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  1. Porn hub is good, they have good girl on girl videos, especially the strap on ones, yum!!
  2. I masturbate daily, I get very horny and very wet, my husband helps me out when he's not in work, I've never had to sneak off to do it, he loves to watch me so its a win for me lol
  3. Oh yes I've done it lots of times, sometimes with my husband watching or if there were times he'd be asleep and I needed to 'relieve tension', I'd rub my clit then get his hand put it between my legs and move up and down on it getting even wetter, then I'd slip his finger inside me, he'd wake up and help me finish, so hot...
  4. I love when my husband does this too
  5. Yea I'd love that
  6. Hi angel-8 thanks for the follow :)

  7. Liars and fake people
  8. I'm a Scorpio
  9. I do, very badly, I know I can't sing and I dont really care tbh
  10. Wild thoughts by rihanna, so appropriate at the moment lol
  11. Just reading this has me wet, so hot!!
  12. Hi I'm from Dublin
  13. Hi that'd be great, I'd go. It would be nice to meet others and get to know them
  14. I dont find it weird, its a turn on