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  1. Mostly flats. I wear size 11 which sometimes doesn't give you much choice for style. Also I'm a total clutz with weak joints so its just a safety issue for me. Lol
  2. Way out in the middle of nowhere under a pine tree. Needles are pokey lol. I have a friend that told me some of her place..a church an two different cemeteries.
  3. Bacon, eggs, more bacon with lots of coffee!
  4. I'm a big believer in the power of hypnosis. I've used it for pain control, relaxation, anxiety, and sleep problems. I frequently use YouTube sleep hypnosis vids. One day I ran across something totally different. Erotic hypnosis! What?!? I thought ,no way! Then I tried it. Is anyone willing to try this and say what their experience was? Mine was something almost indescribable. I don't have the link here but here's the title: Hypnosis, Hands free orgasm with Fiona Clearwater. Just put that in the search. Looking forward to your thought on the subject and any experiences with the bid that you're willing to share.
  5. I am 46 and I totally agree!! I've even been contemplating a casual fling. Why not, I'm single. Signed Horney AF lol
  6. Welcome and hello to my eastern neighbor! This is a fabulous forum that I've learned so much from. It's the one place that I feel I can share my true self. A great bunch of people. I've read so many stories on here that are very similar to your situation. Very caring and helpful group!
  7. Thank you for the recommendation! Perky and fun Dr. Doe. Tons is different subjects for absolutely everyone!
  8. At the moment at had two prospective love interests. A lady 41 who is petite with long blond hair. The other is a man who is 31 and 6'6". They couldn't be more different but each has things that attract me to them. I'd Swy I'm mostly attracted to their personalities and intellect. Physically the eyes and smiles. Who know what will happen but they both want to date me and I'm keeping myself open to whatever may come.
  9. It think this changes with time. If you were to ask me right now I'd say 80% gay 10 straight. Even ought I've been with way more men in my life my attraction favors women.
  10. Its been a good and bad week. The weekend is upon us. My health issues have improved a little so that's good. Still not 100% but I'll take what I can get. I see the gastroenterologist this after noon. Setting up a colonoscopy. My regular doc is leaning towards Crohns. That's a bummer. Not looking forward to the prep drink.nasty!! My old pup Taz passed on Tuesday from a massive stroke. He was an 18 yr old ShihTzu. The good...since I feel better I might go to trivia night and watch the Packer game. No beer or booze lol. 

    1. kairi


      I am sorry for your dog,my cat died two years ago from cancer she was 17.I am trying to decide to go for a colonoscopy too because of specific problems i have too but i can't fond the courage hahaha :P I hope i'll manage it soon because i made a promise to someone

    2. Wisleia


      Thanks! Well doc want to go in from " both ends" lol. Endoscopy and colonoscopy. Good times! Just wake me up when its time to go home.

    3. kairi
  11. That's is very friggin cool!!
  12. Yes!! I'd love to be able to that! I need very little in the way of material things to keep me happy. I would have to become independently wealthy or win the lottery to do so. One can dream. I would totally travel from sea to shining sea and Alaska. I love meeting new people and learning about the local culture and history. It was also be great to try new cuisine. If anyone needs a copilot let me know. I like driving!
  13. @BenedettaC I learned.quite a few years ago that its important to have a healthy sex life when one is dealing with chronic illness and pain. I wen through a program for chronic pain and they offered a chapter on sex in their handbook. Talked about different positions and also, the endorphins released during sex. Great fun natural pain relief!
  14. I was watching YouTube live news coverage of some of the rescues in Houston. Let me tell you a shed a few tears today. Harrowing! I have to run and let dogs out that I'm dog sitting soon. I thing I'm going to watch Mad Men on Netflix. I've watched it through before but am watching again. Christina Hendricks hubba hubba! Those curves that go on forever, and those boobs and fiery red hair!