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  1. My soul is orange...
  2. Slipping in your profile and sitting down waiting for you to return. I love what you done with the place an ocean and safari view, spectacular.....:music: ( listening to music while I wait :D

    1. JadeBleu15
    2. Shy_Kat


      Smiling : ) and very special thank you! And that's why you have a special place in my heart ♡

      (And kissing you lol)

    3. JadeBleu15
  3. @kairi-you learn something new every image you uploaded or big to use?
  4. @kairi - dare I ask? What's a feeldoe?
  5. Danger
  6. Lol-if they the kind of person that makes you feel completely comfortable, if we get chatting and bring up their dating life or "partner" I will nonchalantly say "guy/girl" in a questioning tone-show them it really doesn't matter...(I've only done this about 4 times) If we are closer than aquanitances, I'll outright ask (only done this 3 times)... And I've only done it with people I'm sure wouldn't be straight... Othertimes if I'm not sure I'll find a way to bring up peoples views on gay..e.g "I'm so irritated by persons xyz comment that they made about <gay derogatory comment>. Using this method allows you to gauge the look on a persons face if they are judgemental a'holes. In this scenario, two people went on to casually say "I definitely wouldn't judge-I'm gay myself". Just about feeling people and their comfort levels. It does help that I have a reputation for being unfiltered so people know me like that...
  7. Thinking of you


    1. Shy_Kat


      Thanks gorgeous lady-right back at you : ) :air_kiss:

  8. Are you okay?
  9. I'm in the same boat and have the same views as @Cute&Curious...especially because I'm not even at a stage where I would consider leaving hubby or opening up the marriage. Have so much to figure out myself-not ready to discuss with anybody. It's only once I found Shybi's that I've even started to feel more comfortable about it myself...A lot of good advice here-you will be guided by the situation in life on when you feel a need or desire to share-I would trust in that....I only ever felt comfortable to tell my crush I had a crush on her-and that was easier to do because she is lesbian so it felt safe...
  10. @CuriouslyMarriedWoman you guys are great for my ego lol! On a serious note, thanks for the kind words. I have been very blessed in my life to have received a lot of helpful advice (through formal and informal processes/mentoring etc) and where something has helped me, where I can, I like to pay it feeling in the world to pay it forward and even more so when that results in a success story...
  11. You put the boom boom into my heart :music: