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  1. Totally got you. Sorry if the transition wasn’t as smooth as it should be. My bad. Anyway, I’m sure @Sithandra understood where I’m coming from. She’s cool!
  2. @ExploringtheNew I have nothing to add as everything is almost covered here. I hope that whatever you choose to do, it works for you in the end. May I say here that it is possible for some people to have a good relationship despite of the intensity of the attraction towards another person. What entails a "good relationship" by the way? It really depends on the couple's perspective as one unit, actually.
  3. Hey, maybe this old thread will answer your question. It's a bit of reading but a lot of single ladies here responded. You don't have to read everything and skip some years if you like. It's up to you. Enjoy.
  4. Hmm nice point @Nidalaeh. However, I think @Sithandra is neither a headwrecker nor a unicorn. I don't know what she is but I have a feeling that if she's like a Viking sword, "beautiful, in her own way, but do have sharp edges," then she is something who anyone is charmed will crawl back for more.
  5. Hi welcome back! When my husband and I were just dating then (not even exclusive), I asked him casually if he had any tendency towards other man. We were seeing each other for a month but not regularly, I think. I just asked out of the blue while we’re having a drink at the pub. I didn’t even plan for it. He said no then he asked me the same question. I didn’t say the details but I gave him that information that I had experience with same sex. He’s a cool guy so no problem. He didn’t ask me about threesome or if I was checking out some women. I fell in loved with him and there was no woman who sparked my interest at that time so my bisexuality went on sleeping mode for a looooong time. I don’t know about your guy but I also didn’t know much about mine at that time. My thinking was just to tell him that part of me and didn’t expect him to accept me or continue dating or whatever. I just merely said it to share that information. And up to now, this is what I usually do and think whenever I tell him something about myself. SHARE. Don’t dwell on the “what if he leaves or what if he thinks, and a lot of it.” It’s best to tell it while you’re still dating than when you’re already having a baby. Make sure he understands your disposition. He might ask you how strong your tendency is. Don’t tell him things that you don’t know yet about yourself but don’t say anything that’ll give him an impression that he’s dispensable. It really depends on how emotionally self-secured a guy is. I find people who have lots of love to give and emotionally self-secured are those who are more open-minded and can love unconditionally. Good luck. Keep us updated.
  6. I agree @moonbynight. Start a new post if you can't find the topic that you're looking for. Or play with the keywords that you're searching for (instead of know, try knowing?).. Sometimes, it also works to search for the related ideas of your topic or a subtopic. Long timers complaining should not complain. The more sensible to do is to guide/help the newbies where to look or if they know the link, post it.
  7. I was about to start a thread about cheating due to a recent discussion I had with a 27 year old bicurious single woman on a support meetup group. I found this thread as I searched similar topics. The young woman was very critical to me upon knowing that, I, as a married woman would still want and do have a relationship with other woman. It didn’t matter to her if my husband was accepting to be who I am etc. For this holier-than-thou woman, it is cheating because I’m married. She’s young, inexperienced, religious and idealistic. It’s not her fault really so I told her that I hope to talk to her again maybe after 5 or 10 years. This thread is quite a good read.
  8. Yeah, but they are too absorbed with the kiddies and I wonder if they can be aware that mums like me check them out. What's your experience @tnmom? Have you ever had a slightest idea, like, maybe an instinct when particular mum looks or talks to you?
  9. I'm intrigued. For some reasons I think you are not a headwrecker (as what the OP describes here) BUT you certainly are not for a faint-hearted. Quite right?
  10. I googled Mt Lassen. That’s awesome @BiTriMama. What’s more wonderful is that your GF was into it, too. I love tramping and hiking. Give me a woman (not straight please) who’s into this and I’d be all over her. I haven’t done any of the Great Walks Of NZ (South Island usually) but has done a lot of day hikes in North island. Skydiving is a wow thing for a lot of people. I only do some extreme sports that I really like to experience and skydiving doesn’t give me that excited feeling so I am not doing it even if hubby recommends it. Kayaking is fun, too. I do kayak with my hubby in the sea but I only do it when the weather forecasts no to very light wind as it’s too tiring for me to paddle back into headwinds even in a gentle breeze. Like you, I haven’t done the rapids and you’ve got to have the skills to do that. I enjoy white water rafting, though. You do ski, surf and backpack? Very lucky GF!
  11. I am no adrenaline junkie but sometimes it appeals to me to do something extraordinary that scares the shit out of me. I did bungee jumping not long ago and so glad that I did it. I cannot describe well enough the momentary peace and immense calmness I experienced at some point when I was free falling. Only a jumper could probably relate to what I am trying to explain. I also did abseiling and I couldn’t get enough of it. If I don’t chicken out, I will paraglide this year. How about you? What have you done or would like to do if given a chance?
  12. Hey @Stitchingtakestoolong I love it! Did you draw it?
  13. Hope is the thing with feathers BY EMILY DICKINSON Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all And sweetest in the gale is heard And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many warm I’ve heard it in the chillest land And on the strangest sea Yet never in extremity, It asked a crumb of me.
  14. If I meet him, I'll ask him to play chess with me. I really hope so that he will give me a good game. I'd rather enjoy my time than stress the remaining neurons in my head asking questions about life, suffering, misery, pain, etc. TO BE HONEST, the OP threw a question that in the first place should have been answered more carefully. IT'S A TRAP! There's an ill intention there if you take a look at the "PS." For me, the post tends to provoke people rather than to seek answers out of curiosity. And believe it or not, some answers here, I'm sure, has saddened some shy members who have personal relationship with God. Yeah, of course, I remember, there's a freedom of speech. My take is that, a true Atheist will not even entertain this "God and about the creation's misery relating to him." Atheism is the lack of knowledge of or existence of God. Therefore, any argument that relates back to God is considered invalid to the point of view of the atheist. It's like asking the atheist, "do you believe that God exists or what do you want to ask God?" And the true Atheist should say, "what God?" Full stop. That's it. If you challenge the existence of God and what's happening with his creation; if you are the doubting Thomas, then the right term would be that you are an agnostic.