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  1. Aww bless you @kairi. I feel your pain and am feeling exactly the same. I hope your sadness lifts soon x
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  5. After a tough week, dealing with emotions and illness, I'm getting back on track. Back to work today and all went well. It was good to be busy.

    1. lsroses


      Hope you're ok. Work can be a good distraction sometimes.

    2. ChemFem


      Being busy is a productive way of coping with difficult emotions.

  6. Laying on my side with everything entwined what is your favourite holiday/vacation destination? x
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  9. Just saying hi :-) Thanks for following

  10. Always need a cover no matter what the temperature and I sleep semi front,semi side ( if you drew round me I would look like something from a crime scene! Lol) and I normally put a foot out at some point in the night x