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  1. Sithandra


    Vibe is basically a word for the nonverbal cues about attraction that people give off, and some people are better on picking up nonverbal cues than others. (Autistic people, for example, can't pick them up at all.) We can pick up on what and whom people pay attention to, what they focus on, whether and when their body language mirrors that of another person. Mostly, we don't think about this analytically, and especially women don't. But we do notice, and we don't always consciously label what it is that we're noticing. Humans are social animals So yes, you pick up that someone has a certain vibe about them. In some cases, you may even notice that a straight woman, for example, is vibing on you, and she may not even be aware of it, or at least not able (Or right off the bat willing ) to put a label to the energy she's feeling. Now we can be nervous about how real our perception of someone's vibe is, because we don't want to say pr do something inappropriate, or embarrassing. We fear rejection. But we can pick up on clues from other people. A friend once came out to me, and I was like..."I've known for years". He was surprised that I knew, I could write more about this, but have to be out the door. I'll try to come back to it later.
  2. Sithandra

    Sexy, sultry songs?

    Now, Benedetta, what are you implying here? You're surely not suggesting that I wouldn't TRY to be good, if not forever and ever, then at least most of the time.
  3. Sithandra

    An old friend

    It can, but... To me fluidity simply means that who you've had sex with in the past is really irrelevant. Your sexual orientation is what you tell yourself and other people it is right now. So no, sleeping with another woman doesn't make you bi, or lesbian. It doesn't define, or redefine who you are. Maybe it helps you to learn something about who you are. Or not.
  4. It's called unicorn for a reason. It's usually the man looking for a unicorn, and the woman is usually ambivalent about this. (There are exceptions, but that's a general rule) The question from the perspective of either woman is what's in this for me? Why does the wife want another woman in their bed, fir the unicorn, why do I want to put on a show for another woman's husband when she's probably pretty conflicted about all this anyway.? So if you go on an app and say that you're looking for another woman, then people may in fact ask you to be their unicorn, because the demand exceeds the supply. MFF threesomes are inherently difficult to set up. The fantasy my be compelling to the people seeking it out, but he/they may not know how to approach someone, or attract someone. So there's a lot of obstacles to making that fantasy happen and to making it work, and that results in unicorn seekers approaching women who have no interest, or not knowing how to approach women who might be. If you actually want to be someone's unicorn you'll have no shortage of potential takers, so you can afford to be choosy. Look for people whom you find attractive, intelligent, and articulate. Look for people who show consideration and politeness in dealing with you, because they're more likely to be safe and discreet, and have realistic expectations.
  5. Sithandra

    An old friend

    Truly, we never know the feelings of others unless we're willing to share out own.
  6. It's interesting to me that there's been this huge coordinated attack against her since she announced her candidacy. It amounts to an attempt to de legitimize her candidacy and basically to destroy it preemptively. And the fact that so many party insiders and pundits are saying that she has no chance tells me that people are worried that maybe she does. It will be interesting to follow her campaign and see how she does.
  7. Sithandra

    One-hit wonder?

    I will quote a line from the movie Ronin 'Whenever there's any doubt, there is no doubt."
  8. Words of wisdom. The key to sleeping with someone is to have a big enough bed that you BOTH find comfortable. The mattress has to be a JOINT decision. It's one of the most important decisions you will make, because you're going to be spending a lot of time there. There's nothing quite like lying awake next to someone you love, maybe when you wake up, or before you nod odd, and feeling so close to them, feeling the warmth from their body, and knowing that this beautiful woman loves you, and trusts you enough to let you be this close to you.
  9. Sithandra

    Butts and butt play

    I'm not what you call a "butt girl". I don't make a fetish of it, but what's interesting to me here is that yes, there is some interesting psychology at work. Because it's kind of dirty and taboo, if you penetrate her ass, you can end up creating a feeling of the two of you together violating a taboo, which actually can bring you a bit closer emotionally. And being penetrated "back there" can be a bit submissive for her. So as I say, the psychology is interesting. And of course asses are wonderful for punishing with spanking, paddles, floggers, crops, canes...