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  1. Soo I'm laying here in bed, my partner, he has fallen asleep & I can't help but think about what it's going to be like when we meet a woman and have gotten comfortable with so we can be lying here in bed together. Hopefully she's still awake so we can talk about what an amazing day we've had laying under all of the stars on our ceiling. Omg I this has to be a fairy tale, a Dream or something UnreaL...
  2. It really is thank you @CuriouslyMarriedWoman &,thank you as well @TBD78
  3. You're awesome TxCamilla, Thank you for your good vibes!!
  4. Thank You!! And you so Right
  5. I want to meet a bi or bi curious girl in Hawaii interested in hanging out with me and my partner , adventuring around the island, hiking, walks on the beach while the sun is rising . chasing sunsets, laying under the stars and so many more beautiful things... I know, I know, it sounds like a fairy tale, but with patience & belief, I know she's out there
  6. I talked to my partner and told him I would like to bring another woman into our relationship, as in us three everyday like in the picture below. We talked about some of the pros the con's, ups, downs, sexies and the not so sexy. I love being able to communicate an expressing my feelings, wants and cravings. I think we may give it try yay
  7. :wub: she's out there :wub: