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  1. Thoughts of her linger long after...

    1. JadeBleu15


      I know the feeling! Hugs

    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      I know the feeling too! Big hugs!

  2. Surrounded by art...My favorite place to be...

    1. celeste teal
    2. ZuZu'sPetals


      It's like stepping back in time. :wub:

  3. I love the simplicity of black and white and the artistry of contrast it presents.
  4. This is a beautiful thread that celebrates all of the magic intertwining feminine energies provides
  5. New-years-photo.jpg

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      11:59:01........Happy New Year !! 

      The first minutes of 2018 are looking good :)

    2. myladylove


      Wouldn’t it be nice, one day aye...

  6. She makes the sky far more beautiful to gaze upon....


  7. tumblr_n1xmjjhReb1s8rlddo1_500.jpg

    Thanks @celeste teal I adore her

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      You're welcome :) Her painting looks interesting too - a mother and daughter and lots of ducklings? 

    2. ZuZu'sPetals


      If only it was tilted just slightly

  8. The colours and the tone and mood are reminiscent of autumn, which sadly is behind us. The image of the goddess makes me feel the warmth and colours all over again.
  9. Image result for Thursday Yay gif

    Yayay! See ya work! It's Thursday...funday...loveday...new bed day!

    1. BenedettaC


      We just got a new bed...now we never want to leave it! 

    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Happy Funlovebedday!

    3. celeste teal
  10. The creator is so sweet. What a fabulous idea and so tender and lovely and innocent. I want to go next time I visit LA. Thanks Celeste