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  1. I want men and women who are younger than me by as much as 10 years. I am more interested in the younger ones because they are in better physical shape. I am 38. On dating apps, I search for people 28 to 45, but everyone I'm interested in is younger than me.
  2. I'm finding Tinder is the best and OK Cupid is second best for me anyhow. I've been getting the most matches on Tinder. If you are married, you will probably not get too many matches though. Not many people on those sites want to get involved with a married person.
  3. I have a friendship like this right now too. We were best friends, then we hooked up a few times, but she wanted to stop because of the other relationships we were both in at the time. Now we are kind of weird friends. She is still OK with cuddling. I never know what to expect when I see her now. I'm going to a party that her boyfriend is also going to be at. First time since the affair... I can't believe I'm putting myself in this situation, but I feel like I have to show that I am OK and cool with everything, which isn't entirely the case. I really don't want to hang out around her boyfriend, but I'm still going to go and get through it. I'm trying to prove I can just be friends with her like she wants... or sort of wants.
  4. Just a year prior to when I started they had like nothing... just unix based e-mail systems. I got lucky with the timing of my college experience. I think that is why sometimes I get grouped with Millennials is because people my age were among the first to really use the Windows based internet (I think I'm really a young Gen Xer though). It was primitive compared to what it is now, but still super cool. Kind of like how those old Mario brothers games are still cool. I remember some of the early memes... like hampster dance... damn.. I haven't thought about that one in a long time. I remember people in college sending me links to idiotic pages like that.
  5. LOL, when were you in college? Sounds like when I was in college. I started college basically at the time that the internet as we know it to today with web pages and chat rooms was just starting up. Late 90's. Was a good time to be in college because we all had awesome high speed connections provided by the university. Everyone in the real world was still dealing with dial up. Chat rooms were the bomb back then too. We had several chat rooms just in our university intranet that were only available to the students that went there. Those ones were great because you could chat with someone and then immediately walk over to their dorm and meet them. I did this several times. Those were the good old days. LOL
  6. Oh, yeah, I've been there too. Especially about getting anxious for the text messages thing. I've learned my lesson on that one. I'm late to the game here because I never had any sort of relationship that involved texting until just this year. I was married for 15 years, so that relationship started before people ever texted. Now, it's like the way of the world, especially when it comes to dating. Texting is hard because you find yourself trying to derive more meaning from the texts than was ever implied by the sender. It is definitely not ideal. My strategy now is to just assume the best and just wait until I see them in person for clarification.
  7. I tried sending you a picture, but I can't get the file size small enough for it to upload to the site. I get what you mean. I forget that people even do things like clubbing because I've been a parent for so long now.
  8. Sounds like she does to me. I think you are over thinking it. Step back and look at the situation as if you were an outsider to it. Clearly, she is very into you. You are probably both thinking the same thing and each of you is waiting for the other to make the first move. Not telling you to have an affair, but if you want her, seems like she's yours for the taking. Go ahead and make a move.
  9. I'd totally go for it with her. That's me though. I think people worry too much about ruining friendships with sexual relationships. All that worry gets in the way of good stuff. I say deal with the bad things when they happen, if they ever do happen. Don't make it bad now by worrying about bad things that may never happen though. IDK, I had sex with my husband for 15 years and we are getting a divorce right now, but we are still pretty good friends.
  10. I can't say I have words of wisdom, but I went through a very similar situation this year too. Long story as well. Maybe we can chat sometime. I don't have the energy for a long post right now.
  11. My husband says he knows of guys that are bi, but they all say they are straight. I'm wondering if that is typical of bi guys, that they say they are straight? If this is true, then there are probably more bi guys out there than we think. There might be more pressure on men to not seem queer in any way, idk.
  12. That would be sweet, but I get the feeling most of you don't live anywhere close to where I live.
  13. This is overall nice, except I'm also a "breeder". A lot of us on here are. Gay/bi people have kids too, so don't rule out people that have kids. Probably better to replace "breeders" with "straight" or "heterosexual", but otherwise pretty good advice.
  14. I know. You'd think there would be a lot of them on here.
  15. I wouldn't rule out any of the above. I'm trying to get a friends with benefits situation going at the moment. Marriage is probably the least likely thing. I'm working on a divorce right now. I don't know if I'd ever want to get tangled up in a marriage with anyone going forward, but I don't know.