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  1. Sorry it limited your time but thank you for being considerate! We of the Itty Bitty Bladder Committee are grateful.
  2. Stroke stroke stroke *wink*
  3. I see. What is your doctorate in?
  4. What an intriguing perk of the job!
  5. I think her profession makes you JFK in this scenario *grin*
  6. That's wonderful that you were able to keep being friends and that love has spurred you to come out. Congratulations!
  7. Good best friends are worth their weight in gold.
  8. Very true. Your own self-acceptance is the most important thing.
  9. Sounds like you were able to provide much-needed friendship to somebody going through a difficult time in life, while also protecting your own boundaries and valuing yourself. Well done on all fronts! Best of luck in future endeavors.
  10. I think it would largely depend on how well they could empathize and make connections between their physical vulnerabilities (iron rusting, circuits degrading) and yours (joints deteriorating, weaker bones). Mental decline would probably be a bigger gap to surmount, but then again there are cases of very intelligent people continuing to love and care for partners with dementia. As with many things, it would probably depend on the individuals involved.
  11. Reading this post makes me glad I decided not to push for more commitment from my own fwb. There were times when I started wanting more, but that wasn't what we'd agreed upon and I wanted to respect that. It's made it easier to stay friends I think. Keep trying...based on the results with you vs hip pocket it sounds like you were the one who made the amazing sex happen! Hoping to hear more from you in the future!
  12. Thanks for posting this! It was an intriguing read.
  13. bicurious

    What is r/r4r?
  14. Haha before the page loaded fully I was going to remark that The Future of Love looked like lesbian 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea...then it loaded more and I realized there was another picture titled Love at 20,000 Leagues.