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  1. OK. So. I have now had two experiences with women. No sex yet, but making out, touching, etc. With the first, I really wanted it to work, but there wasn't really a spark. Chemistry wasn't there. It was nice kissing her and all, and she was pretty and sexy, and nice, but it wasn't the right fit. With this one, OMG, The sparks are FLYING. The first time we got together one-on-one, we started kissing and didn't want to stop. It was so sensual. Hands on each others' faces, necks, chests, backs, hair, hips, breasts. So sweet and soft. With the first, I was nervous. I enjoyed kissing her, but the thought of going further with her made me feel self-conscious and unsure. I realize now that's because the desire and the connection weren't there. Now, I feel like it will all just flow so effortlessly and naturally, because I WANT her so much. I am connected with her mind and her heart, which strengthens the desire. I can't wait to be with her again and just hold her close. Feel her breathing. Touch her skin. Push her hair out of her face. Kiss her lips. The thought of going further excites me to no end. I want to pull her shirt up and kiss her breasts. I want...um. I'd better stop...I want it ALLLLLL. And now I'm sure I will have it. And I am floating on air. Sigh. And it's not just about the sex. That's what makes it so good. She wants a relationship. Connection. Communication. A future. With me, AND my husband. That's what I wanted. I'm living the dream.
  2. Ok, I teased, but I'll give you a real-life example as an encouragement. Dh and I decided we really wanted a triad. It seemed impossible that we would find the right girl, that was interested in both of us, that we were both attracted to, etc. I told him one day, "We just have to be open to whatever the Universe brings us." Long story short (you can read the longer story here: http://www.shybi.com/forums/index.php?/topic/118120-things-have-progressed-quite-a-bit/) the Universe brought us THE PERFECT WOMAN for us. No lie. On my first solo date with her, I told her what I'd said to hubby, and she put her hands together in a praying gesture and said "And I said memememememe!"
  3. Big, big update. We had the double date. It was fun. Then I had a little day hang-out with just her, and she kissed me before I left. Then, she and I got together for wine and chocolate and had a nice evening, and as we were leaving, she snuck me into a dark corner to make out for a minute. Finally, we all 4 got together at their house and had dinner and drinks. We had talked before hand about the fact that I was not interested in being intimate with her husband, and we agreed that she and hubby wouldn't interact either to keep it fair. So, it was mostly she and I making out and a little bit more, with each of us interacting with our own husbands. Anyway, it all went OK, but after processing it a bit and thinking about whether I wanted it to go further, I realized I really didn't. So, we broke that off and kept looking... Not too long after, we got back on Feeld and re-connected with the woman who had sent us nudes and then ghosted back at the beginning of all this... She gave us some excuse about how she'd gotten busy with work and then we were gone when she tried to get back in contact. About the same time, we also connected with this mystery woman who didn't have any face pics on her profile but sounded just perfect. We started chatting with her, and she confided that she wasn't really on Feeld to find anyone, but that her pics were being used by someone to catfish people and she was trying to find out who. We continued chatting, and eventually, she sent us a picture...it was the face of the "woman" who had been sending us nudes! But this was really her! We were so shocked! So, somehow, we had matched with both this catfish using this beautiful woman's face, and the beautiful woman who is real and intelligent, and independent and AMAZING. So, as we keep chatting with her, we find out that she has been practicing open relationships and has three boyfriends, but has been wanting to explore with a woman, and is also open to dating couples. *Gasp!* Fast forward a bit, we met her in person. She is just as amazing (if not more) as we imagined, she likes us both, she is open and honest, a great communicator, very nurturing,has great self-awareness and boundaries, and is SMOKIN' HOT. Like, literally, this woman is the manifestation of all of my hopes and dreams. But I'm not that excited... *blush.* I had a one-on-one date with her the day after we all met, and OMG. We connected in such an amazing, intimate way. She is wise beyond her years, and just SO loving and thoughtful. We talked, she rubbed my back and my neck, she played with my hair, we held hands, and then she asked if it was too soon to kiss me. I said "no," and once we started, we didn't want to stop. OMG. It was amazing beyond belief. So. Today, hubby is on his first solo date with her. Just lunch at her house. Getting to know each other. Probably some kissing... This was hard for me for a minute, but in this moment, I am so happy. I want each of us to have an independent relationship with the other, as well as a three-way relationship. She wants this too. I am so hopeful and grateful for where we are headed. OK, that was a novel. I'll stop for now.
  4. Keep whispering...it worked for me!
  5. I do. I also may have embellished it a tad with my waking imagination. ;)
  6. Night before last I had a dream that dh and I had a girlfriend. In the dream, I knew that we'd had sexy time all together the night before. I didn't actually remember it, but I had some pictures on my phone. It was the next day, and dh had gone to work. The girlfriend was in our bedroom getting ready for the day. I walked in quietly to see her standing completely nude in front of the closet. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her torso and kissed her shoulder. I told her I was craving some one-on-one time with her. I caressed her soft little breasts as I kissed the back of her neck and she took a deep breath and reached her hand back to grope at my leg. Then she turned and kissed me passionately. I quickly removed my clothes with her help, and our bodies melted into one another. Arms pulling, hips pushing, breasts brushing each other, hair falling around our shoulders. She bent her knees and lowered herself to the floor, pulling me down with her. I sat on the carpet with my back propped against the wall, and she straddled my waist, rubbing her crotch against my abdomen. She leaned forward to kiss me, and her hair brushed my breasts. I put my hands on her hips and rocked her against me as she arched her back and I leaned in to take her nipple in my mouth. She took a sharp breath in and moaned as she put her fingers into my hair and pulled my head closer to her chest. I continued to tease her nipple with my tongue. She moved her left leg down in between my legs, moving her mound closer to mine. I felt the heat and wetness of her pussy and I pushed into her as she ground her clit against me. Our lips found each other again as our breath quickened with the rocking and grinding. I wrapped my arms around her waist as we both reached the height of ecstasy and let out moans and groans of delight. Then we melted into a puddle of satisfaction, our legs entangled, and our hands enjoying the softness of one another's skin. Hmmm. Yeah.
  7. Up-ditty-date. We have continued texting pretty much daily, while dh and I have continued searching dating sites for any other possibilities. We also went to a "Lifestyle" club while we were out of town for our anniversary. Had fun people-watching and dancing, but definitely cemented the fact that we are not swingers. Lol.... But, we're still open to a relationship with a couple if it were to work well for all involved parties. Our double date is tomorrow night. Sigh, We've been back and forth between optimism and pessimism regarding this situation. It really all hinges on the husband at this point, I suppose. Dh and I both like her pretty well and would be cool with moving forward with a relationship with her, but we just don't know how we'll get along with him. Dh is opening more and more to the idea of me starting a solo relationship with a woman, but he is still afraid of feeling left out, and he still wants any relationship I have to be open to the possibility of turning into a triad...IDK.
  8. Lol! Oops. Thanks for asking, @Confusedin2013! It was a lovely time. She is a lovely woman. I don't know that I felt "sparks" or chemistry or anything, but maybe that will develop if we become friends first? We plan to do a double date with the guys soon and see how we all hit it off. We'll see. I don't feel super hopeful about it today, but I'm remaining open.
  9. Thanks for the reality check, @BenedettaC. We do need to be clear about these things. I started a conversation with her tonight about what their specific desires are, and what ours are. It may turn out that those don't line up, but we can all still be friends. I feel like we can explore this as a possibility yet not close ourselves to other possibilities.
  10. This is good to hear. I really hope it works out this way. So far, it seems like we both want the same things, we have similar interests, similar values, similar lifestyles. I am amazed and excited that we found each other. We've been texting really regularly, and she is so sweet and sexy and smart. I can't wait to see her in person. I am dreaming about kissing her and playing with her hair, but telling myself we have to take it slow!! And, the aspect of our two guys makes things interesting. I hope we all get along and have a great time together, but it's hard to say!
  11. So...threesome chick is ghosting us. Dh is disappointed. I'm not too heartbroken. Couple chick has continued to be sweet and flirty via text, and we've set a date to meet and have a drink (this Sunday!). I'm happy about this, even if just for a potential good friend who I can talk with about bi/poly whatever stuff. We talked about doing a double date too as soon as we can fit it into our schedules.
  12. Yay, @Wisleia Go, girl! So exciting.
  13. Welcome to the site! Nice to meet you.
  14. You're absolutely right, and inknow that. Im just like a kid in a candy store right now because this is the first time in my LIFE I've seriously considered the prospect of casual sex, and the first time in 21 years I've seriously considered sex with anyone other than my husband. I never had that wild and carefree period of my life. I dated my husband for 3 years and didn't have intercourse with him until we were married. Willpower indeed.
  15. I do really like where things are going with the couple, on the other hand. Much more slowly, with an emphasis on getting to know each other. Much more common interest outside of sex. Much more respectful and interested in intelligence and kindness. We're about the same age and both have kids. We've ended up in this weird place where we have options which are on opposite ends of the spectrum: one that's fun, fast paced, no-strings-attached, and all surface-level. The other that's more of an investment of time and emotions, but has the potential to be a deep and loving experience. Hmmm. Is it completely selfish to want to indulge both?