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  1. First of all, there's the question of your children, the oldest which can't be more than what...10? And how many children are we talking about here? That's going to be a huge factor in whatever you decide. OK, so you've talked to her, and you agree you aren't looking for anything. Unless you are. What then? Assuming she feels the same way about you, what would you do? her marriage is ending, but yours doesn't seem to be, at least not yet. What are your practical options here? Divorce him, and hope for an HEA with her? That has a lot of problems with it, I think. Even if you marriage is ending, you need to think hard about what happens next. I think you need to talk to her, and find out how she feels. I won't tell you not to act on your feelings, but you need to make sure of her feelings, and what she feels able to do about them. Honestly, I cheated on my husband, so I'm not going to lecture you about your marriage. I think the most could likely happen here would be a fling. assuming that she's also interested, and you understand the risks. Find out how she feels. Make sure you know how you feel, and know what you might be getting into.
  2. Well, you could make a new audio thread. "Demonstrate what noises you make when you come" It occurs to me girls tend to become, for a time, quite foul mouthed when being pleasured by another woman for the first time. I've heard it called the oooh shit phase. But I know I'm doing something right when she gets beyond foul language to being completely incoherent. No more pleases, no more yeses, no more noes, no more no mores. No more words, just grunting, sobbing, whimpering, panting. moaning, gasping...I want to take her past human speech to animal noises.
  3. It's too much if it prevents you from doing something you want to do or living the way you'd like to live. They might, for example, disqualify you from certain jobs. A lot of employers may simply give you a pass if you show up with facial tats or prominent facial piercings. Depending on what social circle you want to run in, they might become a problem. Not everyone is going to find them as attractive as you do. FInally there's the issue of cost. Good ink isn't cheap. It's your money and you have the right to spend it as you see fit, everything you spend money on carries an opportunity cost. Getting the next tat means giving up whatever else you might have done with that money. Now for the record, I have some addictions of my own, and they carry an opportunity cost of their own. So we're all in that particular boat. My point here is not to criticize your choices, but to attempt answer to your question, It's for you to say when they're costing you too much financially, socially, or otherwise. There is an old Spanish proverb. "Take what thou want and pay for it sayeth God.". Remember this, and make choices that lead to your own happiness.
  4. That I have to get a locksmith over here, because the lock on my back door is broken, and the door can't be unlocked That if raccoons had thumbs they might be the dominant species on the planet. . That it's wonderful listening to the rain beat on the roof and hearing the thunder roll at the end of the day while sipping a bourbon and ginger ale and thanking my lucky stars that I don't have to go out in it.
  5. Benedetta - Bourbon or gin? I'd drink either with you.
  6. I always got the impression that a lot of beta males really aren't as submissive as all that. What they tend to do is have a long list of fetishes, requirements, and really specific stuff. They'd actually be be better off hiring a pro domme, because they aren't really planning to submit. They's really planning to be in control, and the woman has little to no say in the scene. If he's alpha, then maybe he's strong enough to submit to a woman who has, as you put it, "The right demeanor". If he's beta, then he's not used to being in charge, and he wants to take charge by PRETENDING to submit, and dictating everything that happens. That's why ou want to dominate the alpha, He's not easy, but he can really submit and have a truly intense experience.
  7. I'm having this fantasy of being there at the party. The person explains the strap, and what it's for. Woman #1: OMFG! How could anyone use that?? Me: Well, if I was using it, I'd probably put her in doggy. That way I can pull her hair, slap her ass. I can .use a vibe on her clit at the same time. Woman #2: I could NEVER use something like that on another woman. Me: You could try usingit on your husband, then. After putting him in doggy, or course. I mean, I would have SO much fun! And since I think they might just be protesting too much, I'd see if I could maybe get one of the protestors to go out with me after to this wine bar I know...