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  1. I wish the phrase "marketplace of ideas" were interpreted more literally. It seems rare these days to have devoted physical spaces to talk about ideas in a non-directed fashion. I wish we did this more often, freeform discussion without a set informational or social goal. I spent an hour today with a stranger, half of consisting merely of thoughtful silences, and I think it's the most productive thing I've done all day and maybe all week. Massive shifts in my personal worldview have originated from things raised in just such discussions. But from a societal perspective this is a waste of time, as frivolous as if I had spent that hour watching cat videos. It's popular to bemoan the ways in which modern society lacks emotional connection, but I think it also lacks intellectual connection. This is one of the reasons I love ShyBi; it's a place where people are willing to discuss anything and everything.
  2. I agree that it's your choice whether or not to tell your therapist about your orientation. One of my mom's first reactions when I came out was "Have you talked to your therapist about this?" and my response was essentially "No, we only meet fifty minutes a week and I have other things to discuss." But if you do want professional guidance on exploring bisexuality, as some on here seem to want, it would best to filter out therapists whose reactions are likely to be unhelpful or counterproductive.
  3. Kissing is the best! I have referred to someone as my fwb on here before but actually we never had sex, we just made out a ton.
  4. That article was awesome! It really captured the experience of making new friends.
  5. Ok makes sense. I can see how news would travel fast in that scenario. Props for being aware of your behavior reflecting on your parents - I am just starting to be aware of that dimension.
  6. Holy crap. I don't feel like I've earnwd the term sensei. Senpai maybe. I do definitely notice you both.
  7. That's a good goal. I think you're wise to decouple the idea of exploration in general from figuring things out with her. It will probably be better for you in the long run to really think through the implications of your feelings for her and potentially other women as well, rather than trying to repress them. It sounds like that's what you have chosen to do here. Keep up the good work!
  8. Panther
  9. Blah that's a tough spot to be in. If I understand the third to last paragraph correctly, she is now looking to be in a monogamous gay relationship. But you presumably don't want to leave your fiance. Based on the accounts I've read on here, plus my own prior experience with a (male) best friend, things are not likely to remain as they are. You will either grow closer or further apart, possibly even oscillate between the two. If it were only up to you, what would be your ideal outcome?
  10. Hawt! That's great for you. And yeah semi-public would definitely add to the excitement. Thanks for sharing.
  11. It's really a shame that your girlfriend broke things off due to societal pressure. Sounds like she would have been happier if she'd stayed with you. But it gave you the freedom to explore the intervening experiences that have made you who you are. So for your sake I'm glad things turned out the way they did.
  12. Grrreat minds think alike.
  13. In what ways has your situation changed, if you are comfortable sharing?