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  1. I always keep my wedding ring on whether she is single or married. Taking my ring off would not change my status and may give the idea that I might be open to making a change. I would not enter into a relationship without her understanding that I am happily married. That might be why I am drawn to other married women more so than single women.
  2. I am definitely bi and have been for years. I find both men and women attractive but for completely different reasons. I am attracted to women for their sensuality, beauty, and emotional connection. Men I find more animalistic, raw, rip my clothes off. I am finding that although I don't necessarily have "a type", I have always been with more girly, feminine women than a masculine woman.
  3. Today giving but yesterday definitely receiving.
  4. A double sided dildo. Watch my husband with another woman of my choosing. Go to a swingers club on girls night
  5. Thought I would pop over and say Hey!

    1. kairi


      you thought well :P:)


  6. Working out this morning and having the best workout! My arms feel like noodles but I lifted more today and I am seeing progress!!! Woohoo!!!
  7. Spot on. For the past 6 months or so I can't get enough and there are days that I will devote a good couple of hours to myself when my kids and husband are gone.
  8. This is a side of me that I choose to keep from those that I know and really only to protect my children in this small little conservative town that I live in. Although when I was getting my hair cut I was talking to my stylist and we had a full conversation about older women being not being fully satisfied and finding alternative ways of fulfilling their needs. I am pretty sure she had a pretty clear understanding that I am bi.
  9. In my opinion if you are wearing a low cut shirt and hanging them all out there, you wouldn't be doing it if you didn't want the looks...I don't stare but I will look and then smile at her. 9 out of 10 times I get a warm smile back.
  10. Laying in bed naked trying to start my day. Kids are at school and hubby is at work....I could lay here all day....
  11. This rain that doesn't want to stop....wet dog feet, wet paper, damp mail, boys in the house, grass growing so fast I think I can see it grow.....make it stop!!!!
  12. I don't mind them on other people but for me no. I can't commit to furniture....how the heck would I be able to live with a tattoo forever?!
  13. Exhausting today! Give me strength!!!!
  14. When I was a child I dreamed of being a Rockette. Sadly I am only 5'4" so my inseam is not long enough.
  15. My husband also feels the same fear as your husband but for each woman I have seen it has been a slightly different. The first one he was completely turned on with the thought and when I got home each time he would ask a million questions and then he had this realization that emotionally and physically it was different for me and it was something he would never fully understand. It scared him...a lot. I assured him that it didn't make me love him any less and I had no intention of leaving him. I tried explaining that I am bisexual and not a lesbian. I still love our intimate time and that is something that she could never give me. He was relieved when we stopped seeing each other. The second one he immediately felt threatened and I told him I would end it. We had a physical connection only but he still struggled. After a couple of years he brought it up while we were watching g/g porn and he could tell by my body language that I missed being with a woman and he told me that he would work through his insecurities. I made sure to satisfy every sexual urge he had and it was better but again her and I only had a physical connection and we were only together about 6 months. This time it was hard on me because every time we had sex he wanted to talk about a threesome which we did not do but might as well have because she was mentally in our bed. So now I am possibly embarking on a new relationship again and I am choosing to go this one alone. I don't know I will actually keep it from him but her and her husband were active swingers at one time but have left that world. She is wanting FWB which is what I think I am looking for this time. We have been communicating over the past two months just getting to know each other before we meet face to face. I agree that each marriage is different and honestly each one of my gf's were different. I think you need to find a balance between all 3 or potentially 4 of you. What works once may not work the second time. Good luck and I hope you are able to find a balance.