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  1. I've been missing in action for a little while moving on and starting my new life. So im sorry to anyone I haven't responded to.

    Spent a few days with my girl last week which was heaven as always. Downside is missing her more than ever but weve created more great memories that make us smile every day.

    Thank you Shys, I wouldn't have been able to be me and move on with my life without all your amazing and positive support.

    You all rock :air_kiss::air_kiss:


  2. Beautiful two days with my beautiful girl....heaven :air_kiss:

    1. JadeBleu15


      So happy for you my sweet friend. :)

    2. KAHcurious


      Wishing you nothing but happiness!

  3. Yes definitely is your life. Just remember that.
  4. I love this song better version comes close to this lady and her beautiful voice x
  5. Welcome @Esi.luna and pleased you've taken the plunge to join us.
  6. Welcome @KAHcurious you're not on your own.
  7. @southern star I told my partner several weeks ago and he took it very well. He also said that hes happy for me to date women too as he understands that we can't get everything we need from a relationship from a man.