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  1. Hey, hey welcome! I’m happy for you. Exciting, eh? Take it easy, though. Goodluck!
  2. "It isn't our expectations that carry us forward, it's our desire to go on." 

                                                         - Paulo Coelho (Brida) -


    1. blueberry


      *Sighs* @JadeBleu15 Gordon Lightfoot original is timeless but I think this rendition is beautiful too.  

    2. JadeBleu15


      @blueberry Excellent version Girl, I enjoyed it. 

  4. RULE # 1 - NEVER share everything to my husband. RULE #2 - NEVER share the intimate details with my husband RULE #3 - NEVER confide and make my husband a sounding board. Find a friend to do this (or share here). RULE #4 - when sharing (“there’s a woman...”), I talk to my husband like it’s a matter-of-fact professional business without showing emotions like being too keen or excited. Be brief and straight to the point. RULE #5 - meditate and gather the sexual energy in me to satisfy the emotional and physical needs of my husband in bed. Make love. Have sex. Make love. Have sex. This is to assure him that I am present and will always be. I cannot do this all the time especially if I’m physically stressed from work. The point is, this works for my husband. These are the rules I made for myself. Like many of you, I had stumbled once and I learned that my husband wasn’t immune to jealousy and insecurity despite of knowing how much he accepted me. Over time, I have developed a certain way on how I communicate with him about my sexuality and active interest in women. We both understood the meaning of “privacy” and even if he wanted to know more, he wouldn’t want to have it if I feel compelled to do it. When you are compelled to do something, then you are not free. He doesn’t want me to feel that I am a prisoner of our own relationship. @Curious Jane Maybe my rules can help you to craft yours one day or apply them in the future. I fear that you have to give yourself and your husband a considerable time to heal. Even if he’s saying positive things now, consider it, as his guilt and love for you that is kicking that’s why. But you don’t want him to feel any bad feelings, right? Letting you do things when in fact he’s not fully accepting it. Build the trust again. Reassure him. This will take time and effort. Your Mistress, if she is wise and is after your well being (which I mentioned on another thread), will let you go to sort out your relationship. If she continues to see you and does not give a damn, “it’s not my problem,” then this domme is greedy and doesn’t really care about her sub. My two cents. All the best.
  5. Hey @caliwoman, she's bad news! Unless she's got some other qualifying traits that can override her insecurity, or cloaked vanity then I suppose you can stay on and see where this takes you. You've got to check as well if she's having mild or early stage of BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) which most people are not aware of. To answer your question of "what would you do..." -- she's not giving me a very good impression straightaway. Regardless whether you're hot or f%^king gorgeous, if you don't spark my interest (a dating prospect or even for friendship), it's just a waste of time so I move on.
  6. People run away for many reasons but in my understanding the main reason is that "the person is not one hundred percent sure of her feelings for you." Men and women are alike in this regard. Some men don't have the balls to be upfront to the woman they met for a coffee that a second date isn't on the table but just stopped talking/texting her, leaving the women clueless or realised lately what a dickhead he is. Some women, do the same. A woman would stop answering her mobile when she sees that it's the man she met up, instead of telling him upfront that "hey, it's nice to meet you but it's not going to work out." You have to factor in the personality/character/age/maturity of the woman, too. For example, if she's a risk-taker or not in a hurry to form a relationship but willing to take one if there is someone who is suitable for her, she'd go with the flow and see where things go. If she's looking for the "one" that sends her sleepless at night, butterflies in her stomach when she's interacting with you, fireworks sort of, BUT she's not getting it from you, then it means that you are not the one. There are a lot, lot of reasons and these all boil down to two things: uncertainty of her feelings or she's not into you, really. Irrespective whether it's LDR, online or in real world, it all depends on the person and her own motivation.
  7. @Sithandra This is beautifully said. I have to's winter where I am but whoa! I feel it's peak of summer.
  8. ...hmmm
  9. Hmm, I always think that vanilla women have untapped energies hidden somewhere within them. Once you set them right, those pent up energies will explode and create a new Milky Way. Hahaha! @Curious Jane, I still remember you as the shy student madly attracted to her professor. Look at you now. Who would have known this? I envy the mistress, actually. She spotted submissiveness in you, your profile. Then she followed her instinct. I hope she looks after you well. My suggestion for you: stay safe and do not let her do things that you do not want or even doubtful to do. She has to guide you or give you options. If later on she becomes forceful or manipulative, then you’ve got to pause and do a lot of thinking. My wish for you is to grow a better person out of this relationship and that should be her objective here (apart from giving you a pure bliss of sex) ultimately. Enjoy! Take care.
  10. I couldn't agree more. Some women would resist to kiss you after you go down BUT the key is to make her relaxed and so to trust you. Nothing turns me on so much than being with a woman who surrenders and asks for more.
  11. First, I am glad that she came out to you earlier than waiting for X years before taking the plunge to tell you who she really was. Her decision to tell you saves you and her from possible catastrophe later on. Second, If I'm reading this right, your emotional and physical attraction to her is still intact. Her biological sex doesn't affect your feelings for her. You see her, love her and want her as who she is. I'm happy for both of you. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this to us.
  12. I agree on @Sithandra, to seize the opportunity. And on @Karalea, to be safe. He could be charming so be careful on your heart, too. If it turns out that he's flaky as hell, then move on. Keep us updated.
  13. Hey, Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say I hope it's ok I started following you. I'm new here, so just figuring things out. :)

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      ok, thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it! :)

    3. blueberry


      You’re welcome. The site is heaven sent to us bisexuals especially the bi-married women. Although, it’s not Mecca. So be wise and guard your heart. I hope you well. 

    4. Freaky.Fiona


      oh lovely! So it's especially good for us bi-married women? Have you found you've made very intriguing connections with other women through it? Thank you so much for your help!