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  1. Oh my, I figured out what happened. I confused @Violetta with @Veronica and tagged the wrong one! You both have lovely names but they sound similar and I had a brain fart. My apologies.
  2. There's something delightfully archaic about using wife as a verb. I love it!
  3. There's a lot to unpack here. To answer your titular question, it definitely sounds like you lean more lesbian, even if you have some interest in men in a fantasy context. If you merely expressed indifference towards men in real life, I'd just say "hooray, you're gay" and leave it at that. It does however sound like your disgust at everyday interactions with men is causing you considerable distress. If you can afford therapy, I would highly recommend it. It's helpful for everybody I think, but especially when dealing with complicated issues such as what role your father's behavior may have played in this. At any rate, welcome to ShyBi. We're certainly not mental health professionals, but we can provide support and first hand perspectives from other women who love women.
  4. It's not a matter of being a fraud, it's just the fact that many people seem to have a higher "burden of proof" for bisexuality. It's not fair and I think it's frankly intrusive anybody to prove their identity, but the fact is we live in a heteronormative society. People may give you less of a hard time if you can point to a history of dating men and women. What you do with that information is entirely up to you.
  5. I don't typically go for women over 30, but I seem to be developing an infatuation with the music librarian in the chorus I just joined, whom I estimate to be around 60. I doubt it will going anywhere beyond me admiring her as a musician and fellow human.
  6. Oh dear. The way you say that, I half expect it to be followed up by "it's not a threat, it's a promise."
  7. Hello! Good for you that you've already come out the first time. In my experience it's taking more than once for family to believe me, although friends are willing to take it at face value. Did realizing your bisexuality contribute to the split with your boyfriend?
  8. Much better. I wouldn't object to a thread in fantasies and erotic stories though...
  9. No I did intend to tag you. You said you found out your friend is bi and I'm curious what if anything you did with that information afterwards.
  10. My gynecologist is the same doctor that delivered me when I was born, so thinking of her in a sexual way feels positively Oedipal. However if I switched providers I suppose I might become aroused during an examination.
  11. Likewise "All that is gold does not glitter". An important but difficult thing to remember when you are struggling to retain self-worth.
  12. Would you describe that once more, with additional detail?
  13. Yeah I worry about this too. I try to send out queer vibes as much as possible to minimize uncertainty about whether I like women (I do! You for example, queen of the metro *doffs fedora*) As you can tell from that excerpt I'm pretty bad at flirting so I stick with regular conversation. I like it if somebody is willing to engage me on a serious subject like physics or Cryptocurrency. We don't need to bare our souls on first meeting, but I'd rather nt chat endlessly about the weather.
  14. That's great that he supports you and her being together despite lacking interest in threesomes.
  15. @Violetta now that you know your friend is bi have you come out to her as well?
  16. So happy you posted this. I was gonna add it but then saw you had suggested it already.
  17. You've already established (to her) that you sometimes go on "dates" with female coworkers, so it won't seem odd if you invite her out for something similar. If she wants to make it a romantic evening, fantastic. If not, you still get fun quality time with a friend.
  18. Yeah really the poor hosting seems like a bigger infringement than taking eight months to decide to break up. @BenedettaC you make a good point that indecision is understandable, but making yourself cruel to make a decision stick is not the way to go.
  19. Still angry on your behalf for that episode. It's a shame that society teaches women to be so non-confrontational. Often, there ends up being more hurt than if the conflict was out in the open. I think this is the quality people generally mean when they talk about cattiness.
  20. Are you still keeping her in the friend zone?
  21. Hehe that's fair. It seemed though like one thing people regularly said they missed on here was the chat feature. From the sounds of it that's not likely to come back to the main site any time soon, due to technical issues and concerns about privacy. This way we can at least try to emulate it on a different platform.
  22. Seems like a good time to bump this thread as changes to the site are under discussion.
  23. Now just waiting for the wave of responses that say Black Panther.
  24. I dreamt about having to interrupt the wedding of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to raise an objection regarding the Wizarding Wars. Possibly a carryover from attending my cousin's wedding last week. Thankfully there were no objections or Death Eaters.