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  1. I know with my hubby is as good as it’s going to be after 20 years, but there is something about making love to a woman that really gets my juices flowing...sigh...what to do?
  2. mystical1...although I have not been a part of this site for long and have yet to make any friendships...I do understand what you say about a sense of belonging..of kinship... I completely agree with you that life has a way of sucking you away from things that can actually make your life better. And as for the social aspect...I think we all feel the need for social engagement and other times we just want to be alone. Personally I don't think that is a bad thing nor should one feel bad about it...
  3. Just wondering who abstains from sex during your time....who embraces it? for me, I find myself extremely horny after the first day of my cycle...well in the past 5 years...I enjoy sex even with the "mess" Am I alone in this?
  4. Agree the Ayes...have it for me too valis...
  5. I am relatively a shy person but being in a chat room you can be a bit more outgoing and really say what is on your mind. Number one it is safe and number two you have anonymity. This allows me to come out of my sexual shell and say what I really mean...I have found that sexting and turning on the other person is a really huge turn on for me...of course most men do not have the skills to sext without sounding Neanderthal...however the women that I have taken this journey with are very eloquent...and very good at stimulating my pre-masturbation solo
  6. Since getting my newest toy...the Womanizer...I can't seem to stop. It feels so much like when a woman sucks your clit...I can even squirt again...all alone
  7. Wow that was so hot reading that...and yes it turned me on and brought back memories in bed....never in a car...but wowee I'd like to try it coz it sounds so very exciting.
  8. I agree with the other ladies...does taking it off mean she is less married?
  9. 62% bisexual 15% lesbian 15% bicurious 8% straight
  10. Gave up alcohol over 5 years ago...just made me on the other hand makes me very happy...especially early mornings
  11. Hands down the Scottish accent, just makes me weak in the knees...and I get that happy feeling inside...
  12. Have to agree with Dancing Queen...but really aren't all ABBA songs the ones that make you just want to get up and dance?