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  1. I'm craving for a women, its all I think about, its what I watch and think about when I masturbate as well I need a teacher as well
  2. A hi from across the water!  welcome

  3. Just thoughts I am confused I believed I must be bisexual, after 1 occasion, as much as women are absolutely sexy all are, I am confused.
  4. These posts are old, is anyone still game to share? 20 questions lol please go ahead, I swear I am not experienced in so much but would like to express my interests
  5. Thanks, oh my...I was 29 when it happened I'm 40 now, I have not experienced a women since
  6. Why do you wish it never happened if you don't mind me asking
  7. Nobody knows I joined this group I only just decided to acknowledge my sexuality, I want to speak freely without judgment, find someone I can have good conversation with 1st
  8. You are not alone, and I'm glad to hear from many more ladies have experienced the same I feel better in myself as confusing yet exciting as these last 2yrs have been with my libido out the roof Masturbating at least 3x a day Craving for connection More satisfying orgasms Absolutely loving lesbian porn I'm 40 now and its been settling down
  9. I haven't tried it yet I can't wait And the word "pussy" turns me on, I don't like other names used though, I get offended by the other names
  10. I'm the same I find it difficult to flirt with woman If they would only flirt with me would be amazing
  11. I knew I was different, I hadn't realized until early 20s I was in a relationship with a guy I loved and we were having children I noticed 1 girl I found breath taking, I would notice her every chance I could it was creepy I'd adore her from a distance. A few years later another girl approached me and flirted I enjoyed her attention but didn't pursue her Until I was 29 and my best friend told me she liked me more than a friend, she was my 1st and only Since her she woke up my feelings to women I became so confused, because I loved it more than I possibly could have imagined I am 40 now and single, I crave the company of a women
  12. Hi I'm new here, but also brand new to accepting my sexuality. This is the 1st time I've spoken out