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  1. Anytime! The beauty here just gets better in the fall. My favorite time of year. Cool nights, changing leaves and Carmel apples from the local orchard.
  2. There's nothing like someone with a smile that lights up their whole face to where even their eyes are smiling. Also when I see a lady bite her lip or lick them.
  3. This post makes me want to drive out to National forest. There's a spot that I know where a pack of wolves like to hang out. If you go at dusk sometimes you can listen to their song. Beautiful and haunting. After dark I'd just hang out and look at the stars. Truthfully I'd stay close to my car in case they are hungry lmao! I need to spend a night camping. No technology, no phone, just me sitting by the fire..
  4. Hello and welcome from northern WI! This is a great forum- very helpful!
  5. I suppose I hadn't realized that what I thought was simply deep friendship and admiration towards many women in my life was really a deep emotional and romantic connection. I didn't start to feel the sexual attraction and act on it until the past seven years since I've been single. I don't have a ton of experience with women but what I do have makes what I've felt for the men in my life pale in comparison. Its only been in the past few months that I've looked back on my life and realized that yes I really really prefer women. Everything about them! The looks of them, smell,the close emotional ties that can be made, the softness, Sigh! Looking back I think my first crush was on my 6th grade teacher. I was devastated when she moved away to another town a few years later. There have also been friends and coworkers that I now understand were crushes. Some still are but now I totally get it. A few months back the thing that brought me here was being with a very good friend after a night of wine. I was like wow! Something clicked and it made sense. Though I'm not ready to come out to select few. I've decided to try and pursue possibly having a real relationship a and date a woman. Its hard to do so living in the middle of nowhere but I make a move in a couple of months to a more metropolitan area. It feels so good just typing this. I've not told much of my story here.
  6. That sucks! I've got neuropathy in 3 of my 4 limbs. Legs from 2 separate back surgeries and right arm from a car accident that messed up my neck and shoulder. I was on pain pills for a long time then fentynyl patches This was before the second back surgery and accident.. That crap is too hard on ones system in the long term. My doc and I came up with a plan to do an inversive 16 week program with specialists who teach you how to manage pain through a bunch of alternative therapies. Quigong, gentle yoga, excersise program, psychology, hypnosis, non opioid meds, aqua exercise in heated pool, meditation pt, ot,etc etc. They gave me tools every person should have. Bless you and hope u are having a good day.
  7. Great comments! It really is all about attitude. Staying positive in the face of adversity whether it's an issue with physical or mental health, problems with dating or marriage or anything else.
  8. I'm just curious if there are any others here with chronic illness, health problems on here. What is your illness? Problems with significant others understanding? If you are single, what problems do you have dating? I have numerous things wrong. Fibro,sarcoidosis,hearing impaired,PSVT, mitral valve regurge, chronic pain syndrome, degenerative disc disease,asthma, mild copd, anxiety,depression. I'm single and am on a few dating sites. Its questions I dread...What do u do for work? Are you on painkillers? Can you have sex still? I think its scary for others and sometimes deters them from giving me a chance. I just want to say screw them! Lol I live my life to the fullest possible. I still am a sexual being. I still do a lot of things I love. I am worthy of waiting for the right person who gets me and overlooks my health issues. If you are having these or other issues going on related to your health and need to just vent, let's all help each other.
  9. I've always been attracted to men and women older than me. I'm 46 and I have always felt like I should have been born about 20 years earlier. From the people I hang with to the music I love. I'm attracted to wisdom and beauty...real inward beauty.
  10. How wonderful! I'm glad you got tot all to her and things turned out well.
  11. Haha that women could be me. At least I know someone in this world appreciates a smile and hello. As for my own preference I wear little to no makeup and I guess I'd prefer to be with someone who's similar.
  12. Off to spend a couple days with my daughter and granddaughter. I'll also be going to  local festivals there and when I'm back home Saturday night. Gonna see if I can turn on the flirting skills and see if the Gaydar is working :)

    1. Fun


      Enjoy your time,  I see we are neighbors!


    2. Wisleia


      I had a wonderful time. Spent most of the time watching the grandbaby. I left the going out stuff to the youngins lol. Got a little flirty with a beautiful blond women.. I knew that it wouldn't go beyond flirting but it was fun anyways. Are u my neighbor to the east or west? Message me sometime if you'd like to.

  13. You are not alone. I love the feeling of meeting someone new and the anticipation of just the possibilities. Oh that spark! I'm opposite when it come to watching romantic stuff. I love it no matter what.
  14. Mine in currently past my shoulders. Dark brown. I'm going to chop it off soon and change the color. Something more manageable color wise because its getting harder to keep up with coloring the grey roots.
  15. Professional photographer or maybe a lounge singer