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  1. Hi - yes that’s social anxiety and it’s not easy . I fortunately don’t have that problem at all , but I can empathize . I tend to be drawn to someone like you say in a class . I like everyone to fit in and be comfortable. I’m actually more drawn to quiet people . My bff is opposite me introverted and we compliment each other well . I bring her out of her shell , she makes me meditate lol . When we are together we talk non stop , 1:1 is more my speed though I can walk into a room of strangers and command the room ( not sure if that’s always a positive ) lol keep being you .. here if you want to chat !
  2. I am a “boring “ extrovert lol . I can talk to a cement wall and I guarantee you can coerse it to talk back haha . However , I prefer more 1:1. My life is full and busy with work and family and special times for me consist of walks with a friend , grabbing a coffee or just hanging out chatting . I always make a new friend at the gym .. if in a class and I see a woman to the side I’ll always try to make them feel comfortable. Don’t listen to what those “friends “ say .. empathy is lacking in today’s world . Be true to you , ditch negative people ( life’s too short ) and try to get out a little where you feel most comfortable . Here if you want to chat ...
  3. I believe everyone has scars, some visible and many not so . If a person loves you , loves your soul, your spirit , they don’t see the scars , just your inner beauty . To your advantage -you seem inwardly beautiful as well as strikingly attractive from your profile picture !
  4. I am woman - Helen Reddy .. old song, but powerful
  5. One kiss is all it takes ..
  6. Welcome ! Anytime you want to chat ..
  7. Thanks for sharing! I’ve always been drawn to Latino women ..Something so super sexy . . Rose and I have very similar personalities so , we would have to share the domination Lol
  8. she’s super smokin’ .. thanks for sharing !
  9. I am very sorry for your loss . You are blessed to feel so loved by at least one parent . A parents love is unconditional I believe , even when the parent makes bad decisions or can’t parent properly ... there is always love . Unfortunately, people will always disappoint as we humans are not perfect . Some people are so broken they can’t love themselves , how can they be expected to love another properly in any relationship ? . If I have learned one thing - life is tough and some people have it much worse off than others , but life is our journey . Regardless of our circumstance , I believe we can always love , even if it’s just something simple like saying hello to a homeless person or visiting a nursing home or just smiling at a passerby ... if we so desire to live a more authentic life ... this is just my take .... I wish you peace ....
  10. Cosmopolitan
  11. Agreed !