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  1. Very unique and sensual video. I love the fact shes that hairy.
  2. Do you have any favorite links? I m into more amateur videos.
  3. To those who been with a woman already- What is one sexual fantasy you wanted to try with a woman and it ended up being amazing? To those who is not been with a woman and who wants to be with one- What is one sexual fantasy you want to try with a woman that your looking forward?
  4. As the title says, for those who are still looking are you ladies in search of one or multiple partners? And will expect her to he exclusive to you? If you decide to go exclusive on her?
  5. We all do
  6. Thank you for the lovely advice again Rani❤️
  7. Thanks for sharing Ame. That was a beautiful story. Looks like despite the differences and she being modest, you still compromised a lot. You sound like a very committed person. I m sorry to hear it ended. Hope there was not too much heartbreak and your over it now.
  8. Wow! Did he just read her messages or something?are you still seeing her now?
  9. Aww.. hope you are still managing well and be able to do things safely. Initial stages must have been tough.
  10. You are correct there is something about the pool hehe;) but glad you got the privacy of your own house
  11. Aww nice. A smile like yours?;)
  12. Thats good you managed to connect with her. Hope you two will again be able to explore each other. Good luck. You could still keep me posted about this:)