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  1. Hello been a while since i first posted about myself on here but log on most days to read others stories which makes me feel better just thought id give the ladies on here a liitle update a few days ago i did the thing Bi Tri Mama suggested about looking in the mirror and saying im bi curious id never said it out loud before even to myself and i sware i felt a weight lift from me i now do this everyday when i get ready for work it rerally helps, i feel much more at ease with myself now and know i want to explore my feelings still dont know if im ready to tell my husband i still love him but have not wanted or had sex with him since these feelings came to the fore my attraction to otherwomen seems to be getting stronger with each day and fantasize about been with one all of the time is this normal i worry about not wanting my husband sexually as i do love him anddont want to hurt him
  2. This site is the only time i have spoken or wriitten about my feelings i realise ive spent a lot of time /years pushing them to the back of my mind been in denial i suppose but cant /dont wont too anymore i know i have a couple of freinds who would be wonderful and supportive if i came out to them but just dont feel ready sorry if some of this sounds a bit rambling but just trying to sort my head and thoughts out xxx
  3. My Husband Doesn't Know Im on here or about the feelings i have
  4. i have quite alot of Girl Crushes kate Gallaway one of my favorites a good reason to watch morning telly
  5. Hi Thank you all for your kind messages only been on this site for a day and was nervous about joining but just reading other ladies stories and experiences messages have made me feel so much better its nice to know im not alone in feeling this way
  6. that's sounds exactly the same as me the touching and porn seemed so wrong at first the feelings for wanting another woman have built up over a couple of years now I ache to be with another girl
  7. 1 have a woman explore my body lots of kissing touching and massage. And me explore hers 2 get dirty in a shower with another women. 3 kiss another woman 4 be fingered by another woman in a public place 5 be seduced by woman I've just met
  8. Hi I'm married have been happily for 10 years and very Bi Curious I think always been attracted to other women but never acted on it apart from one kiss with a friend in my teens which I liked too much so shoved it to the back of my mind as I've got older I'm 41 over the last couple of years the feelings have got stronger and I've found myself checking out women like I used to with guys recently on a weekend break with my husband I felt really really attrached to one of the bar staff there I had butterflies in my stomach and tingled when I spoke to her I expected to feel guilty as my husband was there but it made. me feel nice and it felt right I haven't told my husband any of this apart from the kiss as a teen and don't know if I can but these feelings are in my head all the time it's like I don't know who I am or want feel so confused and scared