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  1. FFS! Why do you have to be so wonderful while you break my heart? I know these feelings of mine need to end, but it hurts like a mofo. ( Painting tilted Unrequited Love)
  2. You are always free to unload here. Or! As my phone wants to write: Thor are already free to unjust
  3. I had told the guy in question that I had wanted to show him. And that if he asked nicely at some point I would show him. Then he asked. And I was happy to oblige. But I made it clear to him that I did not want a dick pic. I don't think he ever would have asked me if I hadn't said something. He would have thought that I would have been freaked out.
  4. @BenedettaC But wasn't the B-side "Power of Love"? Also a great song.
  5. Mostly sub, with the occasional desire to be dom. And this is all mild, too.
  6. This is still one of my favorite songs. I still really dig on this alternative, sonic, layered style. Graduated hs in 92, so this stuff + grunge is what I'm all about.
  7. @BenedettaC Groove Is In the Heart is one of my favorite songs ever ever.
  8. Both cars acting up= bad

    Not having money for a new car right now= bad

    Not having to go anywhere= priceless 

  9. Oof, @kairi. I'm sorry you're feeling heavy and sad right now.
  10. Woooo! Was this your first time? I can't wait to go down on a woman.
  11. I could blame @Esi.luna for my mental anguish, but Tumblr is really to blame.
  12. I shouldn't be so desperate to hear from you, but I am. Especially after the sad dream I had last night.
  13. NEW GAY ICON!!! lol
  14. We just do it with boobs on screens; not in real life. Yet.