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  1. Someone might take that as a challenge. Of course, silence can be its own mark of success. Such as when she covers her face with the pillow and bites down to stifle her cries.
  2. strap-on

    I like the Spare Parts Joque. It's secure and easily adjustable. As for positions, well...whatever floats your boat EDIT: Avoid leather, yuo can't really sterilize it.
  3. America makes itself ridiculous by having a 21 year old drinking age. I think parents should introduce their children to alcohol in a responsible way, say, bya llowing them a glass of wine with dinner or under some other supervised setting. I have no children, but would have no compunctions about allowing them to try alcohol in controlled amounts when they were at home and I could supervise them. (No drinking and driving.) I think we make a great mistake by giving alcohol the lure of the forbidden. Frankly, America never really reconciled itself entirely to the idea that the 18th Amendment really has been repealed. Teach your children to drink RESPONSIBLY.
  4. Your fetish is your fetish. Just remember that no matter what fetish you have that other person you're talking to is just that. Another person. No matter what color they are. So if you tell then that you love them because of their skin tones, epicanthic folds, or whatever, then they might just feel that you're treating them as a fetish object and not as a person. Be attracted to whomever you like for whatever reason you like, but the moment that person decides that they are a fetish object or simply there to gratify your fetish, then they're probably gone and no one will blame them for it.
  5. This question is unanswerable except by the person who's living the situation, because the answer comes down to risks and consequences that you and you alone can weigh. My answer is that if I desperately want to talk to someone, then I'll find a way to do it. If I desperately want something or some one, then I'm going to try to find a way to make it happen. In the case of an ex-girlfriend, I won't be stalkerish, but I'm willing to take a reasonable risk to get what I "desperately want." Reasonable is kind of a weasel word. What seems reasonable to me might not seem reasonable to you and verse vica.
  6. Just a little music for election day
  7. I've always kind of wondered about Jessica Stroup.
  8. There's no reason to feel insecure. If you make a sincere effort to give him pleasure, then pleasure he will have. And as for your technique, well...we learn by doing. And sometimes by asking what our partners like. And you get better as you go along. He'll tall you what he likes. if he doesn't, well... ask. Do you like this? Or this? And you'll be able to figure it out, whether he even says anything or not. A number of things can affect his sensitivity. How long it's been since he had sex, whether he's masturbated lately, and how roughly he handles his own cock when he does it. A lot of that is going to be out of your control. Don't feel pressure to perform. And if he thinks it dirty, well, that's good. It's part of the appeal. For both of you, really.
  9. Leaving the question of natural vs artificial aside, I'd like to take a moment and point out the obvious. (People say I have a keen grasp of the obvious) All surgery carries risk.. Even the best surgeons can screw up. Things go wrong. A friend of mine had to go in for a vital surgery and came out with a post op infection that was drug resistant and literally life changing. I'm not opposed to breast augmentation in principle. Some women can be disfigured by illness such as breast cancer or by accidents or whatever. There are some people who seem to hate the idea of women having breast surgery because they want to be beautiful. I'm not one of them. It's for you to decide if this right for you. Just understand that there are no guarantees. It might not be worth the money and it might not be worth the risk.
  10. The Handmaid's Tale is one of the few cases where a TV show is better then the book. The show is pretty good, and I actually thought the book was boring. I didn't Offred was a very interesting character., and I wanted to see more of this world than Atwood ever showed. There is no dominant sex, at least not with humans, Men and women are good at different things, but more or less have to have each other in order for the species to continue. There are dominant individuals. Alpha males and alpha females. Kavanaugh? Well, suppose, for the sake of argument that he isn't confirmed. Trump could just withdraw the nomination and nominate an even more conservative judge like Amy Coney Barrett. I wish they'd chosen to fight this battle on the grounds of judicial philosophy, not a 36 year old charge that no one is ever going to be able to prove or disprove.(Hint: The FBI is likely to give him a clean bill of health) As for the charges, well, this is more or less how rich prep school jocks with entitlement issues who got where they are because of their parent's money and connections behave, so the charge is plausible on its face, but no one is ever going to be able to prove it.