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  1. I like that bat shit crazy !
  2. my religion my faith is my rock without it I would be lost in this world .. I respect your opinion, But I don’t believe that God does terrible things I believe that people do and I just believe that life on General is challenging . Just because one struggles sometimes times in certain areas doesn’t mean that they still can’t have general peace contentment etc .. struggles and how one rises to the challenges helps one grow and mature ..don’t they say life is a journey not a destination ?
  3. Thank you for sharing . I’ve never had these feelings until I was about 40 . I always admired attractive women but never even a thought . Then when a mom in town hit on me I was thrown for a loop and started to question .. it’s been almost 10 years ... I still wonder .... I still question ...and I feel guilty ... but yet still wonder .. my thoughts are my best friend at times and my worst enemy at others .
  4. Thank you .. I know the Bible pretty well . I have a close personal relationship with Jesus . I know the word of God can be interpreted many ways .. Guilty in my thoughts and in my words has been ingrained in me .. very hard to reconcile with ones feelings at times . I appreciate your input ..
  5. Thank you .. such good insight !
  6. I was just wondering if anyone else feels guilty for having thoughts or attractions to women when a married mother and practicing Christian ? Sometimes the burden can be emotionally overwhelming and other times no so bad .. any thoughts ladies ?
  7. Bicurious to me - curious and intrigued to be with a woman but never have .. so if i am and enjoy it .. bisexual in my eyes solely my personal opinion
  8. Spring - if and when it ever comes !!!
  9. Kiss me softly ...
  10. Thanks I appreciate ! You too ! As much as people want to believe we are different we’re all very similar
  11. A teddy Bear !
  12. If you can make it there you’ll make it anywhere haha .. Now I’m scared !