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  1. I'm glad I found this place. Here's my Cliff Notes : I'm 47, divorced, 2 adult sons. I've been seperated/divorced (and therefore celibate) for 4.5 years. Lack of sex isn't as bad as the lack of physical intimacy. I miss that more than anything. Ive just recently - over the last couple years - realized that I have been physically and romantically attracted to women, but have never reLly identified as bi- anything until recently - and I would identify now as bi-curious. Im awkward enough around men, and i have no clue on how to meet other women, much less women that might be open to my bi-curiousness - most ads online I see for w2w were pretty forceful in the "no bi anything". I'm in the D.C. area. Help? Advice? Commiseration? Thanks....