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  1. Sithandra

    Are You Ok With Being Single?

    Maybe the best answer anyone can give. Because we all want love in our lives, and no one is really OK with being without it long term. But if you aren't OK with being single it might be because you aren't OK with yourself, and therefore being with yourself. When single is good, it's really good. It isn't good all the time. (Neither is being part of a couple)
  2. Sithandra

    Which Joss Whedon Heroine Are You?

    You got: Faith Lehane You've seen a lot in your time, but that's only given you a steely resolve and a strong sense of self. You have killer instincts, you live in the moment, and you're tough as nails. You deal with confrontation head-on, and when it comes to a fight, people want you on their side. Fun quiz.
  3. Erika Linder taking Natalie Krill from behind with a strap in Below Her Mouth. The whole movie was so hot it was incendiary, but that scene...
  4. Dear God, I love this answer. You have a way with words.
  5. I don't always bother to vote. I live in a Congressional district that's so heavily gerrymandered that I might as well not bother. The outcome is a forgone conclusion. Few House races are actually competitive these days, but enough can be up for grabs to swing control of the House one way or another (As was the case this year) If there's a Senate seat I always vote. Those are more important, and more likely to be competitive. Governors in this state rarely ever make a difference one way or another. You could elect a Capuchin monkey for all the difference it would make, and I think a couple of times we have. The state legislature does matter, but those races aren't as competitive as you might think. We actually elect our state supreme court, and I do vote on those.
  6. I wouldn't say that you're shallow. In practice, what mostly happens is that people look at someone, and if their looks come up to a certain threshold (And this varies, from person to person), then they're willing to maybe take the next step. That next step might mean a drink, hanging out, a date, and then whatever. And a big part of attractiveness is how people present themselves. You're stuck with your genetics, and life can be unfair that way, but you have control over your dress, your grooming, your attitude, how you carry yourself, your smile (Or lack thereof), your demeanor, etc etc. . So basically, no, you're not shallow, you're actually pretty normal. But no matter how good looking someone is, unless there's something attractive about their personality, then I don't want them around long term, and I suspect a lot of other people would agree with that.
  7. If I fall for her, I fall for her personality. I fall for who she is. Oh, It's not just her looks.. It's her attitude. How she carries herself. Her spirit, her fire, her curiosity. her willingness to experience life, to trust, to experiment. I want all of her, not just part of her. I want to know how she takes her coffee, what books she likes, what foods she likes for breakfast. What excites her, what weakens her, what intrigues her, what frightens her. I don't just want her body. I want all of her. I want her sass. Her laughter. I want to know what she dreamed last night. Yes, I want her body, but I want the rest of her too. I want all of her.
  8. Not necessarily, but I would say that most men who claim to be submissive really aren't. They're actually attempting to be dominant, because their "submissive" fantasies are so hyper detailed and specific, and everything has to be just a certain way, that they're really seeking to dictate every single aspect of a scene. In that case, they'd usually be better off paying for a pro domme, as it would be likelier to get them more of what they want. So men mostly try to be "dominant", even when they say they aren't. To what extent they succeed and to what extent it's "natural" for any given definition of that term, is another matter. Men can have a hard time actually giving up control, whatever they tell you, but if a man actually ever does give up control, he can find it a powerful experience. Takes some doing, though.
  9. Sithandra

    Put the Phone Down

    AT least I wasn't actually hit. A friend of mine nearly lost her daughter to man who ran a red light while talking on the phone and totaled her car. The only reason that girl survived was that the crash happened literally right in front of a fire station. The firefighters heard the boom, jumped on it, and got her cut out of the wreckage before she she had time to bleed to death. Three words. Be. Here. Now.
  10. Sithandra

    Put the Phone Down

    Given that I was nearly run down while crossing the street by a woman who blew through a red light while talking on the phone, I'd say that putting the phone down could help SOMEONE to live longer. if nothing else, putting the phone down could help you to live more richly. You will be free to notice and appreciate the beauty of the world. You can spend your time with the people around you, and your energy on the people and activities you love, instead of just staring at a screen all day.
  11. Sithandra

    I don't understand

    Because what you're telling them just doesn't fit into their framework. Maybe the problem is that what you're telling them is simply beyond their experience, and more than that, beyond their imagination. Bi people can run into this, but so can a person who's had a religious conversion, or someone who has not married or formed a long term relationship by the time that other people think they should have. And people dealing with issues like depression can run into this as well. or it can be a political opinion. Others don't see, or don't hear, or they just deny. This was something I dealt with a lot from an early age, since Mom did it a lot. If you told her something she didn't want to hear then the standard answer was that well, you don't mean that. Yeah, actually I do. But the options for dealing with it are fairly limited. In mom's case a two by four might have helped, but the aftermath would have been messy. At the end of the day, it's impossible to make anyone see things your way, or even listen to you explain how you have a different way of seeing things. I've learned to follow a rule, and it has no exceptions, ever. I don't argue with fools. (It follows from this that if I ever argue with you, it's because I think you can be persuaded, so therefore, you may think I'm wrong, and maybe I am, but I don't think you a fool. So if I argue, it's kind of a compliment)
  12. 1. Feel doe strap-on (or the like): I've actually never used a feel doe. Joque by Spare parts is well made. The Terra Firma Dee by Stormy Leather, and the Joque by Spare parts are about the only two that I would suggest. the Joque is more expensive. (And better put together in some ways. The snaps on the Terra Firma can fail.) Also, the Teraa Firma is leather, which is less durable and can pose problems with disinfection. That having been said, I like the feel of leather, 2. What is the best position? Worst? That's purely a matter of personal preference. I like her on hands and knees or bent over best. But that's just me. For anal, I sometimes like what’s called the cross position, with her on her stomach, and one of her legs between mine. . 3. Anal sex... We start small and work up here. It's not so much the equipment as what you do with it. Slow, gentle, lots of lube. 4. Colors/shapes/sizes: I prefer unnatural shapes and colors, since having a “natural” looking dildo somehow always seems faintly ridiculous. I know some women like them, and to each her own. Still, I like blue, or black, or merlot, or something other than flesh. Using a dildo that's designed to look like an actual dick seems, to me at least, to call attention to the fact that it isn't a real dick. I actually tend to think of it as looking a bit ridiculous. On the other hand, something unnatural looking produces a somewhat different reaction. She's going to fuck me with that? What's that going to be like?) She may be curious, intrigued, or even a little intimidated. 5. If there is any advice or anything I missed, please tell me! Some faves: Charm, Bulleye, Rippler, Raquel Vixskin. (my current favorite) I prefer silicone as a material.
  13. Sithandra


    Always curious Seeking elusive answers To questions unasked