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  1. exactly. In the past, I've had colleagues/friends with right winged views and it was just exhausting because they'd dismiss everything you stand for. Also, they were either racist, homophobic, classist or a combination of all three. Not saying someone who has an opposite viewpoint can't be those things either but it was something which was pretty much default to them.
  2. I am in my early mid-twenties and the youngest I would date is a 22y/o despite the fact I actually look like an 18-19y/o. I can appreciate if someone is really pretty, has a great figure etc. but I wouldn't really ogle them especially if I know they're a teen. Idk maybe its because when I was 15 I would get creepy men who were in their late 30s checking me out (Nothing wrong with being that age as it will be a blessing if I get to see the day). However being that age and seeking out girls that young is super weird. Majority haven't got that much life experience and can be a little naive in some ways, Not saying they can't be mature but it really makes me wonder why men can't women their own age or at least a woman in their 20s+
  3. I knew about rimming since I was 16 but I didn't have it on my list of things to try. A year ago I was seeing/dating this guy and when we had our first time together he rimmed the life out of me. It was an incredible experience and if we were together longer, then I probably would have reciprocated. I can understand why some people might be a bit freaked out by it though. I'm pretty much a try anything twice kinda girl so here's hoping my next lover is just as open-minded as I am.
  4. I absolutely love it! Kissing with tongue after someone goes down on you and vice versa just makes me super wet. To be quite honest it's something that can't really be avoided, sex without kissing is just not passionate enough for me!!
  5. Many people here seem to equate loneliness with being single. That might be the case for some but others feel lonely even when they're in a relationship or have family and friends surrounding them. Maybe its because I'm slightly introverted that I don't necessarily feel lonely being single?! but the main thing I miss is sex and having someone to talk to about anything and everything and they accept your weirdness and quirks.
  6. I prefer being single. I only have to think of myself and don't have to compromise with someone. I can sort of pick up and go *in the style of Shakira* whenever and wherever. However, I don't like having sex outside of relationships and sometimes I want sexual, physical AND emotional intimacy with another person. But obviously, it's not worth it if you're both not on the same page or don't want the same things in life. If I do get into a relationship one day I'd want us to compliment one another pretty well and for it to be long term. But right now that can wait because I want to focus on my dreams and goals.
  7. Oh yes to bad teeth! Mine are nothing like Simon Cowell's but they're pretty straight and white.
  8. My dealbreakers are pretty similar to yours. - Not intellectually curious - they don't have to be a whiz kid but I believe in order to stay young forever it's important to educate yourself all the time. Having multiple interests or trying to learn new things is exciting and essentially you can share your knowledge with one another. - No goals, dreams etc. - I dated this guy over a year ago and when we started talking about ambition/goals for the future he flat out told me he hadn't thought about it; he was in a job that I quote "doesn't seem to appreciate me" and was torn between wanting to leave and wanting to travel the world forever, I don't understand why he didn't want to do that latter - he has the skills to freelance from anywhere. Anyway, I instantly got turned off by him after this because I realised (and he probably did too) that we were going in different directions. I still wouldn't have minded being friends again but that fizzled - ultimately it was for the best, I probably would have resented him and I've grown to realise that I can't waste my time trying to "improve" people. - Dishonesty - this is a way to break my trust FAST. - Arrogant/Selfish - Doesn't eat healthily enough. I'm all for a good burger with greasy chips or pineapple upside down cake with ice cream from time to time. But eating takeaways or junk food every other day does more harm than good. - Someone who is a smoker/takes drugs regularly (regularly to me is once or twice a month or more) I couldn't be with someone who smokes, I hate the smell and it makes my eyes water. I have experimented with drugs in the past and I would never say never because I smoke a joint perhaps thrice a year but nothing more hardcore than that. - Right winged/extremist views - Not a feminist or hates feminism - Racist and discriminates when dating!
  9. I love that comeback!! xD I bet that shut her up! Your hair looks awesome!!
  10. Yes, its all to do with feminine energy - doesn't matter whether you are butch or femme! Haha that's happened to me on a couple of occasions and I was wearing the exact outfit you described! XD my hair has grown out now but I'm tempted to cut it!
  11. Yep, that's the thing others will assume your sexuality either way. What really matters most is that you know yourself, though it is annoying being assumed to be straight af.
  12. I agree, I'm very sensitive. Most of the time when I've been fingered (sorry for the tmi) I end up sore because of a little scratch from nails by going a bit rough!
  13. I don't assume people's sexuality but there's sometimes this 'what if she's not into women' voice in the back of my head. In the past - present I've just let friendships happen organically, I'm not a pushy or forward person and I don't see my friends in a romantic/sexual hence why my friendships with women stay platonic! With men however they've always tried to pursue romantic relationships and then couldn't resume back to friendship. That's why the only male friends I have now are either gay or colleagues lol I feel like dating apps aren't for me, from experience some of the people I met had an online persona which was completely different from how they were in person. Some would even lie! Hence why I avoid it and would rather do group activities/meetup (I've met some amazing people at meetups)
  14. I read a funny blog post; 'how to know if a girl likes girls', and one of the points were that they keep their nails short and clean xD it makes sense but obviously it's more hygienic in general. I always cut my nails!
  15. Do your husband or children know? Do you think meeting others will help you feel more part of the community?