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  1. When your heart is trying not to break

  2. Just because.........
  3. Sigh..........
  4. From one Yorkshire lass to another. Welcome back
  5. This song........
  6. When one of your favourite all time tracks reminds you how much you miss her 

  7. Happy Birthday lady.

    Have a great day :drinks:

  8. Always loved Dido and this one always pulls on your heartstrings.

    1. JadeBleu15


      Never heard this one but see what you mean about heartstrings..

    2. NatashaYork


      They used in in Love Actually hun x

  9. @Violetta love it too. Great album and love the new version of Seal and Adamskis Killer
  10. Old favourite currently being murdered in kitchen karaoke while making bacon sandwiches :music:

  11. Love this song :music:

    1. JadeBleu15


      I love this song.. thank you for posting it