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  1. Relaxing after a busy day of induction for uni placement
  2. Im so happy for you and excited for you also x
  3. @Cute&Curious hes known since i met him 5 yrs ago. Maybe its me at the moment. Ive been so stressed out and busy. By the time i get to bed i need to sleep and he always watches an hour of tv before he goes to sleep at about 1130. Maybe just tired.
  4. I love him and i know he does love me. I just feel so confused. I think i need to do some major thinking
  5. Does anyone else here have times where they wish that things were different so life would be a lot easier? My boyfriend had a go at me last night because i did not want sex. I do love him so much but im not into sex as much as i should be. Its becoming really difficult and i dont know if its just because i was really tired last night or because of who i am. When i was trying to fight who i was it was easier in the relationship but now i accept it i feel more confident in being bisexual it seems that my relationship is nonexistant. Sometimes i think if i pretended i was straight everyone would be happy. I feel so confused right now
  6. Hi and welcome. Its a fab place where u can just be yourself. Look forward to getting to know you x
  7. laugh
  8. @Eyes_opened that is an amazing journey, very inspirational I hope I can figure out what I need to
  9. Hi. Welcome. This is a great place to be. X
  10. When is it bed time im completely exhausted x
  11. I sometimes wonder if i am just bisexual or lesbian and i dont want to admit that to myself. I have a boyfriend but i always feel something is missing but also the being intimate part isnt what it should be though. I do 'look' at woman more than men....actually thinking about it the only man i have refered to as gorgeous is a gay friend. Confuses me. My boyfriend knows i am bisexual as i was honest when we met almost 5 yr ago which he says is a phase...long phase of 28 years lol.
  12. Trying to find the energy to get started on my uni assignment.....
  13. I am a freckled red head (dyed purple at mo lol) but blue eyes. Used to want green but now i love my eyes