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  1. Lol.... yes they feel good in my mouth & they're so sensitive that tingle feels so good... especially as I'm massaging my clit!
  2. Meeting a girl, exchanging words, whispering in her ear that I want her to fuck me, & letting her do so.... that is all
  3. Since I started playing with my nipples while I masturbate I can't leave them alone while I masturbate.... I drive myself crazy. My boobs are small but I do lick my nipples occasionally when they look really good
  4. What she said! Yes to this! Yes staring in her eyes as she comes toward me... kissing, sucking, and licking my cum from her before I return the pleasure... starting with her nipples, etc etc etc............
  5. Hi! You're beautiful.  I love your profile pic! 

    1. Tpearl002


      Hey! How are you? Thank you so much! :air_kiss:

    2. Aunna


      Im great, thank you!  New to this site... still learning.. lol 

       How's your day going? 

    3. Tpearl002


      It's was kind of I'm home relaxing now so everything is good. How is your day?

      It took me a little bit to get use to the site myself. It's pretty easy to navigate once you get use to it.


  6. Yes! I'm clenching my thighs together right now
  7. I want this so much... glad someone has the guts!
  8. My soul.... is orange:*))
  9. So apparently I'm not bicurious after all & I'm bisexual. Ha! I'm also not at all surprised now bring her here! Lol...
  10. I'd tell my fiance I want a casual gf so he could approach her for me lol
  11. Know it alls, people who brag and boast all the time, & snobs who are rude as a way to feel better about themselves.
  12. Yes yes & yes.......
  13. Me too... & the sites I've been on are just too sketchy. Couples who arent being honest, etc.. Wish we could do meet & greets.