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  1. Hey

    Hi welcome to the group. X
  2. Hi and welcome to the group
  3. Me too. If i said i was on here it would not go down well. Well a girls gotta have some secrets haha
  4. Hi. Welcome. Its a lovely place to be for help and support. Lots of like minded people of all ages.
  5. @Rosely hi hunni and welcome. you definately are not alone. I can understand how you feel in the sense of confused and half wanting them to go away. I was the same. I knew from age 13 i was not the same as other girls and i have had a couple of relationships with females when at college at 17. Im 41 now and im ok with it...just.
  6. Ed Sheeran Galway Girl at the moment haha
  7. Bit of bananarama in the car haha
  8. Hey, just popping in to say Hello. Your intrests are excellent. I did have to look up what Rieki was though, looks pretty unique. Hope your doing great :)

    1. angelbabe


      Hi. Hope ya well. Yes doing fab. Just sitting chilling in the sun having a BBQ. :lol:

    2. JadeBleu15


      So jealous!! Lol Have fun :)

    3. angelbabe


      We did then a nice cycle to the shop and back....quicker than driving haha

  9. Bit of Ultrabeat...pretty green eyes at the mo while i tidy up
  10. haha fab will look forward to that
  11. Haha i hope so. I have 9 yrs to go haha
  12. Hi and welcome. Hope you enjoy being here. Its a lovely group
  13. Hi

    Thankyou. Yes i have found my way around. Its fabulous. Love it
  14. Oh dear.... 15 yrs is sooooo long lol
  15. As a teen i had kylie belinda and madonna on mine haha