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  1. For 46 % you are: You are Lesbian. Profile AYou could also get this result:For 38 % you are: You are Bisexual. Profile BOr even this one:For 15 % you are: You are Straight. Profile C Or even this one:For 0 % you are: You are Bi-Curious. Profile D I'm hella lesbian. lol
  2. I know. I've met a straight girl (never told her about my feelings) and I've made my best to keep our friendship, something that sometimes I wonder if men are capable of. They're far more persistent with me than I am with girls. They should learn to respect someone else's feelings with queer women.
  3. I try to be okay with their flirting, but yeah, some of them showed signs of attraction later and I felt betrayed. By the way, I can flirt as a joke, just not as a person that seriously plan on doing any kind of sexual activity with the guy.
  4. I'm bisexual and it's really the best word to describe my sexual feelings. I could go with the homoromantic bisexual or just lesbian labels, but I'd have to explain it for way too many people. Of course, not everyone believes in my bisexuality or acknowledge that my desires don't reflect who I want to date, but still, many people will know what the word bisexual means even if they happen to put too many stereotypes to the word.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that too. I try to avoid men that appear to be too flirty, but even the "normal" ones do that at some point.
  6. There's nothing wrong with me then, I guess. I'll try to remember that whenever one of them say they love me or show this in a less straightforward way. By the way, I know how it feels like to have this kind of relationship with a woman, I just have a hard time dealing with it in a male-female scenario.
  7. So, I've been making friendships with some people (mostly on the internet, but out of it too) and I noticed that most guys that I end up by befriending end up by falling for me/expressing sexual or romantic desires for me. I've been really angry with myself thanks to that, only now am I beginning to accept it as normal. Right now, I just really don't know how to handle it. I know how to tell someone else that I'm not interested and stopped any interactions with the ones that insisted, yet I'm mostly bothered by the feeling of guilt/shame/self hatred that I get whenever this happens. Do you get this kind of problem? How could I take care of it? Advice?
  8. Hello there. I have a question about something that's been bothering me. I do feel some sexual and aesthetic attraction to guys, but I never felt romantic attraction or enough attraction to engage in sexual activity with men. I've made many male friends and met many guys in the past. Most of them end up by feeling attraction to me and want to be my boyfriends or to just fool around. I was often left confused about wanting to do it or not. I often felt pity and wanted to make them not feel so bad by my lack of interest, but the idea of going further doesn't sound very appealing to me. Is it a normal thing for bisexual girls? Some of them were really nice guys. I just didn't feel very comfortable with their feelings for me.
  9. Thanks a lot for everyone that gave an answer. I took my time to read every single post carefully, but I'm too lazy to give an response to each one. It helped me feel a little better and to understand that this issue is something that many bisexual people appears to go through or maybe even other LGBT people. I'm far from being okay with my own sexuality, but at least I can recognize the problem and feel a little better about this issue. I might give better answers another day. I just need more time. Good day!
  10. I was 12, I guess. I still masturbate everyday and I almost always get an orgasm.
  11. I noticed that for the past few years I've been struggling heavily with being comfortable with my bisexuality specifically because of my sexual attraction to men. I'm often afraid of people thinking that I don't love women enough to want meaningful same sex relationships, but I just can't make believe that I'm a lesbian forever in my mind, It's got to the point I never let myself have crushes on men or fall in love with them. I have zero experience with males and lack romantic feelings towards the guys. Yet, I know that I'm bisexual or that's what I believe in, at least. Have any of you other ladies gone through this or are you usually more comfortable with the opposite sex? Or maybe you just don't really care?
  12. Now that's something I need to check out.
  13. I'd probably read the book without much thought. I'm very skeptical about a book's ability to predict someone else's future and even if it did, I might not freak out unless it's something really bad. The reason for me to not believe that's even possible is the fact that as soon as I ended up by reading it, I could end up by making life choices that would completelly change the path I was supposed to take. Let's get one example: If the story on the book showed that I was going to get pregnant of my husband and I really wanted that to happen, but I decided to just not have unprotected sex with any men until I died. The only ways for this child to exist would be if an accident happened between me and my partner or I got raped. Even if I got pregnant, it happened because of different circumstances than the one that was written on the book, so maybe I lost my free will, yet things didn't really happen the way it was supposed to happen and I could easily say that was a coincidence. Alright, let's say that every single thing happened exactly how it was predicted by the book. Then, well, I'd just live my life, I guess? At the time, I might think that I won't do any of what I read, but the circumstances I get in make me take those same decisions that the book stated. I could get disturbed because of that for awhile and then just forget about it. I don't know, I just don't think my life would change if I read the book or not. If I read the book, I'd know what was about to happen and might or not try to change that, yet that'd probably be useless. If I didn't then, the story of my life would still be there anyway. Honestly, it's very hard for me to imagine such thing. I can think of many scenarios about what could happen if I decided to read the book and this curiosity would probably be what made me read it. Now, how my life would be after this I can't predict. It'd depend on what was in the book.
  14. Am I the only one that preffers straight porn? Even then, my favorite ones are focused on getting pleasure to the woman. Cumshots, gangbang and anything that focus mostly on men turn me off unless it's oral on the male. I can enjoy lesbian porn, but ever since I became comfortable on my attraction to females, it lost it's taboo effects. I still enjoy, especially if there's nipple play and oral. Gay porn never aroused me. I actually can get turned off by it. Too much dick! I noticed that porn that features women with dicks and men with vaginas can turn me on too. Really... I just need to see vaginas and boobs being pleasured to be happy.
  15. I'm bisexual and I've identified that way for a long time and if I knew about bisexuality when I was a kid, I'd probably use this label for myself. Yet, there's something that makes me question sometimes. I'm talking about prefferences. There was a time back in the past that I couldn't imagine myself with a boyfriend and had just fallen hard in love for a girl my age. Years passed by and I noticed that my attraction towards men became stronger than the one that I have for the females. It doesn't mean that I stopped feeling anything for women, it's just not as frequent. I'm very often getting sexual fantasies for men to the point that the ones that I get for women barely help me now. Do you get this sexual fluidity? Is this a normal thing for bisexual people?