ahh, the naivety of me at that time, knew nothing about what's going on and hadn't any clue about my sexuality or thinking about sex. Well, that's when I learned that ear's one of the most erogenous zones in our body. @Clo123 it's up to you if you're gonna kiss her, but I strongly advise the whisper, the eye contact and kissing the hand. May I also say that some women like to lead the flirting game? I hope that your friend is more than this. Timing and reading the body language are very important before you do this. You're doing well but remember not to be too consumed. Just go with the flow and enjoy whatever comes. Whatever physical contact she gives you (whether squeezing your fingers or giving you a peck or whatever), MAKE SURE THAT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE IT. Say, "I like it, I like what you're doing, ahh, you're giving chills.." Good luck.
  2. Awesome! She kissed you twice even if it's just a peck. You have to step up girl! When you've got the chance and the two of you are holding hands, whisper on her ear. Make sure that your lips are touching her ear when you do this. Tell her, "you look different tonight." Then look at her eyes. Wait. Count 5 seconds. She'll probably ask what you do mean by that or say nothing. But after 5 seconds kiss her lightly, slowly but sensually. Then pull away. Say "are u okay?" Followed by "you're so beautiful." Smile and kiss her hand. You've got to project that it's a no pressure, fun kiss. Hope that helps. It worked for me
  3. Welcome to Shybi! Not weirdo, don't worry. So are you here primarily because you're not happy or you're here because there's a woman that could potentially make you happy? Maybe, start a thread about it? When you're ready..
  4. Hmm very tricky eh? It's quite difficult if you're not out to your husband. Oh well, one day you'll be able to sort things out. Welcome to Shybi!
  5. Poise. It's the way she carries herself. The way she sits, turns her head or even talk, etc. It's the whole thing. This what gets my attention.
  6. Feeling romantic at the moment...
  7. I prefer the woman with nicely trimmed bush although I am not fussy. I am not a fan of bald look either but I don't mind if my lady would prefer hers to be like that. I had the taste of a bald and the one with hair and I can say that the woman with some hair mostly appeal to my senses. So beautiful for me.
  8. What's with this not dating Virgo. Geez! We are the lovers of life. We are the best TOP you can have. Oh, wait a minute darling, can you do this way, no, not that way, this way, nope, it's not perfect, get on with this, nope....LOL! I was perfectionist and overly analytical when I was in 20s but when I hit 30, I changed my life and how I see things. Virgos are cool. You've got to give us a chance.
  9. I lost the flow with my crush but that's ok because I do think that she's not ready. Shes young, inexperienced. Shes got to work out things yet. It's my judgment. But we texts each other sometimes as friends. She doesn't know my feelings for her. I'm okay. Not rushing a budding flower. Anyway, my husband has come back to his senses. He has given me the green light. We are very good. So I'm just here waiting to be struck again by Cupid at some point. No one has sparked my interest again. Not yet.
  10. Step back. Yes. Step, step back. Stop analysing things. You don't have to quit. Just keep it cool. You can do this. You're not thinking straight mate. She already said NO. For your own sake, step back.
  11. I'm thrilled!!! Happy for you. Keep us updated.
  12. Oh that? Oh, okay. I'm not sure if that is flirting, really. A wink. Geez, I wink a lot.
  13. Same here. If you don't use it, you lose it!
  14. I love phone calls too. I hope @Married&Iknowit lunch with her will go smoothly and who knows what's next. Yay!
  15. How did Molly flirt? Sorry but I can't see it (must be my brain so used up lately). Maybe it's just a sweet, friendly gesture that was misinterpreted. I have close lesbian friend that I am sweet, thoughtful and loving but I'm not into her simply because I am not. Anyway, if she was flirting and Molly knew that OP is into her, then that's cruel indeed. I don't flirt if I'm not interested with the woman.