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  1. Thanks. I’ll read through it.
  2. I’ve noticed that a few married women on her also have girlfriends. (Disclaimer: I’m in no way judging that) My question is actually for single women. Assuming that her husband is okay with it, would you be willing to pursue a relationship with a married woman? Personally, I have a stronger romantic attraction to men. I feel like I’ll most likely end up married to a man ( assuming I get married to anyone in general). However, I would still be hesitant to date a married woman. If I did I could fall in love with her. I could want to marry her which couldn’t happen if she’s married and unwilling to leave.
  3. @blueberry Thanks! I will say the guy I’m seeing is very open. A lot of my hesitation is being built up in my own head. I also worry about telling guys in the future. I hope it works out with but it may not. Im also not officially ‘out’ as bisexual. So telling him or any guy for right now would jumpstart that process. That’s scary for me. I think you’re right. It’s best if I do share. I just have to work up a little bit of
  4. I’m doing great. I’m so happy there are women on here near I’ve met some nice women on here but they’re all so far away. I know this isn’t a site for meeting up or dating exactly. That’s not what I’m looking for. It’s just nice to not feel ‘alone’ on this site if that makes any
  5. I’m also in KY
  6. When dating men how do you ladies go about telling them about your bisexuality? Is there a time frame you go by or do you wait it sort of comes up? I’ve been thinking this is a conversation that I need to start having. Im currently seeing a guy. It could get serious. I want to share everything with him. I’ve just been going back and forth about it. I’m the past I don’t bring it up when dating. On one hand, I feel that because I haven’t had a real relationship with another woman it seems awkward to bring up. I don’t want any guy thinking I’m telling him as a way to lead to a threesome (not that I don’t enjoy them) but that’s the first thing a lot of guys go to. On the other hand, I’m starting to feel like I should talk about it when the time is right. It is a part of me. It feels like I’m would be hiding my full self If I don’t tell a guy eventually.
  7. My sexual regret is meeting a woman at a party (I actually wrote about it on this site) having a sexual encounter with her but continuing the relationship beyond that. I could have experience a real relationship with another woman although it just would have been sexual. Now I feel like I missed my chance. It’s hard to meet women.
  8. Thank you for supporting my comment. Have great day!!

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    2. Tpearl002


      I missed the flirting I really don’t meet a lot of women in my area.

    3. heidi39


      Are you in a relationship with a man? Once we are in a relationship society frowns on 'flirting'. But when you're bi you have the urge to flirt with your own sex. However, this can also be very chancey; so sites like this allow us to flirt and not get

    4. Tpearl002


      No I’m not in a relationship with a man. Well, I do have one of those complicated situations. Still single but seeing someone.

      Thats probably too much

      I appreciate being able to flirt. I’m not used to flirting with women. This is great practice.

  9. I prefer other femme women. Generally, I am more attracted to them but there have been times that I’ve found myself attracted to butch women.
  10. I have a hard time with dating sites myself. I have met two guys on POF. It didn’t work out though. Eventually I gave up on that site. It got hard to weed out the crazy/creepy/just looking for sex from the guys that actually wanted to get to know me. I set my profile to only meet women at one point but I had no luck.
  11. I haven’t tried it. I would love to though. It’s definitely on my sexual to do list.
  12. Age

    It’s not wrong. She’s legally old enough. If you don’t feel right about the age difference I could understand that. If not I say go for it.
  13. I love the Lion King. I watched it so many times as a kid that I can quote chunks of the movie lol

  14. It was my third time being with a woman. My first two sexual experiences were a part of a threesomes which I enjoyed but this time it was just me and the woman. In thar way it was my first I guess. I also felt more sexually confident this time around like I really knew what I was
  15. Thanks! I'll look for some of these sites. I could use new friends even if it doesn't lead to something romantic.