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  1. Hey! I'm on O'ahu! Welcome.
  2. Hi, Jenna! I'm from Livonia. I might visit this summer.
  3. relieved and pleased after sexting with them.
  4. shybi

    As far as staying in contact, we could make a secret fb group for those who are there. I'm also out on fb, ig, & Twitter, so I'm happy to friend people there. I've only been here for 6 months, but it has helped me a lot.
  5. I wish I could accept and be at peace with where we are.
  6. Do you still want me sometimes? Am I delusional?
  7. Sitting in the car; chilling while the kids are in archery.
  8. All the damn time.
  9. Loving two people is scary and hard. At least when it's still fairly new to me and not necessarily approved of.
  10. So painful and powerful.
  11. So glad you're here and I totally understand that relief. Most of us do.
  12. Coffee & cereal, then taking boychild with me to pick up a free corner cabinet.
  13. YAAAASSSSS I forgot about that aspect. I was feeling dead inside and needed to feel alive. That hasn't totally gone away.
  14. First of all, I am so glad to see you back. I know it doesn't mean that you are healed or anything, but it I know a lot of us were worried about you and wanted to know how you were doing. Thank you for writing this. I don't think it's weird at all. Any of it. My dad died almost a year ago now, and I am a completely different person. I have been unmade and I am still being made. And being extremely sexual has definitely been a part of it. Embracing myself as a very sexual being and not being ashamed of it. In my brain, it has just been a fact. This is me, this is something I want, and I'm taking it. So yeah, I've cheated on my husband. And I don't feel really guilty about it. And he and I have talked about it. I'm hoping we are on our way to some consensual non-monogamy. But I'm not ashamed of who I am and what I've done. I needed it. And I just wanted it. I have always figured that if my husband ever died, I would need some other guy to get me almost immediately. I would need a lot of sex. Or at least some really good fucking for a bit. Yes, I'm sure that there are some people who are surprisingly prudish in their thinking about this. For you. That you should be wearing black and sad all the time and all the stuff. They don't understand grief. They don't understand the up and down and back and forth. They don't understand that everything has been turned upside down and sometimes you just fucking need something. And that is how you survive. I totally get it if you don't even want to deal with the possibility of those attitudes from people. So keeping it a secret isn't the end of the world, just don't be ashamed of it. You are totally normal. I get you.