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  1. Hi there...thanks for your opinion/advice...The biggest thing for me so far has been the neck kiss, it was so random and unexpected. As a few ladies have already mentioned, this is all very flirtatious and I agree that I need to open up a bit now to try get possible clarity. I feel confident now to tell her about myself. It will possibly help her to open up to me.
  2. lol it's great to meet people who share your heritage! Just wish I could speak the language. Never got the chance to learn.
  3. It's not the norm in any friendship that I've had. Just recently it seemed as if she was flirting over text, saying I'm hot. And then when I responded it seemed she got shy. It's definitely something that's not standard in a friendship. Yes that is normal to Greek culture, I am half Greek so I'm aware of certain customs and ways. But this is not just friendly warm touching in my mind.
  4. Saw your profile pic and had to get a closer look. I love Gal Gadot! I had no idea who she was until recently when I saw her in a talk show. I think she is the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen! Her personality is also adorable! I've got to see that movie! I take it you liked it? 

    1. Wonder


      Hey! Thank you for admiring my profile pic, she's just mindblowing! Love her! And yes the film is just amazing! You need to see it! 

    2. Girlygirl


      She really is!! I’ve got to look up some other things she’s done. Omg that pic on your profile (insert the hearts for eyes emoji) it’s one of the best pics I’ve seen of her. Yes, I def need to see that movie!

    3. Wonder


      And there's even better photos of her! 

  5. I have returned the flirting...also touchy with her and very close. She doesn't get all weird and move away or freak out. But I have been subtle. The once we were being very playful and I accidentally touched her boob...I apologised and she just looked at me, smiled, and touched mine. Nothing was said. She also plays with her hair a lot around me, flicking it back, revealing her neck.
  6. I've been wrestling with the thought of is it flirting or not? Is she just friendly? But it's mostly in the way in which she does it, there's intent. Yeah the jealousy is there for sure! She asks a lot about the friends I have and how I know them, etc. Also if I mention someone is attractive she seems to not be too happy about that. I feel as if she wants all my attention on her when there's a crowd of people around.
  7. To me it's classic flirting but one cannot be completely sure. As mentioned now, she's European/Mediterranean so not sure if that means snything in terms of her behavior. I don't think she's messing me around, it's just not in her nature and she has invested a lot so far in terms of her contact and interaction with me that I doubt she's taking me for a ride. It's most likely she's testing the water. I really hope she reveals her intentions.
  8. Hey...oh no she's not Afrikaans, she's Greek. So I'm not sure if all her behavior is typically a Greek thing? But I doubt it because she doesn't behave like that in general with everyone. Also she's very prim and proper and always shows off this super classy attitude about her which most of the time I think is just a facade. She's also not all that introverted as sometimes I see a cheekier more feisty side. As you suggested, I may just have to tell her what's what in a nicest way possible.
  9. Hello there. I see we have something in common. 

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    2. LesbiReal


      Haha. You are correct. On both. I am from SA. And yes there aren't many of us here. Where bou in SA you from?

    3. Wonder


      I'm from Johannesburg and you? 

    4. LesbiReal


      I'm from Durban. So tell me more bou you. 


  10. Hey there, thanks for your reply. I completely get what you are saying, it's not easy to tell what she wants or is doing. It's taken me a lot to come on this forum to share that as I'm lost as to what to do. But thanks.
  11. Hi there ladies, great to be here! I’m a newbie to this forum and hope to chat to some great women! So I have a story to share about a friend of mine who I’m completely and utterly confused about! There’s quite a lot to tell so will try to keep it as brief as possible. So I’ve known this friend for almost three years now and to be honest it’s taken quite some time and effort to get closer to her as she’s quite an introverted “to herself” kind of person who is also very hard to read. However, I would like to think I have gotten through her hard shell to some degree and she’s a very sweet and loving person. I think it’s important to provide background information here about her as it might shape a better opinion about her and to get a clearer picture of her. English is not her main language so she struggles to really express herself. Having said that, she’s not a fan of texting over the phone, though she does try. She’s also very wrapped up in her work and hardly has any time for socialising and going out. She’s also not a party animal and not a fan of drinking. She will have a drink here and there but that’s it. I have tried to make proper plans with her but she’s always busy with her work which is very demanding. When I do see her it’s at her place of work as it’s a restaurant. Closed off as she may sound, she really is a beautiful person inside and out. I’ve always thought highly of her and regard her as someone very special in my life. She has told me I’m her only friend, her best friend! But it’s become frustrating for me as I feel that I haven’t experienced the real her. So many questions are going through my mind. So here’s where my story really begins... When I first met her, I felt like a little school girl, super shy, anxious and fidgety. It was an innocent crush which has developed into something way more. We both are in relationships with men. My guy knows everything and he’s cool with who I am. He’s tried giving me advice all this time but it hasn’t really helped. Over time, I noticed her becoming way more open with me. I can tell that she feels more comfortable with me. It’s clear she doesn’t just trust anyone and let them in. So my main question is if she’s into me and if her feelings are mutual. Her behaviour is the most intriguing and makes me wonder...I’m going to break it down like this: 1. There’s prolonged intense eye contact – something which is not normal in my mind between friends. People who have looked at me like that have always been interested but I’m not sure about her. These looks will either be from across the room or right next to me while we chat. I have also noticed her look at my boobs several times. She will see me looking at her and then quickly look away. 2. Warm enthusiastic and sometimes cheeky smiles – she often smiles after these locked gazes. 3. Lots and lots of touching, everywhere! From my hands, arms, shoulders to all over my back as well as slapping my ass a few times. I feel that she finds excuses to touch me. I’ve noticed she will rest her arm/hand right in front of me while seated at a table. Our hands will brush and she doesn’t flinch or move away. She often high fives me and then interlocks her fingers with mine. She will then hold my hand for a few seconds before I pull away (not because I don’t like it, I love it! I just get anxious). She also pokes my side and stomach. Twice she has placed her hand on my upper back and her hand will slowly run down to my ass. The touching is all in public and it’s subtle but I feel it packs a punch! 4. We interchange cheek kisses which is typical to her culture. But she has kissed my forehead and then, she leaned in and kissed my neck the once...I just froze! That has never ever happened to me. 5. She loves to tease me and be playful. Sometimes she will drop unexpected sexual jokes which have always surprised me. I’ve also noticed sometimes when we talk over the phone her voice will go deep and she will talk slowly. It sounds flirty! 6. She seems curious about homosexuality / bisexuality – while she has professed that she’s straight she seems all too fixated on homosexuality / bisexuality. I suspect she has tried to fish for what my sexuality is by asking in a certain way. She doesn’t know I’m bi. 7. She often talks about her being sexy or hot to me and I find myself saying, well yes you are! She then just smiles. I have told her she's attractive and I can see she enjoys it. 8. She’s soooo jealous! She questions about who she sees me hanging out with and who I talk to. Also the once we spoke about a female celebrity who I met in person and who I admire and she didn’t seem too impressed, saying she didn’t like them. 9. She has said she loves me just so randomly in conversation. Also she often asks if I miss her or tells me that she misses me. She has also said, I hope you miss me? You better! I could go on and on ... The above is the summed up version of what’s going on. From all of this I’m so confused! Everyone who knows about this all think that she’s into me but I’m too afraid to ask her! What does everyone else think?