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  1. I would if I were either curious (novice) or desperately wanted to get off with women. I am neither of these so I wouldn't. But...maybe, maybe, I would if I got attracted to her the first time I saw her in the room. Like, she's a magnet. And I can tell that she's "fuckable" for me. And of course, like @these-broken-wings(TBW), if I had the money, if I could afford her. @GracefulGyrl I think lesbian escorts in a well-established agency make sure that their clients are well taken care off. It's similar to those top end brothels. Getting one from online ads or personal adverts can be dodgy and would waste your money. Where and how to find this top end agencies, I don't know.
  2. Hmm I haven’t read the book but I have read and studied with similar discussions way, way back then. I had a fair share of jumping from one belief system to another in my spiritual journey. I was exposed to both sides of the world and became each of them at different times: non-believer versus believer of the existence of God. In the end, I found where I should be and I’ve been happy since then. I am Catholic and proud of being one. Not because of the whole dogma but because it has given me a solid foundation as a human being. Inside of the system, was where I had gained my own virtues and principles which helped me grew as good person. All in all, I had a great experience with it compared to others. Even if I cannot reconcile my sexuality with the Catholic belief, I am not bothered, guilty or resentful. After struggling, I’ve realised and accepted that they couldn’t be reconciled. One is a a dogma and the other is nature. Thus, I am no longer a practicing Catholic (not abiding with all of sacraments) and it’s my choice. However, like @contessmed, I have a strong close inner relationship with God. And whatever I do or feel, I ask guidance and direction because I believe in God as a friend, not the punitive one. This is my choice. Some people believe that you have to be pure in thoughts and mind. This is what being chaste is all about. There are a lot of readings in this belief based all the way back to the teaching of St. Augustine. But like any other teachings, they are open to different interpretations and that’s where the problem begins.
  3. "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."    

                                    -Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlocke Holmes)- 

  4. blueberry

    Never ending , Would you rather

    Depends really but for the sake of me striving to be healthy, I'd go savoury. Traditional wristwatch or fitbit/smartwatch
  5. I agree. But the ego will always try to step in telling “you deserve better than this.” One has to have an immense power over self to risk and focus on the bliss of experience than to fear the incompleteness it brings forth. Again, as I always say, perspective, perspective. It’s not easy but it isn’t impossible to do.
  6. Experiment. Objectification. These terms were rarely in my carefree self during my 20s. I didn’t mind when a conservative, with religious background and clueless girl experimented with me. No, we didn’t have sex or even had make out but we spent time together in a romantic way and for her that was experimenting which really I didn’t mind. Several years after, she embraced herself as a lesbian. Experimentation in early stage is beneficial for some people with an intention to find direction and answers. I suppose one just needs a reliable and willing experiment partner who wouldn’t see herself being objectified. If you want to experiment, be honest. Be honest that you’re lost and confused rather than deviously manipulating someone. However, now that I’m older, more experienced, looking for a real and sustainable relationship with a woman despite of being married with a man, I tend to avoid being an experiment partner anymore. Give me a different experience, I might bite it (and you).
  7. If this is how a logical supposition goes, shall we agree that everyone objectifies women in some degrees? I do and I’m not stopping anytime soon (whiplash proof here). Objectification is in fact inevitable. As for me, it’s a matter of having a healthy dose of doing it. I’ve changed a lot in how I think and feel towards women and I’ve embraced my transformation with positivity. There’s more to say to this topic and it could go on and on. Going back to the original topic of this thread. Mine wasn’t earth shattering but exciting and full of lusts due to build up of sexual tension between my friend and I. Prior to this, I had sensual touching with my dorm mate in college which was part of being curious so I knew that I was not straight-straight. I didn’t have orgasm in my first because I was the giver but it was equally exciting and satisfying. That was in college. Fast forward in mid to late twenties, I had a real girlfriend which I had my first. Again, it wasn’t earth shattering but the whole sexual aspect in our relationship was exciting and very satisfying. I don’t know what is earth-shattering. Hmmm more than intense? Breaking the wall? Hmmm.
  8. blueberry

    Tough to meet bi women

    What is tough is to meet a woman who has a clear head, not living in a fantasy and genuine.
  9. Anyway, back to the original question of this post, I don’t use sex toys. My loyal right hand does the right thing for me. If there is any toy that can do and as soft as human tongue then I might try it.
  10. blueberry

    Is this it?

    Hmm, much as I like blowing my man when I really, really want him, I don’t think it’s the same with women (at least for me). With my man, I would want to do it if I need him sexually and my body is wanting him as his wife. I need to have the “need” to enjoy blowing him. With women, I get excited even if I don’t have the needs. I guess, I just love female sex naturally. Interesting. I can’t do it. Anything that is sexual should be mutual in my book.
  11. “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

                   -Thomas Fuller-

  12. Hey @Storm9 Yes, I’m hijacking this again but for the last time. The quote is actually from your fellow English countrymen (dead already), Thomas Fuller. I googled it because I was very much uplifted by it.
  13. I'm going to listen to P!nk because I think I was MISSUNDAZTOOD. :wacko:

  14. blueberry

    Is this it?

    @these-broken-wings(TBW) Yes, you are trapped if you see it that way. Trapped in your bisexual fluid mind and having monogamous values. But you are the one who made the rules for yourself. Time would tell when you’re going to bend, break or still stick to your rules.
  15. I'm going to hijack this post because I can. Yes. But, @Storm9 I like your signature message there "It's always darkest just before dawn." Much, much better and uplifting than my negative thoughts today of "there's always a perfect storm behind the calm gray clouds." Soooo, thank you. (By the title, I thought we're talking about "greatness" here. It appears not. hehehe. Don't mind me, ladies. I'm being cheeky Blue. Take it easy, though.)