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  1. Because she's the sweetest thing on this planet :wub:

  2. So my home town band that I love
  3. Just the way I'm feeling..... I couldnt have written the lyrics any better
  4. Just the way I'm feeling....:sorry:


    1. JadeBleu15


      Just going to leave you a hug right here, my friend.  Remember storms don’t last long then you get a rainbow. 

  5. Hey you, how is your day?

    1. NatashaYork


      Day wasnt so great but better now hun.

      How was yours?

    2. Ice


      Why wasn't it so great? Mine was eh. Not too bad. 

  6. Sunday chilling to my fav songs
  7. My go to chill song everytime

  8. Believe me....You really don't lol
  9. Love this song...but no one ejse does when they hear me sing it
  10. Wow!.............Just WOW!

    She amazes me every day.....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ice
    3. NatashaYork


      .....and why do they never live in the same city?!

    4. Ice


      Omg tell me about it!! Where does she live? 

  12. Sigh....I love Pink Got a teeny weeny crush on that girl since I saw her live
  13. Hope your day gets better but if it doesn't, see above lyrics x

  14. Watched it Loved it!
  15. Wow ineed!! I love his new releases . You can't beat a bit of Rick!