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  1. In theory re - ever date or marry a woman - I totally agree, however in my 49 years I have learned in life - Never say never and never say always .....
  2. So for me yes , when and if I meet a woman to express my curiosity - I’ll need some sort of emotional connection , as well as intellectual stimulation !
  3. I think intimacy can have many different intensities . I love my husband , he’s my best friend , he’s very attracted to me and I give him myself for his benefit , even though I get nothing from it physically. Nothing to me is more intimate than giving my body to someone for their pleasure. I personally need some sort of emotional connect ( which can vary ) to give my most precious self to someone physically. To each his own !
  4. I would be excited and nervous too ! I would think what if we connect not only as friends but physically .. and then my dramatic side would play out in my mind ... I have a fantastic imagination ! Good for you ! Good luck !
  5. nice to feel I am not alone . Thank you!
  6. sounds very challenging for you . It’s hard , I understand . My husband and I are great friends . he’s very into me , but due to past issues in our relationship , I’m not into him in a sexual way . I take care of His needs out of respect for our marriage , but alas my fantasies get me through ... I wish you all the best .
  7. You said it family ... there’s many people to consider in fulfilling our own desires . As a mom and wife my kids and husbands needs have always come before my own . That’s just how I roll . That’s why a good friend in same family way , where we can be discreet, love each other as I do my BFF , but have an additional attraction and relationship - we call our own ! There’s a book “Married women who love women” - breaking up a family for whatever reason is so difficult. There are couples that make it work as I’ve read in the above book . Good luck !
  8. Totally agree !
  9. sounds yummy !
  10. agree @blueberry
  11. I have tons of friends lol I’m the mayor of the town ( not literally ) , though I have been asked to run for council . I used to love sex with my husband - but as I age and I am aging -late 40s . I do it for him not for my enjoyment . I spent all my life pleasing others catering to their needs I forgot I am human and have desires too . I made my doctor run blood work for my hormones just to make sure they weren’t off . I never watched hetero porn - found it rather rough . I guess for me I am in search of an emotional connection. which then leads to physical, even if just “affectionate bonding “ ( have you ever read about that ? ) Don’t get me wrong hot women get me going , but I guess I’m looking for more then sex , as we said early a loving friendship , where we can share our lives and have something special on the side .
  12. no no no re: anyone . my bff knows I have these attractions to women occasionally and my husband knows but I’ve never done anything so not sure if it’s the fantasy or real . My husbands not the sharing type if you know what I mean . As long as it stays a fantasy he’s ok with it . That’s why a friendship with a like minded married woman with kids ( similar lifestyle ) seems a good start but to find that is impossible . Even if women might feel the same way not something discussed at a luncheon . Lol
  13. because I feel like it will never happen I go into my imagination . I read a lot - it allows me to escape into my own secret world . I’ve read several lesbian novels which are light and fun and allow my imagination to run free . I also read a good book - “Married Women who Love Women” ... as a suburban mom you know the saying “ you get what you get and you don’t get upset” lol right now books and such will have to suffice! Good luck !
  14. I did see a hottie teaching Religious Ed with me , but didn’t think appropriate lol .. I also live in a very small town and there’s no where to hide ... keep me posted too !
  15. all sounds so satisfying . Where to find ? I’m a middle class suburban mom - not the type of talk that’s happens in town .. Now my kids are older , I really have no idea how this could possibly happen . It’s funny- men are very friendly ar the gym , pay me attention and I’m really checking out their wives! I too want bff to affectionate bond with in same family situation ! Oh where to find ???