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  1. I have a half sleeve as well and sat for a grueling nine hours. The top of my arm wasn't too bad but the underside was really painful. I have some smaller tattoos (wrists and calf) and those were a breeze in comparison. Ive heard ribcages are the worst. When I was getting my tattoo a man was getting his ribs (also his first) and he was screaming the entire time!
  2. Id imagine it differs for everyone depending on the sort of people in their life and how confidant they feel. Ive told some other LGBTQ friends and my mom, but I don't intend to tell anyone else for a while. Im just grateful I have their support and acceptance and thats good enough for me right now. If people assume I'm straight because I'm with a man then thats fine, but I won't lie if they ask (although so far that hasn't happened.) Ive only recently started identifying as bi, and I am not sure I want to share that to the world until I fully understand it myself.
  3. I have a triforce tattoo from The Legend of Zelda! @SakuraGirl Go for it! Would it be your first tattoo?
  4. My best friend who is also bi is going through a similar experience. It is normal and don't feel like you have to be equally attracted to men and women to be bi. I like thinking of it as a spectrum and you can be closer to one end than the other (or shift back and forth.) I agree with @Hungry. Listen to your gut and don't put yourself in an uncomfortable position, no matter how nice they are. You don't owe them anything just because they are attracted to you, and don't feel guilty for being true to yourself.
  5. I actually just told my boyfriend. He uses my computer a lot so I did not want him to stumble upon it and think I was on a dating site. It took him a bit to understand, but he was glad I told him. I definitely debated on if I should tell him or not, Im a newer member but this site has already been so helpful and I didn't want to feel any judgement or guilt from him.
  6. @wickedcat Thats awesome that he's always been accepting! @NatashaYork Thank you! It's so nice hearing from other women in similar situations, I don't feel so alone. Ive only talked with my bf once about seeing another woman and it didn't go too well. I am hoping to bring it up again soon, but its definitely going to take a lot of time and open honest discussions. Good luck with your partner, I hope he can come around to the idea!
  7. Thanks @wickedcat! If you don't mind me asking, was your husband always okay with it or did it take him a little time to come around? I am looking only for a friends with benefits situation and my boyfriend if fine with us having a threesome, but the idea of me alone with a woman freaks him out. I want to figure out a way to make him feel more comfortable and confidant that at the end of the day he is the one I want to spend my life with.
  8. @BiTriMama Thanks for the book recommendation I will check it out! This is so new for both of us and although he is understanding, it still hard to even bring it up because he gets insecure. Ive explained that it's nothing to do with him or his shortcomings, and I think he knows that deep down, but he is uncomfortable with the idea of me being with a woman (without him being involved.) But as you said we just need to keep the conversation going and be open! @Shy_Kat and @Nidalaeh Thank you! Its already been really great and comforting reading some other women's posts, especially those who are also in long term relationships and have managed to find a balance. It gives me hope for the future!
  9. Thanks so much everyone!!
  10. Hi everyone! I have never joined any website like this so I am a bit nervous! Im 27 years old and from New England. Ive had crushes and been attracted to girls for as long as I can remember. It has only been recently that the puzzle pieces have fallen together and I've realized I am not straight and really want to experience being intimate with another woman. Now I am trying to figure out how to express this side of me while in a 8 year monogamous relationship with a man I love and intend to marry. He is open-minded and accepting but there is still a lot of insecurities to work through before I can take the next step. I am trying to navigate this without either of us getting hurt, but also staying true to myself and my sexuality. I am looking forward to getting to know the community more and hearing your stories and perspectives!