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  1. Both but I'm finding out that I really dig giving! I'm in a fairly new relationship and I just can't help myself. She's so beautiful, but even more so when she's about to climax. The moans, the flushing or her skin, how her body reacts... I almost get off on that without her even touching me!
  2. Texting with my lady. I told her I was cold. She reminded me of the last time we were together and said, think about that,it will warm you up lol yup!!
  3. erotica

    Ohh emm gee! Great read! Ty
  4. Too many favorites to list!! Tomorrow I'm going to get my 80s rock on when I see REO Speedwagon and Styx in concert!
  5. Bravo!
  6. Happy Women's Day! Celebrate strength, indepence, and independence! I'm actually spending the day with 2 wonderful strong women friends. Shopping for house renovation stuff, then whatever else we fancy. Followed by great food. Perfect!
  7. Mmm how did I overlook this thread...it's the breast! (.) (.)
  8. @SioRan I'll bet that was amazing! I love the area where I live. I get to look out my window and see Lake Superior every day although it's frozen right now. Talking to you makes me yearn for summer and camping. I plan on getting together a group of women of all ages and backgrounds for a weekend together. I can't wait!
  9. Backpacking - north Country Trail perhaps?
  10. My partner and I keep adding things to try to the list. Sex during a thunderstorm both inside and outdoors. Edible body paints, erotic dice game, her doing a sexy dance/ striptease for me. The list keeps growing.
  11. I'm 47 and have just begun my menopause experience. Last period was December and was just some spotting. Just started again with spotting in the past few days. Also had my first hot flash in the past couple weeks. Yearly exam with doc coming up. I'm sure this will be discussed.
  12. Another snowstorm closing in on us. We shall see how accurate the forecasters are. Could be anywhere from a couple to 8+ inches. 

  13. I've been attracted to both short and tall. My gf is much shorter than I am. Makes me want to wrap my arms around her.
  14. Don't be discouraged. I have a ton wrong with me including fibromyalgia depression anxiety etc am overweight and believe me you can be found appealing. The right person will see more than what's on the outside and your illness. People are made up of so much more complex traits. Never give up!