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  1. Yeah, but they are too absorbed with the kiddies and I wonder if they can be aware that mums like me check them out. What's your experience @tnmom? Have you ever had a slightest idea, like, maybe an instinct when particular mum looks or talks to you?
  2. I'm intrigued. For some reasons I think you are not a headwrecker (as what the OP describes here) BUT you certainly are not for a faint-hearted. Quite right?
  3. I am no adrenaline junkie but sometimes it appeals to me to do something extraordinary that scares the shit out of me. I did bungee jumping not long ago and so glad that I did it. I cannot describe well enough the momentary peace and immense calmness I experienced at some point when I was free falling. Only a jumper could probably relate to what I am trying to explain. I also did abseiling and I couldn’t get enough of it. If I don’t chicken out, I will paraglide this year. How about you? What have you done or would like to do if given a chance?
  4. I googled Mt Lassen. That’s awesome @BiTriMama. What’s more wonderful is that your GF was into it, too. I love tramping and hiking. Give me a woman (not straight please) who’s into this and I’d be all over her. I haven’t done any of the Great Walks Of NZ (South Island usually) but has done a lot of day hikes in North island. Skydiving is a wow thing for a lot of people. I only do some extreme sports that I really like to experience and skydiving doesn’t give me that excited feeling so I am not doing it even if hubby recommends it. Kayaking is fun, too. I do kayak with my hubby in the sea but I only do it when the weather forecasts no to very light wind as it’s too tiring for me to paddle back into headwinds even in a gentle breeze. Like you, I haven’t done the rapids and you’ve got to have the skills to do that. I enjoy white water rafting, though. You do ski, surf and backpack? Very lucky GF!
  5. Hey @Stitchingtakestoolong I love it! Did you draw it?
  6. Hope is the thing with feathers BY EMILY DICKINSON Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all And sweetest in the gale is heard And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many warm I’ve heard it in the chillest land And on the strangest sea Yet never in extremity, It asked a crumb of me.
  7. If I meet him, I'll ask him to play chess with me. I really hope so that he will give me a good game. I'd rather enjoy my time than stress the remaining neurons in my head asking questions about life, suffering, misery, pain, etc. TO BE HONEST, the OP threw a question that in the first place should have been answered more carefully. IT'S A TRAP! There's an ill intention there if you take a look at the "PS." For me, the post tends to provoke people rather than to seek answers out of curiosity. And believe it or not, some answers here, I'm sure, has saddened some shy members who have personal relationship with God. Yeah, of course, I remember, there's a freedom of speech. My take is that, a true Atheist will not even entertain this "God and about the creation's misery relating to him." Atheism is the lack of knowledge of or existence of God. Therefore, any argument that relates back to God is considered invalid to the point of view of the atheist. It's like asking the atheist, "do you believe that God exists or what do you want to ask God?" And the true Atheist should say, "what God?" Full stop. That's it. If you challenge the existence of God and what's happening with his creation; if you are the doubting Thomas, then the right term would be that you are an agnostic.
  8. Wow! Your dad's fun! I had a strong bond with my father and reading your post reminds me of the good old days with him. Thank you for sharing this.
  9. “It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.” 

    — Nicholas Sparks —

  10. @Punk Maneuverability The Unicorn. I believe that your ideal unicorn exists. Based on the attributes she possesses, she’s the embodiment of the woman who you may want to wake up each morning. She is not perfect (see? you're realistic about your expectation), but, her strong positive qualities can override little tantrums that she might throw at you. Yes, she gives you peace and calmness that you never had. She is all you need. She is all you think who’d fulfil your needs. The Headwrecker. Yes, she’s the mysterious woman with dark story to tell. She keeps you guessing what’s in her mind. That’s her allure. You are her guest, who cannot come in. She doesn’t need you heart, so, never interpret that she wants your love. She only wants your time, energy, lust and desire for her. She only wants you to reciprocate what she can give you. Nothing more. Nothing less. You cannot make her feel loved. You may try your luck to change things for her, perhaps, to KEEP HER SAFE. You find out how vulnerable she is. No one can change what she sees in the world or how she sees it. For she is broken, and only the shield she created to keep her safe is the only thing that can make her feel safe. She is not to be conquered. She CHOOSES to surrender by her own will rather than be conquered. The former is a sign of strength that she only does when the time is ripe. The latter is for the weak. When? Nobody knows when. Even she doesn’t know but what she knows is that she’s here to live her life as long as she can. She thinks about “love” sometimes, but she’s too afraid to open up. Until she does let others to come in, she’ll never be able to surrender. For when she surrenders, she gives everything that she’s got: her heart, body and soul. So, you see, if you find a Headwrecker, take it easy. Easy on your heart. Sometimes, she only wants to hear how you laugh. Or to seduce her in her mind. Or to ignore her or show her that you can resist her charm even one day. She seems to be reckless but, really, she’s just lost. Inside, she’s a fragile little caterpillar. It’s her journey and believe me she usually gets through it in due time. Do you think all unicorns are born unicorns? Nah. Once upon a time, some of them, well, they were Headwreckers.
  11. There is a whole truth that "sex" topics in the site has proliferated recently. Some of the dead threads have come back to life and believe it or not it's because there are always a number of people who are interested to know and seek a legitimate answer. Yes, some are very explicit in details. Yes, some people have no reservations about telling a piece of their private lives in a public forum. SO, BLOODY WHAT? A lot of women here WILL NOT EVER DARE to talk about what’s in their mind with their friends, with their husbands, with their siblings, or with anyone...because they can’t for the fear of being misunderstood, shame, prejudice, societal differences, personal biases and surrounded by bloody holier-than-thou people around them. This site is created to be a safe haven for everyone. When I joined the site last year, it was full of “meaningful” discussions everywhere. What is meaningful for me may not be meaningful for others. What is meaningful for me? Anything that I can relate to because it serves certain purpose to me, or piqued my interest or passion, or something I perceived as valid in my life. Since joining, I have learned a lot about my sexuality, life itself, sex and other hardcore (as interpreted by my innocent thinking mind) stuff. I’ve been actively visiting the site and like many things in the world, the conversations in an online forum like Shybi has its ebb and flow. This pattern is dependent on many factors: how many members are in a problematic or particular situations that post to seek advice, number of postings created by members who are searching for answers or advice; and the high influence of the subsequent responses of the members to the post that makes it more relevant and interesting. In my observation since last year, many members who were actively contributing to the forums (seeking advice and/or giving advice) had ceased to be around for some reasons and I do believe that it’s due to life priorities. Other members, however, are just happy to look around quietly here. For whatever reason, sometimes,they decide to pop their thinking head out of their cave and join the conversation. That is fine. I could go on and go on but I’m tired now and I have to work tomorrow. So, I will rest my case here. Something to ponder... “We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path.” -- Paulo Coelho

    If I can stop one heart from breaking,
    I shall not live in vain
    If I can ease one life the aching,
    Or cool one pain,

    Or help one fainting robin
    Unto his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.

    --- Emily Dickinson ---

  13. I wonder about this too. I met a woman in the meetup who thought she was asexual for a long period of time until she met her male partner in her late 20s. He’s the only man she’s ever got sexually attracted to. Then a twist happened when she hit 30 as she developed romantic and sexual attraction on women.
  14. There are two kinds of women who may develop this kind of fantasy: those who had traumatic experience in the past (I'm not generalising here; I know two women personally who have developed it but not acted it), and those who have at least very strong submissive tendencies regardless if they are masochistic or not. I'll talk about the latter one. Every sexual fantasy has an inherent element in it which certain individuals find it very desirable, if not a need for. I can see that rape fantasy can be very stimulating to women who wants to be subdued. Primal? The elements of intense desirability, raw pleasure, openness, coercion and surrender are things that stimulate certain women. No, they don't want to be raped like "rape with humiliation, against their will and violated." What they want is what is in the act itself. They want it to be done with someone who they can at least trust and feel safe with (physically and emotionally). And the ultimate satisfaction of the fantasy is knowing that "you want to do this to me as much as I want you to do this to me." Connection matters. True. It's just a tip of the iceberg.
  15. ***Known as one of the weird job interview questions.*** I thought this could be a fun way to see shys true colour (yes, I am singing this..) . I always like red. Deep inside I am red. Mysterious and intense. I also feel I am green. It’s cool, just right to bring harmony and calmness from within. How about you?
  16. I wonder if this was his initial reaction when you talked to him. It may be his initial reaction but may change over time. How many times did you two talk? How did you feel about what he said? You cannot turn it off but you can keep your desires under control. Be mindful that repressed feelings could cause psychological harm depending on the coping mechanism or the state of mind of an individual. Ask your husband how you can switch it off since it’s his idea.
  17. I'm really moved by your story. Thank you for sharing it. I agree with @Ona . She was trying to manipulate the situation so she could keep you on her own terms. It is on your plus side that it ended but it's very sad that it happened in a very perturbed way. Had the relationship lasted a little longer, it could have brought more heartaches to you because of lies and deceits. Consider it a close call. It was one of my evening walks when I asked the universe to guide me. Although I was over the moon, I was slightly confused with the kind of relationship this certain woman and I had. I had so many questions. It didn't take a while. The universe, then, acted the way it did. I couldn't agree more. We live and learn. We love and learn.
  18. Ahh mate but you’ve known that this was way overdue and just a matter of time when you’re going to switch it off. At least you knew that the storm’s coming.
  19. Ahh online relationship. This bloody thing. It has expiration date, mate. What is disconcerting is to be oblivious on what’s going on. She’s facing the blue sky, sunshine ahead of her when she should have at least looked over her shoulder so she gets a glimpse. Glimpse of the imminent heavy rain looming behind that shitty dark clouds on her way back home. That’s it? Yes, THAT’S it.
  20. Mate, I totally get you in some of your thoughts. Although I enjoy a bit of porn and literotica from time to time, these works have to be presented in a certain way that I can fully appreciate. What can make me breathless is subtle eroticism. That! The tv programs that you mentioned, I can't get it as well so I don't watch them. But I'm curious why "sex on the tv makes you so uncomfortable?" Perhaps you don't have answer for that now and that's why you are throwing the question here. However, in the end, by deeply digging in your inner self, maybe you'll find the answer eventually. Hmm, I'm interestingly curious. Punk, If I may ask, is this connection more often happening like "seduce my mind" sort of thing for you?
  21. I've been trying to do slight minimalism in my life so I think I can live in a tiny house. I am not a tall person so yeah, I can live with that. I like having good sized garden, though.
  22. There are always loopholes in each form of government and because I am pretty comfortable where I am right now, my vote goes to Liberalism. Although on the Nolan chart, I am leaning to Libertarian. I'm confused with that. Hey Punk, I'm excited to the next level of this. Keep it coming.
  23. Welcome @Rainbow76 We are a bunch of awesomeness here so enjoy!
  24. "It's the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important."   

    ---  Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  25. Hi @Sukeybaby. You found the right place here in shyland. Remember to read how this forum works and enjoy!