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  1. It is always so challenging and scary to make a change in our lives. Societal pressure that is present throughout ones life can make us question the desires we have. I have pressed down the strong kinetic desire and draw I have to women and keep pressing the feelings down. I have fallen in love with several friends who I feel an almost unbearable sense of connection with. I resist the urge to hold one... I resist the urge to place my lips on another. I resist the urge to feel the soft skin of her neck. I resist the urge to feel her breasts pressed against mine. I come so close to telling them just how I feel and this unbearable bubble of fear comes to the surface and I choke it down, once again...after years of repressing it. Eventually I distance myself from her as a way to move on and stop suffering in silence. It is painful to not live my truth... the pain of telling my family-who I have build is more frightening at this moment. We are all here in this web of desire and responsibility and roles... What you said struck such a cord in me and I'm sure others here too. We will find our way. Together we can discuss our journey. @amsterrock
  2. Ewwwwww yes! I'm a french kisser now!

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Félicitations! Je suis disponible pour la pratique, si vous voulez :)

    2. ZuZu'sPetals


      Oui madam, mon desire est grande pour vouz, nous avon mons pratique

      partner. :P:wub:

  3. Wow Celeste: This is phenomenal I adore the blog. I have a little secret. I may have made a painted wonder woman on a red leather purse. Here it is. I carry it when I need to feel empowered or just sexy
  4. Celestial Celeste Teal XO Zu
  5. I would like to officially add this to my bucket list
  6. I am so glad you found this site too. I too live in a small town and am in a profession that is very conservative. Even though our society is supposedly expanding its understanding and empathy it can still be difficult to navigate our feelings. I hope your journey will be helpful.
  7. I have been exploring a little with someone and I must say it is here that I lost my sextinity...romancity...teehee...dropping the mic and exiting stage stealthfully
  8. Very very warm....
  9. Thank you B. She has not been in the driveway much...Love the smiles when people see her
  10. One day, my hope is that you will...
  11. WOW! I feel like I just stepped out of my life after actually having the courage to make that decision. It was such a telling and raw article but so helpful. I know if I make the change it will work out but the woman I love may be the key to this puzzle that is hard to find. So many thoughts running through my head right now.
  12. WHAT? SAY WHAT??? Oh wowzers. Who knew the education we would get on this site. Very educational.
  13. If you envision a true sense of who you are, you should connect to that image. Only then will you walk comfortably in your own shoes.