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  1. You could try making a Tinder profile where you explicitly state you are just looking for hookups with women, then have your search just be for women. See if you get any matches. Anyone that matches with you would be OK with that situation. I wouldn't expect to many matches, well especially if you live in mostly rural state like I do.
  2. Hookups ups with guys are super easy to come by, but hard to find women who want those on Tinder even. That's my experience. I'm not looking for hookups any more.
  3. Probably the White Mountains in NH. I also like Acadia National Park in ME and I generally like all the state parks in ME.
  4. Yeah, but typically the guy likes to do that.
  5. Absolutely, with a guy or a girl I would love that and have done it a few times.
  6. Was talking more like when you are sitting side by side, maybe watching TV or something. The guy will put his arm or arms around the girl
  7. Well, sex with a woman is more touching, fingering, and oral. No penetration unless you've got sex toys. With a guy, obviously you can do all of the above without sex toys. It's different with a woman because you take turns, reciprocate. Less turn taking with a man, well you can reciprocate, but not it the same exact ways. Like doing oral on a woman is different than on a man, for example. If you are with a man, he'll put his arms around you. With a woman, maybe you'll do that to her or she'll do that to you, or you take turns. Basically, when you are with a guy, you let the guy do the things men do. With a women, it could be you or her or you take turns. The arms around you thing was best example I could think of. There's probably some other things like that, but I can't think of any right now.
  8. I have a preference for men over women. Right now, I'm just looking for men and if I find the right guy, I'm certain I would be OK just being with him. I don't need a woman on the side like a lot of ladies on here would like. I say I'm bi because I did have a brief sexual relationship with a woman and I was definitely falling for her. It didn't work out though. I know I can be into certain women, it's just rare for me to come across a woman I like in that way who is also gay or bi. I generally get along better with men and I am also very satisfied having sex with men. I guess now that I had that one experience with a woman, I no longer feel I'm missing out on anything. I know I can like it with a woman, but I'm OK without it.
  9. I have always been good friends with my husband and I am also not into him sexually. The difference may be that he knows I'm not into him now. I think we are definitely getting a divorce now. It's probably for the best though.
  10. Putting everyone else's needs before my own for so long messed me up. My husband was definitely satisfied, but I wasn't. I feel like I've really been messing with him. I feel bad for it, but I can't help it. I believe he had an easier time dealing with me being into women than he has had dealing with me being into other men. I kind of feel like the whole thing is doomed at this point. Once my husband gets it through his head that I'm just not into him, he's going to want a divorce. I'm starting to feel like I want to be free of him too.
  11. For me, it would be to have a relationship with a smart, creative, fun, physically fit person who is a great sex partner for me. I want to be with someone I just crave. Someone I look forward to screwing. I'd like to see this person daily. This someone would also communicate well and often with me. I'd like to have that and then some how not totally mess up my family. Seems pretty much impossible. I think I'm destined for divorce.
  12. Bet there's enough ladies to have a Boston area meet up. I'm sure there are more out there. Questionable if I could ever go. Kind of a big deal to make the trip down there. Only do it once or twice a year. Sometimes I take the Downeaster train.
  13. Boston is the closest big city for me. I'm up in Maine about 2.5 to 3 hours away.
  14. Well, I got to be with a woman briefly. I'm glad I had that experience and got it out of my system. It confirmed for me that I truly am bi, but I think I have a preference for men. My problem is I prefer men other than the man I am married to. I think if I was in a relationship with someone that I liked in all ways including sexual attraction, then I would prefer being monogamous because I honestly don't want to deal with so many relationships at once if I can help it. It is a lot to manage. If I was with a hot guy, I'd be all set. I could stick with him and not want anyone else, including a woman. To me, it is more about the person than the gender. I just kind of prefer male personalities. The one woman I was with... She was definitely unique among women and it is hard to meet women like her. If I'm with a woman, I'd like her to be good at oral. I say this and I'm not even confident with my oral skills on a woman. I've only done it like once. I've done oral on guys way more. I also just crave getting fucked by a dick (sorry to be crude). I think if I was with a woman for an extended period of time we'd have to try strapons fot me to stay satisfied. I havea feeling I'm going to end up with a guy in the end, just not sure who it will be. Much easier to meet men. Also, because the major problem in my marriage is sex, I pretty much want to have sex on the first date with anyone I meet now. It is important for me to know that is going to work out. I don't like to waste time. I haven't met any guys I couldn't get to have sex with me on the first date if I wanted too. Women have been impossible in that way. None of the ones I met were up for have been up for it right away. I didn't meet any women I was all that into from Tinder either. Less selection for women seeking women as compared to men seeking women. Another reason why I'm mostly sticking with men, but I'm not ruling anything out.
  15. Well, I question how lucky I am some days. My husband had been kind if all over the place with how he feels about the situation. It's like a rollercoaster ride with him. I start to feel like maybe my marriage is doomed to fail eventually. I have also had the problems with sex life with my husband. Basically, I'm not attracted to him and I think there is no fixing that. My husband still thinks there might be ways to fix it. He still is very attracted to me. I feel bad that I don't feel the same way. It is unfortunate that it took me 15 years to figure this out. My relationship started with him in college because he was my lab partner in some difficult classes. We had to spend all of our time together. We ended up messing around and it was fun and all at the time. To me, it was more of a convenience relationship. Have some fun when we have the time, but it was ultimately about getting the work done for the degree program. That was my focus. Then I had some problems with birth control. Ended up getting pregnant right as we were graduating. He talked me into keeping the baby and marrying him. It wasn't my first instinct. Anyhow, our relationship has mostly been about raising kids and careers. That's the foundation of it. I never stopped to think in that whole time if I was ever truly attracted to him. There were signs that I wasn't like besides not being into sex with him all that much I also didn't like kissing him, cuddling with him. I just thought that it was because I was weird and well I am weird in plenty of other ways so it makes sense that I thought that. I never had much time to evaluate things because of the kids. It wasn't until recently that I started to piece this together. I feel like I screwed up because the younger version of myself pretty much ignore the signs of attraction. I was all about doing well in school and nothing was going to derail my success. I didn't put much stock into relationships back then. I only cared about making it financially because I cane from a poor family. I was attracted to a female friend in high school and if I had just followed my intuition, I could have had a sexual relationship with her back then. I found out 20 years later that she was in fact into me back then. I sensed it, but I talked myself out of it because I felt that I would have gotten a lot of shit for being in a same sex relationship. I felt that might impact my success in high school. I wanted to get scholarship. It was very painful for me, but I pretty much cried it out and then said I'm going to forget about this attraction I had to her and I seriously did for two decades. We stayed friends and all and I just put it out of my mind. Seems crazy, but I have this logic, practical part of my mind that is very strong. If I have a goal that is very important to me I will do whatever it takes to get there, well within reason. Can't be illegal. There was one other person I was really attracted to in high school. I probably could have had a relationship with him too, but I didn't let myself go there. He was really smart, talented artist, fun to hang out with. Problem with him was he came from a bad family and he was a drug dealer. He was kind of the bad boy of the school because he had problems with authority figures. Well, I did too, but I knew how and when to play along to get along. I had an image of being good, smart kid that I needed to keep up again to get scholarship I needed for college so I denied myself that relationship too. I did get full tuition scholarship, so it proved to me that I was making good decisions and so I kept that up through college too. I needed to do well to keep the scholarship once I was there. Anyhow, I think I didn't place any value on sexual attraction when I was younger because I was like in some survival mode. Just trying to make it in life kind of thing. I did a lot of things just to fit in because I felt that was necessary for my financial success. It was in a way too. I don't think I was entirely wrong there, but maybe I took it too far. I feel like I am kind of an eccentric person who's been trying to seem normal and conventional my whole life. I had sort of a midlife crisis when I figured all this stuff out about myself. Now I'm trying to have the kinds of relationships that I denied myself my whole life. I realize I'm getting older and there isn't much time left for it. Better do this now or never. I feel a bit crazy, but it has become really important to me to have a good sexual relationship with someone. I don't like how I'm probably messing up my family pursuing this thing that I want though. I can't stop myself still. I've found another guy that reminds me a bit of guy I was into in high school. I'm really into him and he's very interesting to me. Sex with him was great. He is single and right about my age. We'll see how it goes, but I'm hoping to build a relationship with him. I could see myself leaving my husband for him if it works out. Too early to know though. I still got that guy from out of town too. He's married and having affairs though. He's not going to be a long term investment.