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  1. What a lovely thought. To quote Frank Zappa again, "There are only two things to remember. Number one...Don't stop. And number two...Keep going.
  2. I tend to think of sexuality as something I do, not something I am. So I'm sexual. if I make love to a man, that's good, and if I make love to a woman, that's good. To quote the old Frank Zappa song, you are what you is. I don;t like labels.
  3. I want her to taste herself on my fingers and my lips. I want her first taste of pussy to be her own,
  4. Curious Jane wrote: OK, now I'm going to take you to task here, just a little. Not much. I don't know what your "league" is. Maybe you don't either. But I would say to you that you shouldn't be afraid to reach above your league, whatever you think your league is. because if you don't reach above it, you'll never really know. I don't want you to be rejected. But I do want you to reach up to, and that includes date up to your full potential, whatever that is. Sometimes that means taking a risk. Have confidence, whatever you eventually decide to do. I know it's easier for me to say than it is for you to do. But whether you ever decide to approach her or not, I do hope that you will be brave enough, and confident enough to try, if you decide that you want to.
  5. It's a hard fact. we often have strong feelings of attraction that aren't reciprocated. We're not sure if the person would consider our feelings to even be appropriate, and we're fearful of how they;ll react if we reveal them. Maybe they will no longer look at us the same way again. So we're left with feelings we're afraid even to share. It's giddy, it's beautiful, and it sucks. If you choose to reveal your feelings to her, then at least wait until the class is over. She might consider it unethical to be involved in a relationship with a student. So I wouldn't open up to her right now, but when it's over, when the class has ended and the grades are all totaled, you can ask her out for coffee without her feeling conflicted about the ethics of what she's doing. You can at least tell her how much the class meant to you, and perhaps more than that. You'll be taking a risk, but once the class is ended you won't be asking her to take the professional risk that would come with seeing a student outside of class. For now, enjoy your feelings. Later, tell her that she's been a wonderful teacher, because wonderful teachers deserve to hear that. And maybe consider asking her for coffee, or some such. (Or even drinks.) And after that, you'll have to play it by ear.
  6. I studied French because I consider it to be a beautiful language. A French accent is sexy, Paris is a romantic city, and I want to see it. That's reason enough to study a language, I think.
  7. Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Annet Mahendru. Jessica Stroup.
  8. Smiles, light touching (hands or shoulders), Maybe plating with her hair a bit. The best is if she gives me a compliment. If we're sitting together, and she's turned somewhat towards me, that's a good sign.
  9. Backgammon is a great game if you actually wager on it. The stakes don't have to be high. Ten dollars a point. The luck element means an amateur has a shot at winning.
  10. It's not a question of preferring one over the other. I want both. I want to give. I want to receive. Both are important. Why would I choose one over the other? I might have some preferences about how. I want her to give on her knees. For her, giving is an act of worship. I want her to receive on her back, because for her, receiving is an act of surrender. She's surrendering to the pleasure and the sensation I give.
  11. They say age is just a number, but that's not really true. Age is part of who a person is, and a person is never just a number. So sometimes age is experience, confidence, strength,sphistication, and the knowledge of how to navigate life and adversity. And sometimes it's intense, giddy, unfamiliar feelings, openness to new experience, eagerness to taste and sample what life has to offer. It's energy and a sense of wonder combined with vulnerability. Is it any wonder that the two can attract each other?
  12. A fresh peach. Or maybe another cup of coffee. Or maybe a glass of the excellent Sauvignon Blanc. or, maybe...her facial expressions and the sounds she makes while I finger her.
  13. I've tried reading Roger Penrose but find the math intimidating. I had a semester of calculus in college, but that's been a while, and I was never very good to start with. I do find astronomy beautiful and enthralling,
  14. Comfort? Hmmm. I love writing in my journal, which is kept longhand in bound notebooks and written in fountain pen. I like black tea, drunk hot with milk and sugar, and made in a French press. I like cocktails, especially a gimlet. I like chocolate. (But can't have very much) I like working out to relieve stress. I love a good book. I love a naughty bit or erotica. I find comfort in a hot bath. I listen to music. I take walks. I masturbate and imagine a beautiful woman whimpering and moaning from my ministrations.
  15. One hour a day five days a week and a half hour the other two days. Stationary bike, weights, crunches, stretching.