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  1. My potential research project is going to be inserting GFP into an oncolytic HSV vector. In layman's terms: I am going to make glow in the dark herpes to shoot into tumors. Sometimes I love being a bioengineer.

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    2. myladylove


      Wow, sounds impressive.

    3. yorkshiregirl


      Oh this sounds so cool!!! It would be excellent if it could be a warning to sexual partners if your genitals glowed in the dark!!!

    4. ChemFem


      It's not for clinical purposes, it's so we can image it in the lab. We want to learn more about how it spreads back from neurons to other types of cells. For most viruses, once they get into your nervous system it's a one way trip. Herpes can go back the other direction as well and that's part of the mechanism of latency.