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  1. The exposure is predominantly from tobacco at this point and there is significantly more of it here than in California. I don't either of us were prepared for the extent to which that would cause a strain. @Apsalar15 has articulated the main thing giving me pause. People not wanting to be around me to avoid him seems even more severe than breaking things off with him directly.
  2. Well I was half raised by librarians, so maybe it's a Freudian thing
  3. I think he is willing to make positive changes. For instance he plans to start taking lemon balm nightly as this reduces the reaction.
  4. Often the ones who help you pick up the pieces are the best.
  5. Slight eyeroll that he was impressed by a woman capable of basic arithmetic, but I hope your date is enjoyable.
  6. Anti-vaccination opinions. Someone on the train was hitting on me in an obnoxious manner. Then because he apparently hadn't shot himself in the foot enough, he started rambling about how he never got the flu shot and never got sick. I told him that's nice for you but you could infect other people and it's not very responsible. After that I gave up any idea of letting him down easy.
  7. Haha who needs glass slippers when you have intranet? Looking forward to the next installment?
  8. Benefits of getting dumped: being sufficiently posses (in both the angry and drunk sense) to be a stone cold bitch to a guy hitting on me on the train rather than trying to spare his feelings. Also exaggerated coughing (which he responded to with an anti-vaxx tirade that doubled my determination)

    1. Sithandra


      Sounds like he was a real winner. (Insert sarcasm here)

    2. ChemFem


      Also that was supposed to say pissed not posses 0_0

  9. For the nurse in you, here's an article on nightshade allergies: Mood swings and depression are listed as symptoms. To me it is less a question of what is causing him to behave this way and more whether he can control it. In the same way that I would blame someone for being bipolar, I don't blame for him for his allergies, but the question of blame is largely beside the point if the person can't manage their symptoms sufficiently. To be clear no outbursts have been directed at me; I am in no danger of abuse. I just don't approve of how he treats others, in a "don't date someone who's rude to the waiter" kind of way.
  10. I just got dumped by my secondary partner because they don't like my primary. Not in the sense that they dislike the arrangement - they specifically dislike this individual. Normally my reaction to "it's me or them" is "I'm choosing the one who didn't make me choose." However, this is not the only person in my life who dislikes my boyfriend. Due to a belladonna allergy he has sporadic anger management problems when he has ingested something he is allergic to, such as chili peppers. That was actually demonstrated this morning when he got in an altercation with security on the train. I had half a mind to break up with him then and there. Maybe the conversation with my secondary would have gone a different way... They say the only common thread in your failed relationships is you, and I do cop to my fair share of baggage. However the saying doesn't entirely hold here. This is the second person who's broken up with me because they didn't like him. The first time, there were other issues, but with this most recent one it's literally the only reason. If I'm honest with myself the secondary partner is a much better fit for me. I think all three of us know that on some level and it's the source of some of the tension between us. Half the conversations with my primary partner lately have been about various problems in our relationship. It's not like we're married or engaged - the only formal thing holding us together is a lease that's up in July. Feel free to respond with "dump his ass already!" "this is why poly doesn't work" "you need to go to couples counseling and read xyz book to strengthen your primary relationship" "men suck!" "hugs" or any sentiment that strikes your fancy. Warning I am grumpy and sarcastic but I will restrain it as best as possible. /rant
  11. One Week by The Bare Naked Ladies. It came on the radio and I felt gutted. I was looking forward to dedicating that song to my partner at karaoke but they just broke up with me so I guess that's not happening.
  12. Welcome! It sounds like your experience with the guy from work was pretty positive and you were able to affirm each other's bisexuality. Do you have anyone in your life currently who is similarly affirming?
  13. Ouch. In some ways she is doing you a favor by refusing her toxic company, but I'm sure it doesn't feel that way for you right now. I don't think it's a general lesbian trait at all, simply her immature manner of dealing with emotions.
  14. Ramble away! It's your blog after all. Sounds like you have been through the wringer but are coming out the other side. Unemployment sucks but a family that is supportive of your situation. Congrats to you on your new job.
  15. Me neither, I only realized afterwards.