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  1. Welcome! We have similar stories. Married for 12 years. 2 young kids. I hope I will be able to find a woman friend I can connect with long term. Hopefully someone happily married so we can still keep our marriages. I have been on a journey this summer to find that person and it has not been easy. Lots of ups and downs and nothing to show for it. I am hoping it will happen some day. Best of luck to you.
  2. Please share your experience if you have had a fwb arrangement when you are married. Was this purely physical for you? And what boundaries did you have in place? How long did it last and how did you keep it together.
  3. @Lexayour story is quite interesting. I know women in their 50s who have this awakened feeling for women when they have been placed on testosterone. In your case I think the BC was balancing out your testosterone and now that you are off BC, you may have a little testosterone imbalance that is triggering your attraction. Very interesting. As we age, estrogen decreases which gives testosterone an edge... maybe that is why older women are finding themselves in this situation. In any case your story was fun to read.
  4. Thanks @Leigh1968. At least I have made a few friends in the process. I have a void to connect with someone at a different level. I seem consumed by it. You right I need to just relax.
  5. I feel sad this morning. Every door seems to close on me. Wonder if it will ever happen.
  6. Sorry about your struggle. Feeling rejected is very painful. How long have you been separated? It is difficult going through what you are after so many years of marriage.
  7. Your story is the same as mine. I have had an attraction to women since teens. Raised in christian home and still am christian. Happily married. Am 47 with young kids. I suppressed feelings until this year. I have met with women from a site met a few in person. Made some friends but nothing more. There are lots of christian women out there in the same situation. 3/5 women I have met on line go to church. Am glad I found this site too
  8. Natasha- tell us more about yourself. Are you married? Children? What has your journey been like?
  9. Welcome. I have been married almost 12. Been attracted since teens. Not acted out.... yet
  10. Welcome. I have a similar story. Now 47 happily married but attraction has not gone away.
  11. Telll us more about you. How old? Married? Kids?
  12. That is indeed scary. It could be a big mess if you run into an angry husband.
  13. What happened?
  14. Welcome. Tell us about yourself