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  1. Hi, Anyone out there with pets? I have no children and 3 dogs that I love like children lol I have a corgi mix, blue Heeler mix, and a German shepard/lab mix. I tried to upload a picture but I can never seem to make it small enough to fit!
  2. I've had both but it's been a long time and I do like to feel more of an emotion connection with someone. My first ever experience was with someone who just wanted sex and it made me realize I wanted more of a connection.
  3. Logging into spotify music app and seeing demi lovatos new album cover.. she is gorgeous!
  4. I havent had the struggle with my husband but there is no one near me that ive been able to meet lately. I feel the same way that you do that being with a woman is so passionate and you cant get it out of your head. I would be sad also if my husband took it off the table for me. Hopefully things get better
  5. bicurious

    Lol you sound like me.. ive tried all these apps gotten matches and finally when I start a good converaation they disappear.. i just stopped thinking about it and said if im meant to find someone i will... there is a person out there for all of us... dont give up hope! And im picky also
  6. I feel you... i work with someone who is in their 30s and they are so rude and have such an attitude! I am nice and let if all go but lately its been too much for me. Everyone else around is curtious and chats with one another but she refuses. There is no good morning or hows your day. Its always some snide comment.
  7. Haha So my best friend was always with guys and somehow she ended up meeting and falling for a girl.. she said that it was a one off situation for her and that she wouldn't date women again... it was nice we could finally relate to each other but it was a different situation for her
  8. Love them all! cannot wait for the new one to come out
  9. Double sided dildo please and thank you
  10. Yeah I'm totally worrying about getting catfish.. You would get totally attached to someone who isn't even real
  11. Today was the day I deleted my tinder. I have had it for a month or so now and decided to delete it. I have had no luck in my area and the people I did match with couldn't hold a conversation. Not giving up that hope but it is really hard out there lol thank goodness this site is here so I don't go too crazy
  12. Yes! It is the worst type of wanting because you feel it with that person but you have really no idea if they feel the same... I always get feelings for someone and I try to hold it back because I know I can get hurt
  13. Totally feel you.. I am not single but being married sometimes I miss being with a woman.. and now I feel like I sound selfish haha but I like the best of both worlds
  14. I am the same way... picky but I know I'll find someone who connects with me
  15. Thanks for the follow :lol: