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  1. Prince's "Purple Rain" Album
  2. Yasss! No one around here appreciates! I mix it up and change it out a bit. right now: A-Flat ~ Black Violin Just Like Fire ~ P!nk Pause ~ Pitbull Hey Boy Hey Girl ~ The chemical Brothers I See You Baby ~ Groove Armada Runnin' ~ Pharrell Guerrero ~ Yerba Buena Like a G6 ~ Far East Movement Love On Top ~ Beyonce Wild Things ~ Alessia Cara Snap Yo Fingers ~ Youngbloodz Something Just Like This ~ The Chainsmokers My House ~ Flo Rida Dance Apocalyptic ~ Janelle Monae Fire Under My Feet ~ Leona Lewis and a bunch of others
  3. A cabin by the lake in The Ozarks, in western Missouri. Horses, archery range, hiking, fishing, boating, and when my youngest needed human interaction, a game zone. A great place to enjoy the ones you loves. If money was not an issue, what would be your dream job?
  4. I love pizza! I'm going to try the zucchini and cauliflower crust. I just tried roasted zucchini wedges with light seasoning. Very good. My favorite marinade for grilled chicken has been lemon juice and garlic.
  5. I'm going through a similar situation. I was raised in a christian household. Around the time I realized I liked girls, my brother told my mom that he liked boys. He said he had feelings, but he hadn't done anything. My mom did not respond well at all. She made him feel like the 'black sheep' of the family and that was the least of her crimes. The experience scared me into the closet. Now I'm married to a good man, we have three children, and go to church regularly. Unfortunately, that is were I run into most of the bigots. I approach it as my personal life and my personal relationship with God are my business and no one else. I seek God for myself, but I don't drink the religious rules Kool-Aid. I'm not so much in the closet anymore, but I haven't made any public declarations. People close to me know by our interactions.
  6. Thanks! The cauliflower is a great idea.
  7. As I get older I've learned that I have to change my habits to stay healthy. I hate the word "dieting" it makes me feel like I'm being punished. Staying active is the easy part for me. However, due to health issues I gained 30 pounds. Now that I'm stable, I discovered that my activity level, 1 hour of exercise a day, 4-5 days a week only maintains my current weight. After keeping a dairy of my eating habits, I learned I was taking in too many carbs. So I'm looking at low carbs food that I actually enjoy, or can grow to appreciate. For instance, I eat more poached eggs now, because they are low carb and offer the protein I need. You ladies are all over the world. Please share low carb foods that you like, so that I can try them out and keep meals exciting. That way it is a lifestyle change that I can maintain instead of I diet I will quit in 3 months. Recipes are great too!
  8. It is episode by episode and only on episode 4, which airs Sunday. We only get 9 episodes this season.
  9. I'm watching the new Star Trek Discovery TV series. So far, so good. It takes place before Captain Kirk and the Enterprise.
  10. It would not matter if I knew for my own information. However, I would hate it if my friend did not feel she could talk to me about it, if she wanted to. What does that say for our friendship? I would most likely think about the possibility of growing our relationship, but I don't see it changing negatively.
  11. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt I share this concept with young people often.
  12. I choreographed a lap dance for my husband and it drove him wild! Pick a song you can work with and the rest will fall into place. And I did not let him touch me until I was finished. There was a bit of a strip tease in there as well. I know it's corny, but Pony by Ginuwine works just about everyone up. When I'm with my husband, I really like the side position with him on his knees and one leg over his shoulder. I like to see things. When I was with women, me on my knees, her slightly reclined with my head between her legs.
  13. I played this with my kids this past weekend and we had a blast! Thanks, amsterrock!
  14. Thanks for that. I don't want it to change her view of me, but I've always been so open with her. I always encouraged them that being happy with themselves mattered more the pleasing anyone else, including their parents. @NooBi, I remember that our conversation about the first girl she liked came naturally. She was still pretty nervous though.