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  1. Age

    It’s not wrong. She’s legally old enough. If you don’t feel right about the age difference I could understand that. If not I say go for it.
  2. I love the Lion King. I watched it so many times as a kid that I can quote chunks of the movie lol

  3. It was my third time being with a woman. My first two sexual experiences were a part of a threesomes which I enjoyed but this time it was just me and the woman. In thar way it was my first I guess. I also felt more sexually confident this time around like I really knew what I was
  4. Thanks! I'll look for some of these sites. I could use new friends even if it doesn't lead to something romantic.
  5. I finally got to experiment with a lady I met at a party. We didn't have a bed or anything. We had to sneak away to private areas of the party. The semi public part of it all made it so much more exciting. We did a lot of rubbing and touching and I got to go down on her (yay!!!! I was really excited about that) I keep thinking about it. We've kept in touch since exchanging text but I haven't got to see her again but hopefully I will soon.
  6. I'm glad you met prole you enjoy on here. There are a lot of nice people. I love how people are still respectful and polite even if they disagree with one another.
  7. Now this song is stuck in my
  8. Hi! You're beautiful.  I love your profile pic! 

    1. Tpearl002


      Hey! How are you? Thank you so much! :air_kiss:

    2. Aunna


      Im great, thank you!  New to this site... still learning.. lol 

       How's your day going? 

    3. Tpearl002


      It's was kind of I'm home relaxing now so everything is good. How is your day?

      It took me a little bit to get use to the site myself. It's pretty easy to navigate once you get use to it.


  9. On my lunch break watching the Steve Harvey Show.
  10. Climbing in bed and going to sleep
  11. I've never thought about being watched while I've had sex. I've been curious to watch others have sex, not in person but in a video they made on their phone or something. The thought of watching others turns me on. Being watched sounds like it could be fun too although I think it would be awkward for me at first.
  12. Right now I'm looking for a emotional connection with sex involved. The very good friendship that spills over into sexual contact is the best way I can explain it. . Because I'm fairly new to acknowledging my bisexuality and not out yet I don't feel I'm ready for a full on relationship with a woman. I don't want to be in the closet in a relationship. I don't think it would be fair to my partner, myself and it could take a toll in the relationship.
  13. Ive played with myself in the shower using my hand or vibrator. I haven't experienced a shower head. It sounds like I need to try one out!
  14. I've recently started to grow tired of being single. I wouldn't say I hate it but it would be nice to have someone to cuddle with at night. I've just we back to dating sites the other day although I'm already starting to see why I gave up on them in the first place! I'm trying to be patient. I takes time t OK meet someone. Even when I do it never seemes to work out. I just try to focus on the posting aspects of being single.
  15. I haven't dated a woman yet. I do find younger woman attractive but fanatasize/picture myself with someone my own age (33) or close to it when it comes to women.