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  1. My previous comment got deleted or something, but I am serious. I think pale skin and redheads ares so attractive and I get an instant attraction when I see them. I guess it s the contrast against me? Opposites attract maybe?;)
  2. I love redheads! Specially when it s red down there too! And Ofcourse their beautiful pale skin with freckles❤️❤️
  3. Ashwini

    Soaking wet pussy

    Teehehe very clever:)
  4. Yes I do Ali. Mostly amateur. Whats a favorite video of yours?
  5. No! I myself get very wet when aroused. So I would like the woman I will be with oneday to get very wet too. I imagine both of us get very wet and we trib. The mixes of juices and the feeling then would be really good.
  6. I dont mind my own taste. So I wouldnt mind one day if a girl goes down on me and kiss me:)
  7. I like to have a really hot and sweaty sex session with another woman. I mean really sweaty. It turns me on thinking about it.
  8. Same. I use mostly my hands. It s so much better in my opinion than using toys. I love skin to skin contact and what my fingers can do to myself down there and on my breasts:)
  9. Ashwini

    Secrets are the best.

    Wow your post alone is a turn on. You should be a writer.
  10. What is your marital status and would you prefer to have something ongoing with a married woman or unmarried woman? And why?
  11. Aww thats too bad. Missed chances I guess. How did you know she was hitting on you? Was it obvious?
  12. Ashwini


    I got no issue with either. I was crushing hard for a straight woman I knew. Unfortunately she was not into it.
  13. Same. I enjoy my own taste. So wouldnt mind tasting myself on another womans mouth and lips:)
  14. Lol ok thats different then. Hotel trip sounds fun :)) anyone joining you?