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  1. Ed sheerans divide album
  2. Other people and vinyl records
  3. Northumberland here
  4. Im liking joseph morgan (Klaus) and claire holt (rebekah) from the originals at the moment and ian somerhalder (damon) from vampire diaries. ❤️
  5. Hi all. Not been around in a while. So busy with university work and xmas build up. Hopefully im around more now

  6. Belinda Carlisle. Had the crush for 30 years now. Saw her in concert this month and wow she blew me away. Love her
  7. Relaxing after a busy day of induction for uni placement
  8. Im so happy for you and excited for you also x
  9. @Cute&Curious hes known since i met him 5 yrs ago. Maybe its me at the moment. Ive been so stressed out and busy. By the time i get to bed i need to sleep and he always watches an hour of tv before he goes to sleep at about 1130. Maybe just tired.
  10. I love him and i know he does love me. I just feel so confused. I think i need to do some major thinking
  11. Does anyone else here have times where they wish that things were different so life would be a lot easier? My boyfriend had a go at me last night because i did not want sex. I do love him so much but im not into sex as much as i should be. Its becoming really difficult and i dont know if its just because i was really tired last night or because of who i am. When i was trying to fight who i was it was easier in the relationship but now i accept it i feel more confident in being bisexual it seems that my relationship is nonexistant. Sometimes i think if i pretended i was straight everyone would be happy. I feel so confused right now
  12. Hi and welcome. Its a fab place where u can just be yourself. Look forward to getting to know you x
  13. @Eyes_opened that is an amazing journey, very inspirational I hope I can figure out what I need to
  14. Hi. Welcome. This is a great place to be. X
  15. When is it bed time im completely exhausted x