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  1. Nice!! I m glad you made the move to get things going with her. Good for you
  2. Haha same here. I m not too forward when it comes to real life situations. So i got that going on for me:0
  3. I think most ladies they find it hard to determine if we are bi curious or not based on how we look . Maybe I should start wearing some mark to show I m bi curious :o. Even at gym I was not approached but one woman kept making eye contact I was bit too afraid to take the initiative.
  4. But can you imagine how awkward she felt? When you didnt call her? Hehe. So does she still make eye contact with you? Or talk to you?
  5. Maybe deep inside she’s attracted to you? But she doesnt want to admit that due to her religious beliefs? I never heard Muslim women kiss full on the lips regardless of gender.
  6. What a beautiful moment... thank you for sharing. Sorry it didnt work out with her. Still she was flattered and said your beautiful(which she is right)
  7. Very unique and sensual video. I love the fact shes that hairy.
  8. Do you have any favorite links? I m into more amateur videos.