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  1. All the time? My goodness! That's stressful! It's not a one size that fits all. Some married women who came out to their husbands are much stronger than the others. Everything is relative. We all have different personalities, beliefs, marital situations; different kind of husband. I think the idea is to make your husband feel that you as his wife understands him too as he still tries to understand and accept you. Some husbands talk to their mates and ask advice. Some don't; they take refuge in what google has to say. More often than not, they receive wrong advice or perceive a situation that doesn't even exist in his wife's mind. That's why communication between the couple is a must. For me, there's a shared responsibility in checking each other's emotional state. It works for me.
  2. I had a very interesting convo with my husband this morning and I'd like to share what he thinks that we should do after telling our husbands our desire to be in a relationship with woman or even just to explore. He said, "the wife has to check how his husband is coping about her sexuality and her want to explore this part of her. It's not just telling him what she wants and leave him to deal with it. She has to help him to cope with it through constant communication (like what we're doing). She has to make sure that there are no miscommunication. It's not easy for me, but I also need help from my wife to reassure me. There's no certainty but at least I am not left alone to deal with it." We all have different husbands and your husband may not be as open-minded as mine. However, I thought it'd be useful for anyone to have an idea knowing my husband's point of view based in his own experience.
  3. A couple of years ago, I told my husband that I wanted to have a romantic relationship with a woman. He asked me if I was asking him a permission to cheat in our marriage. I said "no. It's not cheating. Cheating is with lies and deceit. Am I lying to you? Am I deceiving you? I don't want to end up tormented and depressed for the rest of my life pretending who I am not. I am sharing this part of me with you. We are talking." He replied, "isn't this being unfaithful?" I replied, "do you feel me being unfaithful as I come truthful to you?" Our discussion went on and on. It's mostly, checking what we really felt with each other, No malign words. He's very respectful, polite although his confusion sometimes led him to question if I still wanted him as a husband and partner in life.
  4. May I mention here that a lot of other languages are gender neutral. I suppose when one thinks and speaks in English then that's when it becomes tricky.
  5. Early this evening, she pulled the swivel chair I was sitting on saying, "come." She pulled me very close to her and tucked her arm underneath mine and not letting it go. I could just feel her soft body. "Problem?," I asked. She replied, "I am not flirting with you. I just want to be close to you." We did break away when a colleague called her for something. We had a good laugh at work tonight and for some reasons she'd laugh for everything that I was saying. 

  6. Oh @kairiI agree and a very eager hand/s make it even hotter!
  7. Congratulations for being brave! Telling your husband about who you are is a good start. Reassurance and communication for me are two primary key things that work for my husband. Secondary, is making sure that he's getting something in bed! LOL. I communicate with him what he only needs to know, i.e when there's a woman that I am pursuing or being serious about of having a romantic relationship. If it's only flirting, crush, a simple touch and kiss from a random encounter or even spotting a prospect, I don't tell. I've learned a lesson from the first time I told him the first woman I went out with for movie and dinner and his anxiety level went up to the ceiling. He was not ready, yet, to deal with me dating. I did not consider that even if he said that he was accepting and understanding, he was still processing everything. I had to abandon the pursuit to make him feel secured. Afterwards, we talk more about my sexuality and what I want to do with it. I gauge his readiness before I broach any new topic each time we talk.. He has become accustomed to my ease of conversing with him about it. He has realised that I'm really up for it and it's a just a matter of time and chance that I'm going to have a relationship with a woman. We talked about expectations, boundaries and compromises, not in full detail but just enough to touch the subject matter to give him a picture of how I am going to handle the situation. Knowing my husband, if he sees in me that I am not sure in what I'm doing (why do I want to do it, how to handle a situation when certain crisis arises) and I cannot answer some of his challenging questions, then he loses confidence and usually tells me to re-think things and don't go for it. It makes sense, doesn't it? So far, I've convinced him that I am full of sense, too. LOL! Reassurance. To reassure your husband about your commitment with him and the family is a must ONLY if this is what you really feel doing. You cannot reassure a man completely if a part of you is not certain about your feelings for him. Do you still love him as a man and wife? Are you still attracted to him in bed? Are you still happy as a wife? These are things you should ask for yourself. Be honest to yourself and if you said yes to all, without difficulty you'll be able to reassure your husband without hesitation and fear. It will be all natural coming out from you. No pressure. No extra effort to make him feel secured. Your husband will feel it if you are genuine. This is my experience and I do not speak for all women. Each person is different. . My husband, first of all, is a secured man. I'm glad for that. He acknowledged that I love him 100% and that this other part of me is nothing to do with the part of me that loves him. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm not explaining myself well. I said to him that maybe I'm 70% hetero and 30% homo. I did this because it's better to make him understand using numbers. The whole 70% of me is completely his therefore the whole of me being hetero is his. One day, he told me that he's sorry for me. He's completely happy with me as his wife and mother of his child and couldn't ask anything more. He said that I should reach my maximum potential. LOL! I don't take it as an encouragement. It's his own observation regarding my happiness. Even if my husband is giving me my freedom, I am fully aware that he's not immune to feel anxious about it. That's why it's important to check his emotional and coping level from time to time even if I'm not telling him anything yet. I haven't met the woman who's serious to have what I I haven't really told him serious stuff yet. Your sexuality is one thing. Open marriage is another. If your husband suggests to open the marriage since in his mind, you're getting extra and he's not, then you've got to really think and ask yourself why he would think that way. I asked my husband once if he wanted to open the marriage because of the same sentiment, but he said that it's only me he wanted, that he didn't have a reason to look for another. I hope this helps a bit. All the best!
  8. I very much agree! The question now is does he recognise that he's not treating others well? Does he resent it? Does he do something not to do it again? If he doesn't and he thinks in a way that "well, I have this in me, either you take it or leave it." then maybe you need to do more reflections about what you want to do with your relationship with him. Having a relationship with someone who has issues (illness, trauma, emotional baggage etc.) can be daunting but it's not doomed. Who doesn't have issues? The key is recognition and doing something about it. He must be able to realise that there's something wrong in his actions and behaviours in order to take actions, either to prevent things from happening or to mitigate the consequence. I hope you'll be able to sort things out.
  9. Thank you. And I'm sorry for your bad experience. It's hard to do it actually but my concern for her own sake took over and that motivated me to put a stop on what she's doing to me. It's a bit awkward and a bit uneasy nowadays especially that we are working together. I can feel her looking at me sometimes and probably controlling herself to begin flirting again. I distant myself physically and digitally as much as possible. Yesterday, she gestured of giving me a hug with her open arms which I declined to reciprocate. She playfully tried blocking my way as I walked toward her direction. She's still trying to get my attention by the look of things. I'm not very much attracted to her but she got my attention when I first saw her many months ago, which means that I find her attractive. There's a power play going on and I hate it so much! I'm thankful that at least I have taken the control back on my side this time but I admit that it's not easy to play cool. I am hopeful that things will ease out in due time.
  10. Of course, it's always a maybe You re too groovy!
  11. Hahaha! Never interpret "no" until the woman says "no." C'mon!
  12. Ahh @shazza21 you rock darling! Lol!
  13. Love your humour! The punctuations made me laugh. Anyway, me, too I didn't see this thread before. Maybe I did but I'm more into legs that's why.
  14. Same here. Phone sex with women is the best for me. I'm not into sexting or sending sexy videos. I've done cyber chatting with strangers in my younger years. It doesn't appeal to me anymore. I feel more connection if I hear her voice. I love to hear her heavy breathing, her moan, her calling my name and her in-between swearing in the beginning of the convo because she's getting turned on.
  15. shybi

    I'm curious too.