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  1. That's so nice to hear BenedettaC, glad your family have been so accepting. I know unfortunately from my brother coming out as gay that some relatives aren't great with that sort of news, and I have some close, straight, female friends that I'm really unsure which way they'd take it. Time will tell I guess. Only one way to find out! Aww thank you that's so sweet
  2. No worries, I totally understand! Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out
  3. I'm really relieved but out of everyone she's the person I felt I could trust with it the most, who doesn't already know I mean. So glad she was so lovely about it, feel a bit better about being more open with people, though I doubt others will take it so well, that's a problem for another day though, today I'm happy with my lot
  4. Just spoke to her. She was so, so lovely about it, even asked who my celebrity crushes are. She was a bit shocked that I'd been with a girl we both knew in college but was totally cool about it all. I guess time will tell now whether anything is different but we're already texting as usual about guys she's speaking to on tinder so feels pretty uneventful!
  5. Pretty broad question, I've only ever dated binary men and women before (though one went on to identify as gender fluid, I still find them really attractive). I'm attracted to various non gender conforming people, I'm probably more accurately described as pansexual but I identify more with bi as a label - it's the word that released me and gave me meaning and a community, so apologies if that seems exclusionary to anyone. So yes, I absolutely wouldn't discount someone because they identify as trans. Though I'm married so it's all a moot point for me
  6. Will do, it's 11pm nearly here so think she must have gone to bed. We chat on the phone around that time pretty often, the one time she doesn't answer
  7. She didn't answer, bollocks. Nervous for the call back now!
  8. Fuck it. I'm going to do it. So far only my husband and brother know (apart from exes and old college friends). My best friend is like a sister to me, so if I'm going to start with anyone it has to be her. Wish me luck! Going to call her now...
  9. I've had a search and looked through the threads I thought might be related to this and no joy. Is there an app I can use rather than logging in via my phone browser?
  10. She's really hot but when she talks I just hear Meg from Family Guy I totally would though
  11. I've been putting it out into the universe for over 15 years
  12. I used to have this poster in my room as a teenager
  13. I've loved Alyson Hannigan since like forever ago. Current crushes include about half the cast of Game of Thrones (Daenerys Targaryen if forced to pick just one), I'm re-watching Tru Blood, I love Anna Paquin anyway so Sookie, Eric and of course Alceed Also not TV or film but I'm finding Deanne Smith the comedian really cute, she's so funny too.
  14. Alyson Hannigan doesn't hang around Liverpool much unfortunately haha