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  1. Texting my therapist at 10:15pm to see if she can see me tomorrow. How's your night going?

  2. Sent the kids to bed and sat on a wet chair watching the sunset over the ocean. I will make it through this day.

    1. N00Bi


      Not bed, but their rooms. #gtfo

  3. I'm so glad to hear this. Radical kindness to yourself! I'm glad you're talking to your husband, too.
  4.  Day drinking: it's what's for lunch. 

    1. ChemFem


      Are you at least having a Bloody Mary or Mai Tai? If so you may be able to count it towards your daily produce servings.

    2. N00Bi


      Berries were involved at some point!

  5. Ooof. I'm so sorry. That's awful.
  6. It isn't really surprising, but also presents a slight problem in continuing on the "gay British guy" as villain tradition. I understand that the ultimate goal is to have representation at all levels as complete humans capable of good and evil, but I feel like we need a few more solid queer good guys and heroes first. I dunno. And, yes, I'm well aware that Loki is neither human nor British, but Tom Hiddleston is. And they're both FINE.
  7. I was planning on waiting and having that be our Christmas movie, but I don't know if I can wait.
  8. I have no sexual experience with women yet, so I don't know how I will act at that point, but I Am with You @annak. That is what I want. I want a good friend who I have fun with and once in a while have really hot sex. I do want to get hit on at a bar by a woman and make out with her or something. I've never had that with men or women. And I'm happy with my husband. I'm just a horndog.
  9. I got to go to target by myself today to buy presents for my kids from my sister, but I didn't enjoy it!!! Too crowded and overwhelming. 

    1. Hungry


      Happy Commercialism :wink:

    2. BellaLuna


      Whoo hoo! My favorite place :D

    3. SakuraGirl


      I am avoiding stores as much as possible and not doing much holiday shopping this year. I went to JCPenny's today and bought a gift for our work white elephant gift exchange and an ugly Christmas sweater for this Friday. Luckily it wasn't too crowded. 

  10. It's so hard to keep your distance when you want it so much. I totally get it. Every day i have to talk myself out of the thought, "I'M the one being a weirdo. You're friends. Be a friend and write to him!" NOT TODAY, SATAN!
  11. You got this. Don't feel bad about still feeling sad sometimes. WE DON'T DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP. Remember that all of this is who she is. When you think of all the good times and get wistful, that is an incomplete, imaginary version of her and your relationship. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this crap and I'm glad you're in a decisive place.
  12. Achievement unlocked: Classic Dad Mode. Having a beer after working on the yard and some plumbing.

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Achievement beers are the best. Cheers!

  13. Just wanted to say hello! 

    1. N00Bi