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  1. It’s beautiful @kairi. Whether it loses its translation or not, you’ve given us, the reader, an inspiring and truthful translation that your heart and mind could bring it into. Thank you. -Blue-
  2. Exactly! I suggest to steer away from 50 shades of grey in regards with truly understanding the d/s dynamic. One thing, if the dom and sub found each other and clicked like a perfect fitting puzzle, it could lead to a beautiful deep relationship that outsiders might not be able to understand.
  3. I bet @kairi has got the better one so....Carry on!
  4. You said “growing up.” I was thinking more of cuddling and holding hands with girls (like teenage years and maybe up to early 20s) not adult women. In some cultures especially Asians, this is completely natural. In fact, you see them everywhere if you’re living in their country. That’s how they treat each other and don’t mean anything romantic or sexual.
  5. "To break and be able to grow together again in a better way: that is the difficult art."

                                                                              - Asger Jorn -

  6. I say, that's the most logical and appropriate to do for now. You've got to be very careful that you are not getting so swept in to the NRE (New relationship energy). Don't overthink. Enjoy each moment. Goodluck.
  7. Ice cream for me here. I think it's gonna get hot.
  8. @sasha420 Thank you for sharing your story. I am moved by this. A lot of us (the married women or in an exclusive heterosexual relationship) thought here, "if only I were single then it'd be easier to find love with a woman..." Obviously, it's not that simple. And by reading your story, something struck me. I had never thought about this but I probably gave up on women and focused on dating men after my relationship with my GF fell apart. I always thought that there were no women in the picture that's why I dated men instead. But, probably I developed a defense mechanism. I didn't bother to find another woman to date. I focused on the heterosexual attraction instead of being open to possibility of any gender. I might had unconsciously blocked my attraction on women because of seeing the relationship as merely futile. It was blocked and buried for quite some time but came back after many years when it was triggered. . What a speculative thought this is! I can relate a lot in your story. As what @Femme Lusting said, "stay true to yourself, and don't opt for a man because it's easier." Another thing is, let go. If my theory about what I had gone through was correct, then, it must be because I didn't manage well to let go of my hurt feelings. I was only fortunate that even if I didn't end up with a woman, I ended with a wonderful man who I truly have a connection with. But...maybe if I had learnt to let go and be mindful of my attraction with women, then, I don't know, maybe I ended up with a woman. Again, thank you for your post. I hope that you find love and happiness in the end. Stay strong. Take care.
  9. Oh dear! I must say that you had a close call in this. Who would have known? But, yes, dating site’s tricky or should I say there’s always one like that anywhere, online or not. I have a strict rule for myself in my online interaction: never combine FB with women (potential date or new bi friend). I rarely go to my FB nowadays and I stopped accepting Friends request. I understand that this is very terrifying for you. Rest for a bit. Take your time and maybe come back again to dating sites when you’re more comfortable and less anxious. Sending positive vibes.
  10. Absolutely! I cannot forget the time when a song brought a deluge of happiness to me like what one felt when they’re adolescents. I was driving to work when the radio played an 80’s song that brought a flashback. I was driving and there, that moment I saw my 12 year old self having her first dance with this sweet, cute boy with a very nice brown complexion and dimples on his face whenever he smiled. I remembered my pink skirt, his shirt and his hair. The innocence. I love it. It was two years ago when this recollection happened. Because of this, I have learned what song to listen to every time I want to consciously extract a happy memory from the past that’s associated with the song.
  11. Sounds pretty normal to me. But, drama is inevitable. There will be drama at some point. No matter what.
  12. @Rani Your fantasy isn't weird at all. I'm sure there are married women who will bite this enticement because that's what they fantasise as well. Maybe not as much as having the element of forbidden fruit and being found out to be the driving force. When you're in your 20s and single, the "we want what we can't have" can be hot and mind blowing but more unlikely to attract you when you're married and juggling 3 or 4 things in your life including bisexuality. Most bi-married women want a genuine girlfriend or a reliable sex buddy. If you can be either of the two, then, maybe you're the dream woman they're waiting for.
  13. Cute, I feel your grip in this. Envy is a strong negative emotion but like other emotions, it can either destruct you or motivate you. I hope that you'll find yourself the motivation rather than resentment in the complexity of life. Continue taking baby steps even if it feels forever. If you need to head outdoors ALONE to let go of your thoughts, to scream it out, I suggest that you do it. Sending you positive vibes.