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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve always been drawn to Latino women ..Something so super sexy . . Rose and I have very similar personalities so , we would have to share the domination Lol
  2. she’s super smokin’ .. thanks for sharing !
  3. I am very sorry for your loss . You are blessed to feel so loved by at least one parent . A parents love is unconditional I believe , even when the parent makes bad decisions or can’t parent properly ... there is always love . Unfortunately, people will always disappoint as we humans are not perfect . Some people are so broken they can’t love themselves , how can they be expected to love another properly in any relationship ? . If I have learned one thing - life is tough and some people have it much worse off than others , but life is our journey . Regardless of our circumstance , I believe we can always love , even if it’s just something simple like saying hello to a homeless person or visiting a nursing home or just smiling at a passerby ... if we so desire to live a more authentic life ... this is just my take .... I wish you peace ....
  4. Cosmopolitan
  5. Agreed !
  6. Is it possible for lightning to strike 3 times and survive ??? Thank goodness for resilience !!!
  7. “ Confidence isn’t about whether or not people will like you. It’s about you being perfectly fine if they don’t .” “Be confident enough to know that somebody else’s opinion doesn’t become truth about who you really are . Never allow the power of what people think become more powerful than what you know. Find peace in this and then you will find confidence “ Tailoredmotives
  8. Totally agree ! . Nothing like knowing who you are what you want and how to get it ! I’m 50 and like to think pretty fabulous .. younger men desire me, why not younger women ?? - not too young though 10 year rule for me — must be 10 years older than my eldest child .. I think ... you are correct .. with age comes wisdom ...
  9. Hi

    So sorry for your loss . Welcome and I hope you find comfort here ;)