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  1. Welcome!
  2. Oh, TOTALLY hear you there! We are reading Sex at Dawn together, which brings up a lot of those questions and has spurred some good conversations. We are also grappling with leaving behind our faith and traditional values, which is really scary. But we're in it together and our relationship has grown immensely through this process.
  3. Welcome! You'll definitely find great support and others in similar situations here. I, for one, have been with my husband for 21 years, and we are grappling with some of the very same issues.
  4. Yes, gorgeous skies, for sure!
  5. Hello! What part of Colorado? I've got family in Denver and out west near Rifle. I'm one state over in KS. Nice to meet you!
  6. At the end of last month, I went to my dh's high school reunion with him, and we spent a lot of time with a couple of his close friends that we've hung out with several times. Then, last weekend, we went out with them again. One couple has been married for almost 20 years. She is beautiful and bi and he is just hot. The other couple is newly engaged, second marriages for both; creative types, tattooed, HOT. We have so much fun together. I feel more real and comfortable in my skin with these people than most of my friends or acquaintances. So, no surprise, I guess; I started fantasizing about being intimate with them all. At the same time. The six of us. OMG. Then I told dh about it, and we had a really interesting discussion. I asked him if he would be weirded out by being naked with other men, and he said no. We talked about various aspects of the fantasy and why I thought it was so hot. He said "I am open to new experiences with you." That's all I needed to hear. Then we had amazing sex.
  7. In my 30's. I don't think I was comfortable saying "I am bisexual" until this summer...at 36.
  8. Another very young self-pleaser here. Can't remember my first orgasm for sure, but they happened regularly throughout my childhood and adolescence. First partnered orgasm? I experienced some mild clitoral climaxes from grinding with my then-boyfriend-now-husband in my late teens. We didn't have intercourse until we married when I was 19, and I found it much more difficult to climax during that.
  9. Hello! I'm in the US. Tell us more about yourself? And welcome!
  10. Welcome to the club! I'm also married going on 18 years; 4 kids; supportive but cautious husband, and just hanging out here enjoying the company!
  11. Welcome! New here too. Loving it so far!
  12. Wow! Love this thread! Fantasy fodder for days...there goes my productivity.
  13. That's what mine does too.
  14. Thanks so much for chiming in! I will check out those books. We are definitely committed to preserving our marriage above all, and if that means just keeping my fantasies in my head and keeping the bedroom door closed to others, that's fine with me. We had a good talk yesterday about the importance of being rational and knowing the kind of people we are and how each of us may be affected by the reality of me having a relationship with someone else. I'm glad that my husband is open and supportive of all of who I am, and that he also knows me well enough to know that opening that door could be detrimental to our marriage and family. The last thing I want is to hurt anyone in the process of exploring my sexuality, and when intense feelings get involved, which they certainly would, that is a distinct possibility.
  15. Thank you. I should've said, I've been married for almost 18 years, and with my husband for 21. I never had or at least never recognized feelings for women until after we were married, and then it really caught me by surprise. I spoke with my husband about it then, but he basically dismissed it as being feelings of inadequacy or something. He is much more open now.