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  1. When people put milk in the cup before the hot water
  2. People breathing heavily or chewing their food loudly!
  3. looking back on old photos or videos, what makes you cringe?!
  4. What would be on the gag reel of your life? Those moments when the audience that has been watching your life bursts out in laughter. So mine is really quite embarrassing, but I have a tendency to walk into glass doors, it's happened more times than I'd like to admit. A gym I visited dedicated a lovely post on social media once when I walked into their doors leaving the gym.! I'm so clumsy and honestly the more elegant (or normal) I try to be the clumsier I am! ha, but we have to laugh eh.
  5. Having a morning off and getting to the gym, receiving a fist pump mid work out from a randomer which encouraged me to keep going despite thinking I would collapse
  6. @angel-8 I'm Irish and Ive always disliked my accent, so many different Irish accents for a small country. What part are you from?
  7. I only watched the first episode and really enjoyed it, think I'll watch it again this evening, have a Netflix binge. I've also started orphan black. That's quite good so far too!
  8. I'm just starting a series on Netflix called Grace and Frankie. Anyone else watched it?
  9. @Cute&Curious eeek my bad I am new to this site Thanks for informing
  10. Add a post to the forum to see if anyone is interested in meeting in the area. doesn't have to be romantic can make gay bi friends and maybe through that and others. Who knows. It would be nice to meet people from this site. Everyone is so lovely. X
  11. Hey girl, nothing wrong with being a cat lady. Do you have any gay friends with friends to introduce you to? This is how a lot of my friends met their partners. Don't be stressing, focus on you and I'm sure the right person will come along when your not looking and least expect it. Also happened to one of my friends, she gave up hope and low behold along comes her now fiancée. X
  12. I got the same results. And I am definitely not curious either ha!
  13. Nipples, they come in all different colours and sizes. This is something I have noticed more lately as I 'came' to realise big pink puffy nipples drive me crazy. I think I noticed this when I became aroused during a scene of the movie gone girl when Ben afleck removes Emily Ratajkowski's bra and out fall the most perfect beautiful pair. If you have not seen this scene and love puffy nipples, do watch it!! So ladies, what nipples turn you on?