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  1. Welcome @Esi.luna and pleased you've taken the plunge to join us.
  2. Welcome @KAHcurious you're not on your own.
  3. @southern star I told my partner several weeks ago and he took it very well. He also said that hes happy for me to date women too as he understands that we can't get everything we need from a relationship from a man.
  4. Welcome @noobi
  5. That's very sad news @BenedettaC Great voice...great music x
  6. @JadeBleu15 one of my favs xx
  7. Hi and welcome @Evaeve
  8. Hi @Newtothis12 and welcome to the site. You will get great support from some great ladies on here. Just join in!
  9. Hi @BEX27 welcome and ditto everything @kairi has said. Plenty of women on here that are in or have been in same situation as you are now. Have a look at the topics on the forums or just write your own. We are all here to support eachother hun.
  10. Hi @Becks333 don't feel embarrassed many of us felt this way at first. Its quite natural to feel curious. Its also natural to feel guilty about your feelings where your husband is concerned. Ive been there and several weeks ago i came out to my soon to be husband, after the support I received from the amazing ladies on here.. Hes taken it really well and knows im on this site sharing my feelings but he doesn't know how strong my feelings are for the need to have a connection and physical relationship with a woman. But that's for another day. If you are feeling unsure or frustrated or need to get it off your chest so to speak, get back on here and share. That's what we are all here for.
  11. Welcome @Hammy enjoy the site