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  1. Intriguing yes, but overall sounds like a better platonic friend than lover. You're making the right choice @Hungry
  2. You're welcome! This site is great too, but it's not as conducive to meeting people in person.
  3. Meet up is actually a website to get together with like-minded groups and hang out. They're organized around all sorts of things. There are lesbian meetups, hiking meetups, vegan meetups, Buddhist meetups...basically whatever strikes your fancy.
  4. Absolutely they do. Honestly I don't think the risk is that great. However if one is already nervous about privacy extra steps might give peace of mind.
  5. My experience has been that there was an initial frenzy of curiosity, quickly followed by people no longer caring.
  6. I'm getting a voyeuristic thrill reading the setup on this.
  7. One point I would raise in favor of a site over an app is that intrusive data collection seems to be the norm rather than the exception these days. Not trying to scare you off though @clever-username, it's great that you're putting yourself out there.
  8. @myladylove if I understand the context correctly, your current profile picture counts as a genetic photo. It is not just the stock outline for someone who lacks a photo, but it also does not depict you (unless you are a songbird in real life, in which case bravo on your ability to type with your beak.)
  9. What you emailed didn't sound creepy or repulsive at all. It just sounded like a thoughtful student indicating that they valued the class. I've yet to hear an instructor complain about positive feedback from students. Often it's the opposite and instructors feel like they're talking into the void because they don't hear back once class ends. You made a considerate gesture. Don't worry about it.
  10. Hello there! Looking forward to reading your contributions.
  11. Checking her out in a nonagressive way sounds like it was a good way to calm down while the paperwork got sorted. Glad to hear that went through with the ID. Do you get chances to go out and about without your mom along? I can see how that might get awkward.
  12. Are there any friends beside your bestie that you could ask for help? Not necessarily anything too big but one day of childcare for instance. Also agreed with @Hungry that this is a good opportunity to reevaluate dynamics between you and DH. He may be happy to help, and you are just reading into things because you feel guilty about being dependent. Alternatively he may be genuinely irked at you, in which case he's being frankly unreasonable. Either way he will gain a greater appreciation for how much you normally do. Also it is good for the kids to see that things don't need to be perfect all the time. By prioritizing your recovery over keeping everything tip top around the house, you are setting a positive example of self care for them. Regardless I wish you a speedy recovery.
  13. Haha yes, I am usually that person who has worked out an intricate decision tree in my head, only to be snapped out of it by irritated throat clearing and realize I've done nothing with the physical cards. Does it come in an Android version?
  14. "Radical kindness" - now I'm imagining Marianne Williamson in a balaclava hijacking a bomber so it drops affirmations instead of weapons. XD