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  1. Hey Ellie Welcome to shybi x
  2. Nice to see another Irish gal on here. It' deffo not easy to find like minded people here is it lol
  3. Well atleast we r all in the same boat. I too am lucky enough to have my husband' support which really does make a huge difference. Meeting a girl is the problem. It' generally people wanting threesomes which I'm not into or lesbians that don't want anything to do with me once they hear I'm bi and worse still married lol. I did manage to meet someone really nice in a similar situation to myself but it never went anywhere. Meeting people is just too hard. From reading on here it seems there are loads of us but we have no where to connect which is a shame.
  4. Hi @angel-8 how th?
  5. Ya thats the things isnt it lol
  6. No not that i have come across in Cork so maybe Dublin is abit better. I would imagine London would be alot better anyways lol
  7. Ya u can sing! Its pretty hard 2 meet ppl i find. So what u doing in london working or hols?
  8. Ahhh right...well just have 2 suck it up then hey lol
  9. Still not solved for me lol Just dont have the option to attach in pm
  10. Think its something 2 do with being a new member not being able 2 attach on pm part but can on public forum
  11. Ya i have the option to attach on this now for example but not when in pming someone it seems very strange cos she can send me a pic no problem
  12. Hi I am having PM chat with someone but for some reason the vlick to choose files option not there....anyone know is there a reason for this?
  13. Hey all Just wondering if there or many Irish gals on here?
  14. Absolutely in the same situation...finding it near impossible to find like minded gals in the same situation...which obviously from reading on here there are plenty in the same boat