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  1. “Opportunity knocks only once” as what the proverb says. I also believe that possibility is limitless. Therefore, if chance arises and an undeniable powerful sexual chemistry is present between you and the woman (especially if it’s random chance), I say do it. We’re talking about “safe go” here which means there’s no obvious red flags. Long term relationship is for those who are READY for it. The question is, “when am I ready?” My answer, based in my experience is, when you are good to take the possible pain as much as the joy of it. But who knows? Your one night stand can lead to long term and it’d be the love of your life. Anything is possible. So, for me, just have fun and when You are ready, when the Universe thinks that you are ready, long term relationship would be given to you. At least, that’s my take.
  2. There was a time in my life when I wished I was straight. This was after my sleeping bisexuality got awakened. “Sleeping “ because I had same-sex relationship and experience before getting married to a man; same sex attraction disappeared in my system (unlike some women who their attractions towards women never disappears all throughout) and awakened after several years because of a new friend. Once I passed that stage (several months); understood what was going on and accepted my whole SELF, then, I never wished it again. It’s great!
  3. If you have lemon, use lemon. Smells nice after.
  4. We all have biases and prejudices no matter how we try to be objective because we all are brought up in different ways, grew up with different culture or environment, moulded by our acquired knowledge through education and life experiences. Whether we intend it or not, there’d be a clash of differences in perspective. And because of that, no matter how careful we are in our words, sometimes, we cannot prevent to be misunderstood or felt attacked. 

    Many women here choose their words very carefully and tactfully. Some don’t sugar coat and take no bullshit so speak their mind freely. For me, THAT IS OKAY. It’s okay as long as you don’t shoot the other poster. If you want to debate, debate on the subject matter and not the person. 

    This is a support site. Let’s be more caring and mindful to be supportive in our ways here. If anyone wants to have a debate, have a healthy debate on the topic. We cannot be mindful all the time but let us try. Let us try. This what makes Shy different from other sites. We support each other. We listen with our hearts. 


  5. Oh dear. Oh dear. Last night, I saw this thread being revived. Hmmm. I did not comment because it’s like ... here we go again. But now, I have to, especially that somebody feels alienated and seeing shy as not a safe place. I always make a stand that this support site is a refuge to any woman who has no voice to speak in the outside world, who’s been hiding behind the wall, who’s been bloody scared to speak her mind about her sexuality, her craving for sex for life, who’s been lost, and others who need support of whatever this site can offer. I am disheartened to find out that someone is feeling the other way regarding this site.
  6. @Storm9 You are actually very lucky. By saying this, I do not mean to negate or take for granted what you are feeling. What I mean is that you found love. And she loves you too. There are many barriers: physical, geographical, emotional (fear and doubt). But you BOTH crossed these barriers and took a leap of faith. I’d say that in a span of a couple of years (?), that’s bloody a milestone. What you’re feeling right now (or the time you posted this), will come and go. Sometimes, it’s too frustrating but then it’d subside. Whenever you feel “off,” let her know all the time. All the best.
  7. blueberry

    Lunch Date

    Agreed with @CeCe128. If you don’t feel optimistic and excited NOW (because of rejection in the end) on the idea of just spending time with her, then, perhaps you are right to cancel it or stop the lunch plan. For some women, it’s not about the result or outcome of the event but the experience, the journey itself. Next time, perhaps, you’d be ready to sail no matter what. All the best.
  8. @JN2019 Well done! I'm very happy for you. (Singing "I am what I am" now)
  9. First of all, welcome! Second, it's natural for you to feel this way. In my understanding, you are becoming more conscious of this part of you that has been brushed aside. Sometimes, there are changes in our life that give way to be more aware of our inner self: kids have grown, diminished romantic or sex life with spouse, new formed close friendship or even a simple trigger like a woman in the shop smiling and looking at you, and many more. It's hard and confusing in the beginning BUT it will get better. Come here more often. Pick what suits you and ignore what don't. We are friendly bunch here and welcome friendship (or more, hahaha) but I must say exercise caution and wisdom for this is not mecca. All the best in your journey. -Blue-
  10. blueberry

    Let's talk about salad

    Hey salad party!!! I am not really a fan of salad dressing like caesar's etc. I like mixing olive oil, lemon and honey OR mustard, olive oil and lemon: that's my kinda dressing. But as long as I have fresh spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes (or regular tomatoes), feta cheese or shaved cheddar cheese (optional), olives, cucumber, carrots, sometimes, sliced ham (optional), avocado (if it's on sale) and grapes, I don't really need dressing. Like I said, I'm a rabbit.
  11. blueberry

    Femme vs Butch

    Hmmm (Blue trying to remember). You’re right! I’ve never seen you in a girly top.
  12. blueberry

    Nervous and scared

    Exactly my thoughts, too. For all we know, the woman we look across the table at the food court, the woman we exchange smiles at the grocery aisle, or our daughter's friend's mum feel the same way we feel. The thing is, we won't ever know.
  13. blueberry


    I am so sorry. I hope you'd be able to move on fast. Life. Love. It hurts you so badly now but soon, you'd be smiling again. Hang in there.
  14. blueberry

    Sexually Frustrated

    You're not alone and if you're bisexual, it's perfectly natural. I had my first experiences with women before I met my husband. Like you, it was about 10 years or so after my attraction towards women came back. It started with a new close friend. She was the trigger. I didn't see it coming. I had no idea. The beginning is often the hardest part. There's confusion, frustration, guilt, and don't forget, the inexplicable happiness too. Once you passed the initial phase of self-discovery and open your heart as well as your mind, things would get better. I have no advice for you with your friend. It's pretty early to do anything, don't you think? It can be a double-edged sword revealing your self and more so your feelings towards your friend. However, we there are shybi ladies who had a happy ending with their friends who are also married like them. Goodluck.
  15. blueberry

    Have You Ever Masturbated In Bed....

    Nice. Very nice.