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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi!  I have been off line for awhile and I hope things are well with you.

  2. I have been offline for several months and have missed reading your comments and thoughts. Girl you sure do intrigue me.

    1. BenedettaC


      @Leigh1968 - I consider that a lovely compliment... Thank you!

  3. I love Catan! We also play Ticket to Ride, Rumikub and Risk with our boys. I like strategy and thinking games especially when I get outsmarted by my 10 year old who is already researching which law school he plans on going to.
  4. Yes! We spent about a year dating, attending community events, art museum, zoo, socialite dinners, grand openings etc. Always ending in amazing makeout sessions and touching but never anything more. Not sure if it was him or me or just our surroundings but never going too far. He was 16 years older than me and you know how they say you have one true love? Well, that was/is him. He had a friend suffering from brain cancer in New York and was planning a 4 day trip and asked if I would come along. We had 4 amazing days but the sex as much as I think we had both built it up was awkward for lack of a better word. We tried...lord knows we tried but it just never got better than just okay. After New York we still did the Denver social scene and went back to the amazing steamy make out sessions. Fast forward almost 15 years and I sought him out. He got married but was at a crossroads. My husband and I were separated and I was in Denver for work so we had lunch. He brought his journals that he would write in when we were seeing each other and let me read a few pages he had selected. He said after I moved to California he stopped writing. (I think had I really known how much he cared and truly worshiped me I would have never left.) Long story short we ended up on a park bench “reconnecting” again and oh those lips I had missed. We decided we would give it one more shot and 15 years later we were able to have absolutely mind blowing sex. Too bad it was at this point in life... My husband and I ended resolving things months later and giving it another go. Him and his wife battled things out for several years until her drinking became abusive and they have since divorced. We still keep in touch but I know I can not see him. It’s not that I do t trust him, it is me that I would not be able to trust. I think for me our emotions just ran too deep and the expectation was so high that we could have never had amazing sex. Once the expectation was not there and we were able to just throw caution to the wind and seriously rip each others clothes off we were both able to just relax.
  5. @kairi Thanks! I feel like I am putting on my “winter coat”. Ugh!!!
  6. I have done it all, shave, wax and laser. I prefer laser although it is costly. Not sure where you live but I recommend finding a groupon which definitely cuts down on the cost. I still need to do an occasional maintenance but it is so worth it!!!
  7. After I had my boys I started the “cabbage soup” diet to jumpstart my weight loss. My boys are 10 & almost 12 and I still make a pot of soup every week. I put whatever veggies are in season. Mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, green beans, corn, squash, zucchini, peppers red, green, yellow, onions, garlic and jalapeños for seasoning. I use beef stock usually and sometimes will throw in some beef brisket because I am not vegetarian and now I use it more as something to fill me up whether it be, lunch, breakfast or snack. I found eating this 5-6 days a week and then preparing a normal dinner and enjoying it with my family worked best for me. I don’t have to count carbs this way as my primary carb load is with dinner and usually looks like a potato or rice with a beer or glass of wine. Knowing that I am going to eat normal with my family and usually on the weekends has made this an easy lifestyle change. Days when I run a couple extra miles I add in a protein shake or a couple of boiled eggs to keep my body fueled. It lowered my cholesterol, glucose levels and blood pressure. All good side effects. Whatever you choose to do find something that doesn’t make you feel like you are left out or truly sacrificing as it is hard to sustain over a period of time. Good luck!
  8. @ChemFem my Dad is part owner of an oil company and he really wanted me to be a part of the company. I hate that industry.....it is not very forgiving with your time and commitment. My dad was on the fringe when I was growing up because he was always working and I knew this was not what I wanted. I wish I would have gone into the medical field but hindsight.....
  9. Hey :) we lost you from here

    how are you?

    1. Leigh1968


      My oldest child was diagnosed with a blood disorder that he should grow out of but between Dr appts and just trying to wrap my head around things I am just trying to maintain life.  How have you been?

    2. kairi


      ah i am sorry to hear this,I am good.Some days are good some bad like everyone,you know?

    3. Leigh1968


      All too well my friend!

  10. There are a lot of red flags. Please be careful. Aggressive behavior rarely dissipates and sometimes the catalyst to take it one step further is a minor innocent act. You need to seek counseling for all of you. If he is resistant please seek it for yourself.
  11. It's raining, it's pouring. The old man is snoring... Watching the rain from hurricane Irma dumping outside.
  12. I have a running skirt and running shorts with the built in underwear and no help. Yoga pants give the same result. I am going to look into the lidocaine as an option. Who would have thought that I would be trying to curtail an orgasm!
  13. I am in North Georgia and they have cancelled school Monday and Tuesday as a precaution. They are predicting high winds and rain and possible tornadoes. Fortunately we have a couple of "mountains" in our town which usually breaks up the wind currents. I think the biggest concern is losing power lines. Fingers crossed as the winds are starting to pick up already.