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  1. @softfruit I enjoyed this perspective thanks for that! I've often pondered this very thing- I definitely feel shifts in phases - and I still haven't figured out what that would make my "label" - the two thought trails I have in my own head are the one you described above vs is it sometimes just a shift in the dial with where you sitting on the Kinsey scale...I haven't fully concluded in my own head but what I have decided is that I have the ability to be attracted to both sexes, and when something is sparking an attraction to a female, the dial shifts higher and vice versa... a part of me wonders if I'll ever identify as fully straight again knowing that I'm open to attraction regardless of gender but I'm at peace with not having a definitive answer on this one : )
  2. @Rani - u rock! Thanks for giving all these links!
  3. @Rani - Thanks lovely! And thanks for the tip- the more I try to picture it the more I struggle to- the other day I went for a normal back massage and tried to picture how I would feel if that turned into yoni and just tensed up at the thought So videos etc might be a great way to go and see if hubby willing to learn lol! Very cool that you and your gf are planning for it! Let us all know if you get to doing it!
  4. @Rani I'm not too far away - I'm upper North Shore. .. we really do seem to be a small bunch from Sydney!
  5. ♡◇♡◇

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       You incredible human being @JadeBleu15 :air_kiss:

  6. Tu me manques

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      @JadeBleu15 only just saw this now : ) ♡

  7. @ChemFem I hadn't actually thought of this perspective, interesting point and valid if crossing to a point of "indecent exposure" I'm assuming though that @Flower doesn't actually expose anything - more like the equivalent of wearing a top that shows cleavage? Which shouldn't really make therapist uncomfortable. I say this because of how a full body massage normally transpires - I find therapists massage so close to your nipples in a full body that it exposes more than a slight pulling of sheets. A few Thai massages I've been to, they even massage the breasts (they ask permission) : )
  8. Hey @PurplePetal I've found most people think everyone's relationship looks more rosy from the outside world. When people are out socialising they don't exactly air any baggage etc, and things like social media certainly don't help! With that said, as much as its awesome to be able to get that all out here in Shy's- don't let the pressure of people's perceptions of a "wonderful life" stop you from reaching out to a friend. (Maybe not the women stuff if you not comfortable but certainly the intimacy stuff). The intimacy issues you going through are not uncommon in a marriage and I have quite a few friends that have these struggles and haven't even been married for 20 years so please don't feel ashamed or like you can't discuss and reach out to friends... I do have to ask if there is any possibility hubby is having an affair? Re the stirring of feelings for women again - again I think this is completely normal. When intimacy is lacking in a relationship, it definitely opens the mind to craving that. A completely straight person would start thinking of that with another man. Given that you've had feelings for women before, makes complete sense that your mind wonders there. My mind wonders the most when hubby and I are having problems in our marriage, and wonders the least when we happy. I guess to summarise my essay (Sorry lol!): 1) if you need to reach out to a friend re intimacy issues - do : ) 2) Intimacy in all its forms is so important to our feelings of fulfillment, esteem, happiness, self-worth etc never mind the pure primal instinct of it all - if you not getting that and you've tried numerous times to discus/ resolve, it's only natural your mind would wonder! So don't even feel guilty about that for 1 second! You have a need that's not being met- regardless of how you try, you won't be able to stop the thoughts of needing/ wanting. So you may as while make peace with the fact because this isn't on you - it's on hubby. .. If you choose to act on those thoughts that becomes a different story. I'm not saying I condone or condemn affairs - that's an entirely different topic altogether. But I am saying that I understand why some people can be led to affairs. Lol- My very conservative Greek father, who will never discuss sex, did give all his girls one piece of advice re sex "don't end up having headaches for 2 weeks too often - no matter what love has to do with anything, men have needs and you'll be looking for trouble"... I guess the same goes for women but the difference is that we somehow feel more shamed in admitting that we are also hugely sexual beings : ) Sending hugs your way. ..
  9. Love it! The pulling the sheet back more!
  10. @noobi - respect that you scheduled it! Maybe I should take a leaf from your courage book : ) Completely agree with you - the obvious reasons and the healing ability. .. when I think about how relaxed and uplifted I feel from something as simple as a facial massage, can't imagine what Yoni would do - it's been an unbelievably tough year for me (not as bad as yours) and if it's true that women carry all that stress in their vaginal walls and the Yoni helps release that and healing, that would be amazing. ...
  11. A short while ago I stumbled across the concept of a Yoni massage - I think somebody may have made a reference to it on one of the other threads... One of my biggest fantasies has always been to go for a massage and have the therapist travel to between my legs. .. was always a fantasy (and have seen the thread on this forum for that). So yesterday I googled (in secret mode lol) if therapists in Sydney do Yoni massage and low and behold they do! I'm seiously thinking about booking one and having the courage to book one. Two questions from my side: 1) has anyone here had a Yoni massage by a massage therapist before and what was your experience like? 2) for all the ladies that fantasise about massage, if you have massage parlours nearby that do Yoni massage, would you consider going for one? (Or if you didn't know about Yoni massage and now you do, would you consider it?) I know that the objective of Yoni massage is not orgasm - it's just a common result. I love all kinds of massage so can't imagine how awesome it would be to combine massage and fantasy (and pretty sure I would orgasm lol because after doing more research on it I've since learnt they insert fingers in you to massage your vagina walls... this after they've given you a sensual massage including breasts - that alone would bring me to orgasm/ near orgasm!) Would love to hear your thoughts. ..
  12. @ChemFem - I actually found the opposite once I became used to my breasts being sexual objects again (for at least 1 year after breastfeeding it was hard to feel sexual about them) - but it's weird - they are even more sensitive now and the pleasure is way more intense! Nipple and breast play is now my favorite foreplay (although it might also be because I'm in my 30s now and I found it to be very true that women hit their sexual peak in their 30s). Don't let breastfeeding scare you : )
  13. @VirgoGirl any updates? Not sure how I missed your thread - very exciting what's developing. ...
  14. Conflict averse Aquarius slinking away into the shadows on this side. .lol Oh wait, us Aquarians are fabulous people that get on with everybody, even Virgos bwahahahaha. Have a great day everyone! P.S. On a serious note, I enjoy astrology, star signs fascinate me, however they do not influence my relationship and friendship choices