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  1. I have some arthiritus in my knees and general pains that goes with being nearly 53 ...and I also have weight gain and feel just the same as you ....it's hard at times....
  2. Hi I'm in Essex
  3. Hi Natasha, nice to meet you, I have just come on here....have been bi-curious for a long time (I'm 52 now) only really had 1 friendship that's gone anywhere and it was years ago in my early teens....I'm on here because I just need to be able to say how I feel ....out loud if you like!! I find it frustrating, and my fantasies are only ever with women ...how I'm ever going to turn them into a reality I don't know
  4. Hi all I am also in my early 50's and wanting to experience touching and kissing another woman....can't believe I actually have said it!! But I do
  5. Hi in reply to your initial post....I know exactly how you feel ...and I am in exactly the same position as you .....I have only just found here ....it's comforting to feel I have things in common with others
  6. Hello thank you, bit new to this. Bit more about me, I'm early 50's and married for 28 yrs this year, happily. As a young woman I do remember having some encounters with my best friend, she was beautiful but we were young and I put it down to growing up and experimenting ....but I found myself thinking about those moments for many years off and on. Anyway time has marched on and now I'm in my 50's and I actually feel I need to talk someone who may feel as I do ...I don't feel I can talk to my husband ....not sure what he would think and to be honest I don't want to upset the apple cart....but when I was searching on the internet for info on Bi Curious...I found here and thought it may help me to be able to talk openly about how I feel...and my thoughts. I suspect I am just 1 of many , But I know that I would love to experience a woman now I'm older .... doubt that is ever going to happen but I hope maybe 1 day it might , Thank you for listening
  7. Not sure if I'm doing this right!! I'm here becoz I'm curious .... very curious ... I should add that I'm nervous....but I'm hoping someone willl talk to me about how I feel...or allow me to tell how I feel and think I have for some time ....