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  1. @Veronica I recommend this book. "Living two lives, married to a man in love with a woman" . It may help answer some of your questions and give you some insight into what your friend may be going through. The lady who wrote the book also has an active online forum for women in this situation.
  2. @Charlie Rose does your husband know? I'm in similar situation without hubby consent. Not sure how to approach him and I don't know how it would affect the marriage.
  3. Welcome. I had success on a dating site. Take your time. Figure out what you want. Be cautious.
  4. Welcome. When comfortable tell us more about you, and where you are on this journey.
  5. Welcome. I understand your situation. I'm married 48 with 2 young kids. Have a secret gf past few months. I want to stay in marriage but not sure how long the double life can go on. Good luck on your journey.
  6. Welcome. I come from a very conservative christian family and struggled with my sexuality since my teens. You are not alone. Tell us a little more about you when you get comfortable.
  7. Welcome! You are far from being alone. Lots of women in your situation. What is your idea situation? Are you planning on finding a gf? Will you tell your hubby or do you plan to do in secret?
  8. Welcome @BellaLuna I Have been married for 12 years. Told hubby I had an attraction but would not pursue. Fast forward 12 years later I could not handle the struggle... found secret gf. Wish I had not mentioned the attraction to hubby in first place. So far so good, I was surprised no feelings of real guilt despite christian background and living the straight and narrow all my life. I just keep the 2 separate and have no regrets.
  9. Very interesting reading. I met my gf on pinkcupid but was on for about 3 months. Met several women (the good,the bad and the ugly). 2 of those we became platonic friends. You will have to take a chance and be patient. Don't fall for the first one... wait for someone you are compatible with. There are single women who don't mind married ladies. My situation is working out great. She likes her space and doesn't want a full time live together relationship. She is supportive of my marriage and family life.
  10. Thanks for your words of caution
  11. Welcome- you are not alone. I've been married for 12 years with young kids, a good husband but something missing. Found a friend and I'm finally home.
  12. Welcome. I'm in similar situation. Struggled for years since teens. Decided to venture out this year. After a few months on a dating site finally found someone I could bond with. I'm doing this without the knowledge or consent of hubby. Funny but I don't feel like I'm cheating and it has not changed how I feel about hubby. I'm more happier and contented. And yes women are awesome.
  13. I would say stay in your marriage and keep your family together if it's not horrible and find yourself a girl friend on the side. They are a lot of married women in your situation who want to keep their marriages.
  14. Tell us more??!!