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  1. ...feeling very blessed for wonderful friends! A birthday barbeque with just a few of us turned into dancing, being silly, and lighting sparkles... going to bed with a happy heart ♡
  2. 4’10”... I'm a shorty lol!
  3. @JadeBleu15 - this ones for you! I know you love the song (don't know if you love the movie?) I love the song and the movie : )
  4. And this one. .. if you haven't watched the animation "Spirit" might seem weird lol..but then listen to the words -too beautiful!
  5. Love this song - it always chokes me up. ..and the fact that Patrick Swayze sings it somehow makes it more special. ..
  6. Somehow always a comforting song. ..


  7. **You Still Got a lot of Fight left in you** 



    1. Shy_Kat


      Because you somehow always know... you are an amazing incredible person xxx

  8. Hugs


    1. Shy_Kat


      @JadeBleu15 this quote is awesome - thank you!:air_kiss:

  9. Smart
  10. Homesick...
  11. @kairi So if the saying normally goes "put your money where your mouth is" - In this instance would it be "put your mouth where your mouth is"?!
  12. I can see the appeal in the marker lol! Glad you got sorted with the tip 8
  13. I do enjoy analingus- haven't wrapped my mind around penetration... also love mouth on the clit, fingers inside normal hole and fingers teasing anus- The sensations combined are mind blowing!