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  1. I feel like that is mostly true about the options. The open marriage concept works for very few people and there are lots of complications. Getting other people involved just creates more problems than it solves in my experience. You can cheat, but that might also lead to divorce. Really the options are be monogamous or get a divorce or take your chances with non-monogamous relationships that more often than not eventually lead to divorce. It's not all bad though, but you just have to figure out what is most important to you.
  2. I was afraid to tell my husband as well, but keeping the secret is bad for your marriage. You should say something. It will make you feel better. Mostly likely your husband would rather know what is going on with you. If he cares about you he wants to help.
  3. Exactly my experience too. I learned a lot from it. Was my only sexual experience with a woman. I couldn't have gone forward in life without doing that at the time, but it sucks I lost a friend. Just seems like that was meant to be unfortunately.
  4. I prefer to regret what was done instead of what could have been as well. Didn't turn out well though. No way I could have known. Something to consider.
  5. Yeah, I spoiled a friendship of over 20 years with sex. I honestly thought it wouldn't turn out the way it did. I would never do that again.
  6. Just a year prior to when I started they had like nothing... just unix based e-mail systems. I got lucky with the timing of my college experience. I think that is why sometimes I get grouped with Millennials is because people my age were among the first to really use the Windows based internet (I think I'm really a young Gen Xer though). It was primitive compared to what it is now, but still super cool. Kind of like how those old Mario brothers games are still cool. I remember some of the early memes... like hampster dance... damn.. I haven't thought about that one in a long time. I remember people in college sending me links to idiotic pages like that.
  7. LOL, when were you in college? Sounds like when I was in college. I started college basically at the time that the internet as we know it to today with web pages and chat rooms was just starting up. Late 90's. Was a good time to be in college because we all had awesome high speed connections provided by the university. Everyone in the real world was still dealing with dial up. Chat rooms were the bomb back then too. We had several chat rooms just in our university intranet that were only available to the students that went there. Those ones were great because you could chat with someone and then immediately walk over to their dorm and meet them. I did this several times. Those were the good old days. LOL
  8. Eh, it was OK for a kids movie. I only watched it because I was looking for something to do with my kid and he had already seen the Ninjago movie. There weren't any other kids movies playing.
  9. Makes sense people would think that based on your style. I'm pretty much the practical type. I always dress casually. No makeup or any of that. Wash and comb my hair. That's about it. My major beauty routine is exercising about 30 minutes a day. I like to stay fit. I figure that does me more good than any mount of make up or fancy clothes ever will.
  10. Jessica Lang is so good on that show.
  11. I absolutely love American Horror Story. Season 2 was my favorite.
  12. I can't think of a way to just seem gay or bi to other people without saying anything unless you just are the flamboyant type, then everyone will think you are like that even if you aren't. I can't act any different than the way I am and so I figure I will just have to tell people if I want them to know because they most likely aren't going to come to that conclusion otherwise.
  13. Not being queer enough... I was a teenager in the 90's. I remember thinking that I had to be a straight person because I wasn't all flamboyant like the gay people from San Francisco I'd see on TV. Those were the only gay people I had ever seen or heard of back then. I never actually knew anyone that was gay or bi growing up because pretty much everyone was closeted back then and I think that really screwed me up and I'm sure it screwed up a lot of other people too.
  14. Bumping this one because I'm wondering too. I'm not seeing an answer to this one any place.
  15. "My Little Pony" was the last one I saw in the theater. I think that's a funny one. Technically, the last movie I watched was on dvd and it was "The Hangover". I'm not liking that name as much.