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  1. It's raining, it's pouring. The old man is snoring... Watching the rain from hurricane Irma dumping outside.
  2. I have a running skirt and running shorts with the built in underwear and no help. Yoga pants give the same result. I am going to look into the lidocaine as an option. Who would have thought that I would be trying to curtail an orgasm!
  3. I am in North Georgia and they have cancelled school Monday and Tuesday as a precaution. They are predicting high winds and rain and possible tornadoes. Fortunately we have a couple of "mountains" in our town which usually breaks up the wind currents. I think the biggest concern is losing power lines. Fingers crossed as the winds are starting to pick up already.
  4. I need a really hot makout session now! Love these pictures!
  5. I have my annual coming up, maybe I will talk to my dr about it. Thanks!
  6. I have tried masturbating before and it has not helped. I have even tried to do other friction/jumping related exercises that bring them on like jumping jacks, box jumps, jumping rope, etc and no matter how many times I orgasm with those I still have an interrupted run. I am at a loss. I know some women think this is a great problem to have but I just started training for a half marathon in a couple of months and I dread the running portion of my workouts.
  7. Okay ladies...how many runners are there that experience an orgasm while running? This has always been a issue for me and it seems to be getting worse. It wasn't so bad when I was running by myself but now I am running in a group and it is becoming a problem. I get completely distracted, obviously, I have to slow down and then I get what I am sure is a guilty look on my face and break out in a sweat. I have been asked several times if I am okay and I play it off as my knee is hurting and stop to "stretch it out". Anatomically everything is nice and neat and tucked inside so it's not like I have additional friction because my labia, clitoris, etc., falls below my lips. It is completely disruptive and actually a nuisance. It is guaranteed to happen in the first mile and many times it happens multiple times in 3 miles. Any suggestions? I know lots will say "go with it" but seriously it makes running with others extremely uncomfortable.
  8. So true! I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 6 years ago and not only was it physically debilitating but mentally it wrecked me! Prior to my diagnosis I was running 3 miles a day which was a wonderful mental escape. After my diagnosis my dr told me I needed to get the symptoms under control which meant no more running not to mention my body was fatigued and hurt. It took 4 years to get my body back to a normalized state and really almost another 2 to get my mind back. Now, I hit the gym hard 3 days a week with a trainer and I am running again. Not only have the physical changes been good but my mental health is so much better! I forgot who the fun loving person in my mirror was.... Good luck to all of you that struggle with mental and or physical conditions. It's a hard road but you have to find a way to make your life the best it can be. Be the best you!
  9. I always dated older men and ended up marrying the youngest man I had dated since high school. He is 5 years older than me. Now that I am older, almost 50 I realize it is the game playing that always kept me from dating my age or younger. Not that age defines you but I want someone in my life that is confident and secure with who they are. It is important to me that my partners in life be honest with who they are and what their goals in life are. I guess age is just a number but character and confidence is everything.
  10. I am finding that I am becoming more and more of a girly girl. I like make up but not a lot and I love lip gloss. More importantly I love women that smell good. No cheap perfume but something light and fresh.
  11. Flesh light....apparently I missed this conversation! I just had to look it up on Urban Dictionary. Apparently I only search for female sex toys. ;)
  12. I was in my mid 20's and it wasn't necessarily me that acknowledged it as it was my husband after I was approached at a bar. After my first encounter it was easy to accept as it seemed natural.
  13. Odd...I was born with fire engine red hair which changes to a brown with red highlights as a toddler. When I was pregnant with my boys my hair turned a copper color and what pubic hair I had at the time turned fire engine red. Now I am back to brown with red highlights when it is not colored. Although no matter what color I color my hair my highlights always stay.
  14. I just got home from my workout, stripped down, sitting on the edge of my tub trying to find the energy to get in the shower. Today's workout was a bitch!