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  1. Sithandra


    Always curious Seeking elusive answers To questions unasked
  2. Sithandra

    Just acting

    True, and it continued until the Loathsome Toad Weinstein went for quite some time without a major hit. And everyone knew, and looked the other way because money. If he'd had a major hit in the last five years, no one would have ever dared come forward.
  3. Sithandra

    Just acting

    This is probably true but also basically pointless and sad since I think at this point being an out bisexual or lesbian probably wouldn't really hurt her career. Still, Hollywood is a place with a lot more talent than opportunity, so I can understand, at some level, an actress being cautious about the decision to come out. I've heard, for example, that the size of an acyor's social media following can bear on casting decisions, so I suppose people feel that they have to be careful. I can appreciate the desire for authenticity, but I think that being able to act lesbian or bi is, in the end, part of the craft of acting. Maybe someone could learn a bit about the mannerisms and culture of the gay community, but at the end of the day, actors are paid to act. Authentic? Sure. Like Groucho said, the most important thing is sincerity. if you can fake that, you've got it made. So I'll say that an actress who brings her heart and soul and passion to a lesbian role, and plays that role with a sincere desire to make her audience believe in and understand that character is, in fact, authentic. It's authentic acting. On the other hand, research can't hurt, so if, say, Brie Larson wants lessons in how to be authentically lesbian, I'm more than happy to provide
  4. Sithandra


    I'm tempted to say confidence and strength, but maybe that's not quite right. Maybe an outer layer that makes me wants to peel it back and experience what's underneath. She could be a tomboy, in jeans and a sweatshirt, an athlete in her workout gear, a Goth girl, or maybe she's wearing a business suit or a casual dress. But she herself is confident, open minded, takes care of herself, is energetic, and she's curious about the world around her and about herself. It's not what she's wearing, or what race she is, or how long her hair is, It's how she presents herself because of who she is as a person. The fuckable woman enjoys life in a way that makes me want to enjoy her. I think a younger woman is more "fuckable" in the sense that she's more likely to be willing to experiment. An older woman may be alluring, beautiful, and desirable, and she may be every bit as curious, but she simply may not be as willing to follow her curiosity. There are exceptions, of course.
  5. Sithandra

    Just acting

    We probably have more bi and lesbian actresses than we know about. I honestly don't see how you can make proof of sexuality part of the casting process, and I don't see that it really matters. I don't care who the actress I'm watching sleeps with, as long as she didn't have to do it to get the part.
  6. 1. If you like to be called names, what do you like to be called? Besides my name? (And I do enjoy hearing her scream it.) There's a couple of titles I might go by. Ma'am for one. 2. What type of dirty talk really gets you going? I actually like the sounds she makes when she's beyond coherent speech. Grunting, sobbing, panting, moaning, whimpering... 3. Do you call your significant other “names”? Yes, although I may take the fifth on exactly what. People can be judgemental. 4. General dirty talk comments? I do enjoy hearing her beg. 5. Anything else? Lots
  7. Words of wisdom. And understand that unless you're some kind of sociopath, then hurting someone isn't going to get you what you desire, and you'll never be with that person again. (There are abusive relationships that are exceptions to this, but if you're seeking one of those, you're on your own.) I've said that I have no trouble objectifying someone, but there's definite limits on that, and you never, ever want to leave someone feeling used. Because I'm not a user, and you shouldn't be either. I have no trouble looking at her and thinking of her in a sexual way, and letting her know it. But. There are are lines I don't cross.
  8. This is absolutely true, but it's a combination of ego and desire and that can be pretty lethal, at least where judgement is concerned. On other words, people's wants, desires, feelings, get the better of them. It's the human condition. We should never set out deliberately to hurt people. Short of that, we're human, and we make mistakes. I could spend quite a while listing mine. And honestly, I enjoyed quite a few of hem, at least while I was making them. To quote the old Spanish proverb, "Take what thou want and pay for it, sayeth God."
  9. Well, I'm late to this. A few thoughts. Ok, so you had an experience. That experience wasn't everything you were expecting or everything you might have hoped for. The earth didn't move. But when you get down to it, that doesn't make or all that different from a lot of people who had a lot first time experiences. it also doesn't mean that you were wrong to have that experience, or to seek it out, or that there was anything wrong with your motives. Chalk it up to experience. Maybe the next time it's better. practice makes perfect. or maybe it's better with the next woman, or maybe there won't be a next time or another woman. And that's Ok too. Don't be hard on yourself over it. It sometimes happens that a woman who's open to experimenting with another woman is only open to one particular woman. There's this one woman who creates that vibe that chemistry, and that doesn't translate to anyone else. it's not unusual, and it's not wrong, We want what we want. You are attracted to who you are attracted to, and that's always within your control, and you don't ever need to apologize for it. Objectification. Nothing wrong with it. I say it once, i say it again, I say it three times. There is nothing wrong with objectification, Sometimes we look at others a certain way, and sometimes we want others to look at us that way. I'm quite willing to objectify a woman - in a way that she wants to be objectified. Maybe I'll even teach her some new ways of being objectified. Experiment partner - OK, let's be honest here. A first date is no promise of a second date. A hookup or a one night stand is no promise of anything further after the Sun comes up. A relationship that goes on for a while is no guarantee that the relationship will deepen to marriage or lasting commitment. This is the way life is. Would I be willing to be some woman's experiment partner? I have been. And it happens, i know, when a woman is with someone whose questioning, experimenting, curious, and she develops strong feelings, and the woman whose experimenting isn't ready for this to be a relationship or have it go any further, and experiment partner feels betrayed or hurt. we've all heard those stories, and maybe lived a few of our own. But I'm going to tell you that as far as I'm concerned, if she's just curious, well, I might be willing to satisfy her curiosity. She wants to experiment? Ok, I might be willing to experiment on her. And I understand that even going into this with both eyes open that there's always the possibility that in the end I'm going to want more than she's willing or able to give. But I'll take the risk, and enjoy the experience, because it's better than having nothing at all. And if she was using me as her experiment partner, well...maybe I used her a little bit as my laboratory specimen. Take life, and love, as it comes. Don't judge.
  10. Sithandra

    What type of art do you pursue?

    @riatheshortone To me, the fountain pen matters because a journal is a form of self expression, whether or not it's art, and I like the feeling of watching words appear on paper as a smooth;y writing pen glides across the paper. A good notebook and a good pen can make for an almost sensual pleasure. I also find that typing takes up a part of brain's limited processing capacity, and that just having the words flow onto the page means that I spend more of my mental energy on creating and composing, and less on the physical act of typing.
  11. Sithandra

    What type of art do you pursue?

    I keep a journal in fountain pen, but had not thought of it as an art.
  12. Sithandra

    What type of art do you pursue?

    Mom used to do oils, but really doesn't anymore, These days it's almost always watercolors and some acrylics. Most of my family was artistically talented in one way or another. With Mom it's painting. With others it's music. I'm the only one who writes. I haven't played an instrument since high school band. (It was clarinet, in case you're wondering.) But I was really never very good at it. I had a few piano lessons, but never really got very far. I consider my father artistically talented in that he's a mechanical genius. I don't know if he'd call that art, but I say his art is his machines. So art runs in the family a bit.
  13. Sithandra

    What type of art do you pursue?

    So if you paint, do you prefer oils, watercolors, or acrylics?
  14. Sithandra

    What type of art do you pursue?

    I don't paint, I lack the talent, but I do appreciate painting. My mother is a gifted painter, and has sold quite a few paintings, but I didn't inherit that particular talent. I do a bit of writing, but haven't posted anything here, and likely won't. I have an itch to try my hand at writing fiction and perhaps erotica. I have a story I've been turning over in my head, something of a thriller, that I would like to try to write down. it probably wouldn't be publishable, but you never know.
  15. Sithandra

    A random discussion

    I frequently hear conversations about all sorts of things that want to butt in on and say something, but I usually manage to restrain myself. Good manners, prudence, and all that. There's nothing to be gained by going round telling random strangers that they're a pack of nattering fools, even (And especially) when it's true. Besides, I tend to go by an old rule of the Hell's Angels. Those who know, don't tell. Those who tell, don't know. My friends know about my sexual preferences. I suppose if I heard a random person wondering if I might maybe be bi, I might be inclined to do a George Carlin, who used to have a routine on snappy answers to stupid questions. Question: "Are you queer?" Answer: "I don't know, bend over and let's find out." I suppose if she were attractive, and honestly seemed to be wondering, I might honestly wonder about asking her out for a drink.