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  1. Wow! Did he just read her messages or something?are you still seeing her now?
  2. Aww.. hope you are still managing well and be able to do things safely. Initial stages must have been tough.
  3. You are correct there is something about the pool hehe;) but glad you got the privacy of your own house
  4. Aww nice. A smile like yours?;)
  5. Thats good you managed to connect with her. Hope you two will again be able to explore each other. Good luck. You could still keep me posted about this:)
  6. Oh! He must have felt something was going on. Did he hint anything? I guess doesnt really matter unless you are in a small town.
  7. Like any places? Hotels? Or a park? Or at your place? Do the hotel clarks look at you funny when two ladies check in?
  8. Same with me. I do have to have that emotional bond with one woman before I proceed to anything physical. Also being married discretion is important. So I m very careful.
  9. Hi there, So why not just approach it slow? Find out her views on bi sexuality and what she think of it. Randomly show a woman who you may thinkis attractive when you are together. Or how about just fake confess that you had a one off incident making out with a woman long ago that you never told anyone?( you can make this up if her views are open to being bi sexual or bi curious). Or even slowly making body contact with her like touching her arm or shoulders or face not all the time but it need to be a slow process. I hope you keep us updated with how you progress with her. Good luck
  10. It s difficult to find someone safe and discreet. Being married doesnt make it easy either. Looks like there is a lot like us out there going over this site.
  11. Thank you for that sweet yet sad story. Hope you can one day reconnect with her again. Is there any chance for that?
  12. Thanks for the response. I m not religious either. But that is sweet you do attend their religious functions without objecting. Too bad they were less accepting of you just because you are an atheist.
  13. You are right. South Asian culture women are tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to being bi or lesbian. But they are out there who are bi curious and wanting to keep it discreet from everyone in their family. I m one of them. But again thanks for the great feedback. You are spot on.