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  1. I’m the opposite, physically I feel late 30’s maybe 40 tops ... mentally , def my age ... re .. need peace , no drama
  2. Have you heard of Imago therapy ? re mirroring childhood wounds ... “ it’s an unconscious image of familiar love” learned in childhood , so we are drawn to the same in hopes of healing wounds ... interesting ...” suggests we choose partners who remind us of our early caregivers - a combination of their good and not so good qualities “
  3. contessmed

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    Italy ...Una bella vita! If you could speak 2 other languages besides your first ... which would they be?
  4. contessmed

    What Makes Women Beautiful?

    A loving , nurturing , kind , loyal , protective , spirit !
  5. contessmed

    Ask The Person Below You A Question????

    It is a beautiful place .... you will not be disappointed ! If you could have one superpower which would you want ?
  6. Intellect , confidence , kindness, ability to agree to disagree without offense ...
  7. contessmed

    Where Would You Like To Be Right Now?

    The Amalfi Coast overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea enjoying a glass of vino ..
  8. contessmed

    Musicals anyone?

    Nothing like broadway !
  9. HIIT is great . I personally crossfit 3-5 days per week and strength train in between . I probably should do more yoga for flexibility . Cardio is factored into crossfit as well as HIIT when we have Tabata sessions . I believe balance in anything is the key. Everyone has a preference what works best for them . Good luck !
  10. Very wise words ... don’t rush -consider things carefully and then do what you feel is best for you .
  11. contessmed

    Perimenopause relief

    I would recommend reading established and well based studies to determine what’s best for you . What works for one may not work for. another . There is the website North American Menopause Society NAMS which had lots of information that may be helpful . Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa, Cimicifuga racemosa) This herb has received quite a bit of scientific attention for its possible effects on hot flashes. Studies of its effectiveness in reducing hot flashes have produced mixed results. However, some women report that it has helped them. Recent research suggests that black cohosh does not act like estrogen, as once thought. This reduces concerns about its effect on hormone-sensitive tissue (eg, uterus, breast). Black cohosh has had a good safety record over a number of years. There have been reports linking black cohosh to liver problems, and this connection continues to be studied.
  12. barely see her .. There’s another one , we were friends plus flirty - that’s a bit more awkward .