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  1. What an incredibly powerful outpouring of love and support. Thanks for sharing @celeste teal
  2. Real women of the world represent! Love it @celeste teal
  3. @celeste teal these are precious and stunning and reflect such an outpouring of love...
  4. The incredible divine feminine goddess energy is fluid throughout this phenomenal collection @celeste teal
  5. Your curator for the femihearts of our little Shy community @celeste teal. We love you for that.
  6. An outpouring of pure love. Wonderful curation.
  7. Incredible! Thank you so much. I will share this with all the women in my life @celeste teal
  8. Excellent share @celeste teal
  9. @celeste teal it goes to show that women have depended and fed one another for years and decades.
  10. These are phenomenal. Again the diverse ages and cultures is refreshing. Such intense love. Thank You @celeste teal
  11. Once again @celeste teal thank you for your incredible blog. There is always such tenderness and story in them.
  12. Wonderful compositions @celeste teal
  13. KUzBO2Y.jpg

    1. ZuZu'sPetals


      Oh my!!! I'll search for them when I'm by the sea!!

  14. @celeste tealYour posts here make me