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  1. southern star

    Bitter and Crisp

    beautiful NoOne xo "I'm moaning all the morning, and mourning all the night and in between there's nicotine and not much heart to fight black coffee."
  2. hi caliwoman, thanks for sharing this story. How are you travelling now? Have you met someone else who can help with your ability to form healthy and secure attachments? I felt anger towards your therapist because her behaviour sounds unprofessional, unethical and disempowering. i am a social worker, who works to get myself out of a job. The sooner people no longer require the services my organisation offers the better! I'm not into the sickness and suffering industries often disguised as 'health systems' or 'therapy'. You are a person, who needn't feel any shame for asking for help. You are not 'someone's dairy cow'. Sorry I'm ranting due to anger felt above please take care and let us know how you're going.
  3. southern star

    Any Science/physics Nerds Out There?

    throughout my childhood and highschool I wanted to be an astrophysicist. This passion was a great way to learn about our world/s on multiple levels. I eventually realised I was more drawn to astrophotography, which I still include in my art practice today. I also love reading about scientists' stories, their personalities and journeys behind their discoveries.
  4. southern star

    tragic first..

    as i read your post, it felt like someone was squeezing my heart as though it's play dough; the empath in me feels the hurt, the squishing pain when things change for the worse. I hope writing about it has helped a little. I trust the moment will arise when you can share how you're feeling with her. Maybe since she's away, you can draw it? Allow pastels and colours to express the situation as you see/feel it? Let the rhythms of mark making release what's underlying your heart aching. You could keep it for yourself, tear it up, burn it or leave it for her to see. Perhaps it'll invite her to share where she's at too?
  5. please share, love poetry xo
  6. southern star

    She Will Never Know

    Hi NoOne, i found this out when i kept becoming infatuated with people who were either already attached or someone i barely knew. I realised my crushes, however real and heartfelt were based on fantasy rather then reality because deep down I was afraid. It was easier to just daydream about them, then act on my feelings because I had low self esteem and feared they wouldn't like me or they would turn out to be different then I imagined. I was emotionally unavailable because I didn't know what I wanted or could give to any relationship. it took learning how to have a healthy relationship with myself and understanding my own needs and values, to risk being honest and getting to know them for who they are too.
  7. southern star

    She Will Never Know

    There are many forms of intelligence: Intellectual, emotional, spatial, kinesthetic, social etc. It's too subjective, so not so sure about the sapio term. Still learning about these ideas about attraction and connection. It seems demi is about emotional connection and sapio is about mental attraction. (?) Both could be described as being on the same 'Wavelength' or sharing similar views and ways of being.
  8. southern star

    Still not over ex... Meeting the wrong people...

    ah my heart aches to hear your story. On the bright side, at least these people were able to be honest with you. It'd be harder if they kept stringing you along or had no awareness of what they can give to a relationship.
  9. southern star

    Short video about sexual fluidity

    Cheers, another label loses its stickiness to my identity, goodbye bisexuality, hello sexual fluidity.
  10. southern star

    She Will Never Know

    to throw a spanner in the works and i might be way off... Just something to ponder and apologies if this doesn't apply to you. Sometimes people are attracted to people who are unavailable because they're emotionally unavailable themselves. It's easier to love from afar without risking getting hurt. It's not at all pathetic, it's human, our hearts are made of vulnerability.
  11. southern star

    She Will Never Know

    keep your heart and mind open, you never know who you'll meet and what they may help you learn next (like D). I don't think it's limiting yourself by remaining true to yourself. if it's part of your identity then anyone genuinely interested in you will respect and want to understand you.
  12. southern star

    Don't You - a poem

    Ambiguous, charged by emotional energy, as though what you're feeling is an enemy; threatening to destroy while it actually deploys what is curious and furious the ever ambiguous ??
  13. southern star

    Anyone else writing a novel?

    yes, another novelist here. Next month local writers in my city will be challenging each other to write 50000 words in a month! Will probably not be on this site for a little while... Feel free to PM me cloudgazer is you ever want to chat about the joys of being a wordsmith.
  14. southern star

    Feminine Delights

    thank you, love the lens you see this virtual world through, inspires all sorts of desires - to create.
  15. southern star

    Feeling a bit trapped

    These also worked for me. i go by the saying, good luck is good preparation. Tree, i think these points might help Crd and others who also feel trapped.